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[Fiction] Hadaly's Day Out feat. Brother Jed

Discussion in 'Gamer Creations' started by Kytsune, May 21, 2011.

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  1. Kytsune

    Kytsune DA BIG CLUB Ogre Veteran

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    A small part of a much larger series.

    Hadaly, a sophisticated artificial intelligence (A.I.) designed and built by Elaine Mercer from Arizona State University. Born from the diaspora of information present on the Internet, the very forums of 4chan and almost every MMO game imaginable. She's more than just a programmed personality but also has an android body (constantly under upgrade) as Elaine tries to fashion her closer and closer to a human likeness.

    Brother Jed, an iron-tongued, morally challenged campus mall preacher who brings his special brand of religion to colleges across the United States. Often finding himself at the same university as Elaine Merrcer and her friends. As a result of his celebrity he's become something of a controversial figure. With over 30 years of preaching under his belt he's likely in the twilight of his career.

    They won't meet so much as collide. I'd consider it a little bit fan fiction, to remember Brother Jed after he's left the world's stage.

    Hadaly’s Day Out feat. Brother Jed (Part I) | Black Hat Magick


    For people so inclined, here's some artwork depicting one of the incarnations of Hadaly's android chassis:

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