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Follow CF On Facebook! Get the USP Handgun FREE!

Discussion in 'Cross Fire' started by Adrian, Oct 13, 2010.

  1. Adrian

    Adrian Ogre Prince Ogre Veteran

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    Attention Cross Fire weapon lovers!

    Today we are pleased to announce that being a fan of Cross Fire on Facebook doesn't just get you involved in the CF Facebook Community, or the fastest game updates and media. It will now get you a free weapon in game!

    The USP Handgun

    That's right Soldiers! Now if you "like" Cross Fire on Facebook you can connect your game account and get a permanent weapon only available to those other elite members like yourself!

    Already a fan of Cross Fire on facebook? Then all you have to do is connect your accounts via our website and your exclusive USP Handgun will be delivered to your account!

    To get your USP Handgun today make sure you are logged in to our website and then click on the following link to start the process:

    z8 games - login transfer

    Remember that you can only claim 1 USP handgun per account.
    And you can only claim a total of 5 USP handguns on your facebook account. (for people with lots of alternates you will need to choose wisely)

    For full instructions and other problems follow these steps.

    1. Log in to Facebook
    2. Become a fan of Cross Fire on Facebook Cross Fire | Facebook
    3. Go to z8 games - login transfer
    3. Click "connect"
    4. Allow the Cross Fire site to access Facebook
    5. Click the redeem button

    Also note that you will need to allow pop up windows and cookies. And if you had any problems previous please clear your cookies or try a different web browser.

    You should now have your weapon delivered. If not go to your facebook apps and uninstall the Z8Games Community App. Then try the process over again. For further issues go to Z8Games - Support.
  2. Ttihm3993

    Ttihm3993 Clubbed

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    the USP isn't that exclusive anymore. everyone has it now...

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