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Forsaken Uprising New MMFPSG Launch in july

Discussion in 'Lists and Directory' started by ForsakenUprising, Jun 21, 2014.

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    We are approaching release of our flagship title Forsaken Uprising. We classify this game as a Multi-Player Medieval First Person Survival Game. We wanted to create something that combined all the elements of games we enjoyed since there wasn't anything in the market that was giving exactly what we craved. You will have to build your castle, grow crops, and keep your livestock alive so that you can defend yourself from other players or for the brave venture out and lay siege with catapults and take others riches for your own. The following list will be Key implemented features in our release weeks from now.

    you can find us on greenlight under Forsaken Uprising if you have time :devilish:

    1. First Person Multiplayer Perspective
    2. Piece by Piece castle construction system(including a spike wall to hang the corpses of your vanquished foes on)
    3. Indepth crafting system
    4. Fast paced aim required melee/ranged combat system
    5. Stamina/strength/hp stat system to make in combat decisions matter. When stamina empties strength substitutes, lowering strength results in less damage dealt. If strength empties hp substitutes meaning you can actually kill yourself from exertion. The gameplay depth this will provide to combat will be awesome.
    6. Catapults to blast open enemy castles and pillage their chests
    7. Indepth farming system tied into livestock(captured cows will produce manure needed for growing crops and as a fuel source for creating top tier equipment.
    8 Farm plots and animal pens are placed the same as the castle system, design your castle how you want. Protect your crops and animals with a layer of stone walls to protect them while your offline.
    9. Many more features planned including a feudal system tied into an overland map, where each server is its own hamlet, the ruler of multiple servers"hamlet" will own a "county", the ruler of multiple counties will own that province, all the way up to who is king of the game. System similar to Stronghold Kingdoms. More features to come.

    Thanks For Your Time
    Robert Romine
    Digital Homicide Studios

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