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Free 2D ORPG In The Making -Festival Online-

Discussion in 'Upcoming Games' started by Green Cog, Oct 1, 2008.

  1. Green Cog

    Green Cog BamBam

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    Contact Me: [email protected]

    Festival Online
    Festival Online is a free ORPG. It's got Chibi style GFX (Breeze Templates, Credit to them), And it's going to hopefully have loads of features! I have a world map witch I will upload later when I've editted it on my computer. Basically I want to stretch out the development of this game into beta stages. I'll show an example: instead of saying,"Right I'm gonna have loads of features in my game, a pet system, an advanced text and quest system etc" I'll say; "Right! In Beta Stage 1.0 we'll add an advanced quest and talk system and add a new swamp area that should keep everyone busy! Then in version 1.1 We will start working on a) The pet sprites, and the coding for the system!."

    Festival was the best of worlds, everyone was content just the way it was, children ran through the woods never scared, always safe. But one day the practicing of spell craft by the Warlock Melgatroth turned him insanely evil, he tried to tap to much power into his body and became the worst of sinners worse than worse. But all was not lost! Yulgan, Melgatroth's cousin, managed to lock him in a mind cage. There they battled minds for many hours, Yulgan finally concluding that to lock Melgatrhoth away he would have to sacrifice himself. So Yulgan locked him and Melgatroth in a rare enchanted crystal called the Livingstone. This Livingstone to this day is guarded but the evil goons of Melgatroth are trying to reach it. The prophet for told of your coming!

    Loads to be implented but at the moment my main sites are: Advanced Character Customization, No Classes,
    Woodcutting Fletching Sewing Leatherworking Blacksmithing Mining Spellcraft Strength Agility Magyk(Buffs, Holy Spells) etc.
    And an awesome Pet System! Including : Growing Crystals (Like Pokemon give your pet a crystal then it changes in some way) Feeding! Pet Spells and Minigames!
    Also Player Housing!
    Loads of Quests!
    And More Items!

    -Who We Need!-
    1 GFX Artist - Someone that can edit sprites, make items, and edit tiles in the Breeze Style (will upload some screenshots soon)
    1 VB6 Coders - To change around the GUI Buttons, add in some features that are greater than scripting.(Any other is accepted as a plus e.g VB6 and Java)
    2 Scripters - People that have a great knowledge and are capable of Sad Scripting (Any other is accepted as a plus e.g Sadscripting and Java)
    1 24/7 Host! - We need a host that will host our game (Obviously) 24 Hours Seven Days A Week (No, Ill turn it on when I get back from school then off at 9pm when I goto bed 24/7 only please folks)
    1 GUI Artist - Someone that can really use Photoshop and/or Gimp or any other good picture editing programs.

    -Green Cog Team-
    Developer - Green Cog
    Mapper - Green Cog
    Host - Green Cog Temporary
    Scripters (2) - None
    GUI Artist - None
    GFX Artist - None
    VB6 Coders (1 or 2) - None

    If any one else would like to submit anything else, would like to help witha website, suggestions, ideas for the game etc feel free to post!

    Green Cog

    By The Way - My Forum Name is named after Green Cog Industries not the other way round ;)

    Engine - Eclipse Evolution 2.7
  2. Admin Post

    ogreman Ogre In Charge Staff Member GameOgre Admin

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    Moving this to Online Game Development since it fits the category:).
  3. Aaddron

    Aaddron Moderator Staff Member GameOgre Moderator

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    Sounds cool keep us updated and let us know when we can play :)

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