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G4box Inc. Releases First Screens And Features Information For Its

Discussion in 'Cross Fire' started by ogreman, Jul 25, 2008.

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    The Record-Setting Military Shooter Comes to Western Markets Fall 2008

    Toronto, CANADA-July 24, 2008-- G4BOX Inc, a North American publisher
    and distributor of interactive entertainment media, released today the
    first screen shots and additional game feature information for its
    upcoming online military first-person shooter, Cross Fire. The game
    is coming to North America and the United Kingdom in fall 2008.

    "We have been bombarded with people wanting a sneak peek at Cross Fire
    before it comes out this fall so we are excited to release the first
    screen shots and details for the game," said Howard He, Chief
    Executive Officer of G4BOX. "Cross Fire is an innovative and
    compelling FPS and we have no doubt it will be a huge hit when it hits
    the market. But in the meantime people can whet their appetite with
    these first images."

    Cross Fire is being developed by Smilegate for the PC platform. The
    game boasts fast and stable multiplayer action and graphics thanks to
    a sophisticated game engine that runs even on low-end PCs.

    With two international mercenary forces corporations at war, players
    assume the role of either a Black Risk mercenary or Global Risk
    terrorist, and join an online team that must work together to win
    certain objective-based scenarios. There are four modes of play in the
    game including Team Death Match, Exploder Match, Elimination Match and
    Ghost Match. Upon successful completion of these exciting and
    competitive modes and matches, players earn experience points and
    achievements which advance their character up various military ranks.

    Key features of the game include:

    ? An all-new match-type called "Ghost Mode" where Mercenaries play
    versus an invisible assailant
    ? Powerful and widely varying weapons
    ? Customizable in-game characters that can carry different equipment
    and weapons
    ? Duffle bag system that allows players to carry more weapons
    ? Runs on very low system requirements

    The game has proven to be a huge success in Korea where it was first
    launched in 2007 by Neowiz. Additional servers had to be added within
    one hour of the game going live due to the amount of traffic and
    people playing the game. In mid-March of this year, Cross Fire was
    the first FPS to launch its open beta in Vietnam. Within three days of
    the launch, the number of Cross Fire concurrent users reached 62,000
    with more than 1.09 million subscribers in total.

    For more information about G4BOX and its current product offerings
    visit 568 Network - Welcome.

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