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Game Ogre Interview with Seal Online: Eternal Destiny

Discussion in 'MMO Interviews' started by GameOgreVideos, Oct 12, 2010.

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    Seal Online is the newest game on DONTBLYNK, and while it may look cute and adorable there is much more to this fantasy world as Gameogre readers will find out in this interview.

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    Gameogre: It’s easy to get fooled from Seal Online’s cute graphics, but Seal Online is actually a PvP-based MMORPG. Can you tell us more about this new game? What is the backstory for Seal Online?

    Seal Online: Seal Online Eternal Destiny is about a Hero’s journey during the aftermath of the ancient titans feuding for power and control. During the genesis of the world, the titans who were struggling for power created a chasm amongst their family bond which ripped into two factions known as the bales and humans. Throughout the ages, this alliance and devotion to each side has grown strong which up roared wars and summoned upon vast armies from all areas of Shiltz. To protect and overcome the bales, the heroes of Shiltz train, practice and gear for battle. Testing their might in PVP (player vs. player) arenas, battlegrounds, and coliseums, Seal Online Eternal Destiny emphasizes friendship and emotional bond. Through various features such as in-game profiles, couple system, and group synergy, players use teamwork and different communication skills to enjoy the next chapter of Eternal Destiny.

    Gameogre: What were some heavy influences of the game’s graphic style and design?

    Seal Online: Being conscious of technology, access and aesthetics that would withstand time was the primary focus in creating the new Seal Online Eternal Destiny. Players around the world, especially the United States, all use different types of computers and various speeds of internet connection. Our main goal was to provide players with an animation like, interactive, eye catching, smooth running gaming experience. Seal Online takes its inspiration from anime, manga, cartoons, and 3d animation.

    Gameogre: What are the various town new players can start out in, and how are they each different?

    Seal Online: Each starting town creates its own atmosphere. The immersion of each town is completely different from one another. First we have the capital city which is bustling with traders and marketers known as Elim. This busy city houses banks, merchants and most importantly the church for priests, the knight’s hall knights, and wizard’s tower for mages.

    The second town is within the countryside and is the hometown of warriors and farmers. This town is cozy within the green pasture and valley to keep it hidden from the evil bales. Starting in this town may allow players more freedom to adventure off to heavily fortified bale territory. With the same merchants and access to banks, this town is the second most habited town.

    The third location to start out is known as Newbie town. This area is a training camp center nestled within two mountains. This area will develop players’ skills and knowledge of the bales without the fear of being overrun by the stronger bales. This area is recommended for players who like to explore and practice their acquired skills.

    Gameogre: I hear that users can start with the “Beginner†class, which gives them some time before they commit to playing a specific class. Can you tell us more?

    Seal Online: The beginner class is for players who haven’t decided on which pathway or role they would to like take. Additionally, the beginner class unlocks a unique class named, Vagabond. This class can only be chosen through the beginner class and is a hybrid of a warrior and knight. Playing the beginner class when starting allows the players to experience and witness what other classes are like before they determine what they want.

    Gameogre: What other classes are available for gameplay?

    Seal Online: Playable classes at this time are the following:

    a. Swordmaster
    b. Berserker
    a. Fire Wizard
    b. Ice Wizard
    a. Defender
    b. Renegade
    a. Gambler
    b. Assassin
    a. Demolitionist
    b. Artisan
    a. Vagabond
    a. Apostle
    b. Templar

    We do have plans to add another special new class soon.

    Gameogre: New players in Seal Online have to train very basic skills such as sitting and resting. How have players reacted to these new skills and methods of raising them? What other skills need to be trained?

    Seal Online: These skills that new players train serve a greater purpose as players’ adventure throughout the game. It is important for players who don’t have these skills to train them so that they understand the reason why these skills exist. For example, the sleeping skill can be upgraded through the accumulation of fame. Fame is like reputation that players receive for doing quests. The more fame a player gets, the better (increased HP regeneration) quality, emoticon, and animation the sleep skill becomes. From newspaper animation, wooden bed, luxurious bed, to clouds in the sky, players can vastly change the appearance of the sleep skill by improving their fame. Other skills that are tied into other unique mechanics are trading, dueling and merchant trading.

    Gameogre: What options do players have for in-game travel? Do you offer any mounts or flyers?

    Seal Online: Players have abilities to call upon the Titans and warp to given areas after level 30. Players can also find wagon riders located in towns that can transport them to key areas of the world. Finally, players can convert their pet with a special orb and transform them into a mount to carry them across the lands.

    Gameogre: What is the currency system and how does it work?

    Seal Online: The currency is named “Cegelsâ€. Cegels is used just like any other in-game currency. Players use it to purchase goods, sell items for it and just like any other game, it is highly desired.

    Gameogre: Can you tell us about the Guild and Party systems in Seal Online. Are there any advantages to being in a Guild or Party?

    Seal Online: We have various systems in place for each feature you mentioned. We’ll start with the Guild.

    Joining a guild offers great advantages for new and veteran players. Organized guild battles in an arena are one of the most popular features we offer in Seal Online Eternal Destiny. Guilds can challenge other guilds to battle through an NPC which will schedule and transport both opposing guild members to an arena specific for fighting. The winning guild will receive points which will contribute to their outcome. Guild banks, guild emblems, and officer/player ranking system are also enabled for players participating in a guild. These players can chat amongst each member and create player driven events within the all new unique unity server.

    The party system is a feature where players can view all available parties within their level range in one large menu. This feature is called the, Speed Party System. If a player found a party they wanted to join and requested to join it, they would gain bonus experience as well as the normal experience they would acquire from killing bales. Additionally, players among the party would also receive a boost for having a larger party.

    Gameogre: What are some advantages of speed partying and couple leveling?

    Seal Online: The concept of Couple leveling and Speed partying is to encourage players to socialize, communicate and get to know other players within the game. By forming parties and participating in couple interaction, players are rewarded with buffs, auras, special couple costumes, emoticons sharing swings and benches, couple centric in-game items, and bonus experience.

    Gameogre: Can you tell us more about the combo system in the game?

    Seal Online: The combo system is a feature for players to add additional critical damage to bales while hunting. These critical and bonus damages allow players to kill quickly and create combo chains that buff the character’s powers. As your level increases, the ability to chain the combos into longer attacks grows. This challenges the players to remember and practice their combo attacks.

    Gameogre: What are some of the other unique features that make Seal Online stand out?

    Seal Online: One new unique feature that makes Seal Online stand apart that I like the most from other games is the pet system. This pet system allows players to collect, nurture and raise different types of pets. Furthermore, players can evolve each class of pet into a unique stage 2 pet so on and so forth. As the pet continues to evolve and grow, the pet boosts the character with stats and other special abilities. The pet can also transform into a mount, and be fed a variety of ingredients which makes it an exciting feature for players. I have a Count Bat and I enjoy feeding him every day.

    Gameogre: What is your favorite quest in the game and why?

    Seal Online: Although questing is not my favorite aspect of this game, my favorite would have to be obtaining the magical key to go through the nether warp to fight the three feisty pigs. This quest is fun and adventurous because it requires players to go speak to different NPCs you wouldn’t necessarily find just walking around in town. Additionally, it takes you to a creepy dungeon inhabited by ferocious bales.

    Gameogre: Are there any exciting events and special prizes coming up for the holidays that players should be aware of?

    Seal Online: We currently have nine events that have been announced to the players. Each event was specifically designed for gamers with different types of play styles. We currently have three more events in the works to prepare for the winter festivities. We do our very best to offer the best gaming experience and social community possible in Seal Online Eternal Destiny and events are the foundation and stepping stone in achieving that goal.

    Gameogre: Anything else you would like our community to know about Seal Online?

    Seal Online: Seal Online Eternal Destiny focuses on social interaction, teamwork and overall, a fun gaming experience. We strive to provide the best customer service possible and allow all players who try Seal Online Eternal Destiny the ability to express themselves through the game. Our vision is to create lasting memories for gamers by providing and facilitating unique and unforgettable game experiences that players will carry on forever. We would like to thank the GameOgre community and members for giving us an opportunity to share this exciting news.
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