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Game Update: Patch Notes & Double XP Weekend Extended

Discussion in 'RuneScape' started by Aaddron, Feb 17, 2020.

  1. Aaddron

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    It’s the week you’ve been waiting for! Double XP Weekend: Extended is almost here, and we’ve got all the information you need to work your XP the hardest when it begins. Before we get stuck into that, though, we’re doing something new and exciting with Patch Notes…

    Patch Notes

    What’s going on here? Don’t Patch Notes belong at the END of the newspost? Fear not, my friends – we just wanted to let you know that your weekly dose of changes and fixes will be looking a little different from now on.

    Starting this week, we’re making tweaks to the layout and presentation of the Patch Notes post to make it easier to navigate and digest. You’ll notice a new ‘Bug Fixes’ section where you can find a comprehensive list of the most vital fixes we’ve made that week, as well as more images, and less clutter.

    But that’s not all – the coming weeks have even more changes in store, so watch this space!

    While we're at it, here’s a quick highlight from this week’s changes:

    • Mining rates have been adjusted after a recent change that unintentionally impacted semi-active miners.
    You can read our new and sparkly Patch Notes here. Go take a look!

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