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Gameogre Interview with Upcoming MMORPG Pandora Saga

Discussion in 'MMO Interviews' started by GameOgreVideos, Nov 30, 2010.

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    Pandora Saga agreed to sit down with Gameogre and answer a few questions for their upcoming game Pandora Saga. The Closed Beta for Pandora Saga starts Dec 16. Keep an eye on the Gameogre forums to get your CBT Key for Pandora Saga starting Dec 1!

    Gameogre: Pandora Saga is an interesting name for a game. Can you tell us the story behind Pandora Saga and some of the games lore? Does mythology and Pandora’s Box play into it?

    PS: The story behind Pandora Saga revolves around the ancient war amongst the three nations – the Kingdom of St. Pfelstein, Varik Confederation, and the Latugan Empire. They are all striving for control over territory and resources and are searching for the lost artifact, Pandora, which is said to grant unparalleled honor, power and riches to those who find it. Pandora Saga does not reference the Greek mythology directly, but we see it as a metaphor for the ongoing struggles between the nations.

    Gameogre: Pandora Saga is a free-to-play Japanese MMORPG featuring many races to play, such as the classic Humans, Elves, and Dwarves, as well as the Myrines, Enkidus, and Lapins. Can you tell us more about these three races I just named that many players probably have never heard of before?

    PS: Pandora Saga has your fantasy archetypes such as you mentioned, as well as many races unique to the Pandora Saga world. The Myrine are a female-only hunter-gatherer race, resembling a cross between elves and Amazons. The Lapin and Enkidu are unique in that they are the smallest and largest in size, respectively, but have a special symbiotic relationship and even have special abilities that help in battle.

    Gameogre: There are 4 different classes with comprehensive skills and abilities to choose from – warriors, scouts, acolytes, and mages. Can you give us some more detail about these classes, and how they work together in combat?

    PS: Each of the 4 core classes plays an essential role in both the PvP combat and the weekly RvR warzone. Coordinating and creating groups with classes, jobs, and abilities that complement each other can make a substantial difference in the outcome of a battle. To briefly go over each core class:

    The Warrior class serves as the basic “front line†melee combatant, but depending on how you specialize your warrior, you can also provide protection to your group with damage mitigating abilities and effects. The Warrior can act as your defensive or offensive force.

    Acolytes offer the group powerful healing, protective abilities, and spells that enhance and strengthen other team members. Another key skill that Acolytes bring to a group dynamic is their ability to detect hidden or unseen adversaries.

    Mages provide the group with long range offensive might and devastation! They can attack multiple targets at a distance with their area of effects abilities. They also bring crowd control abilities that can cripple another team.

    Last, but certainly not least, the Scout is extremely versatile with abilities that include melee damage, range damage, confusing and disorienting foes, and passing through enemy lines unseen. Depending on how you specialize the Scout class, you can deliver quick and deadly blows from the shadows, rain arrows on a target from a distance, or become an expert in the art of traps and subterfuge.

    The most impressive part of the diverse class system is being able to customize your character and its class to suit your preference. How these classes work together in combat is completely up to the players.

    Gameogre: Can you give us a look at the rich lore that drives the different races and classes to battle?

    PS: The lore is centered around the three nations’ centuries-long struggle for dominance. Amid this strife, an evil shaman named Brahm joined forces with a powerful demon in order to start a war to claim Pandora as his own. Each nation’s army charged fiercely into what was supposed to be the decisive battle. Right at that moment, Brahm unleashed a grand fulmination into the warzone that decimated the armies of all three forces. Those who survived escaped with their lives, but not their memories.

    Players will take on the role of one of these survivors, on a quest to regain your memories and discover the truth behind Pandora. They can choose from any of the six races and develop the skills of their choice to advance their class. Once players reach level 20, they can choose which of the three nations to join and devote their character to fight for.

    Gameogre: What weapons are available for the different races and classes? Can you explain how the weapon and armor refining system works in Pandora Saga?

    PS: Most weapons are available to all races, but certain weapons have class restrictions. Depending on your race and class, however, your character may be more adept at certain items than others. Players will be able to employ a wide range of weapons from standard one-handed swords to bows and staves.

    Players can upgrade their gear by obtaining special items called “rune gems†that empower equipment and weapons with magical effects. The best and rarest of these gems are not easily obtained but can be found through your combat exploits.

    Gameogre: All in all, Pandora Saga boasts 3 nations with 6 races and 4 basic classes, along with 24 advanced classes. What are these advanced classes and what are some of their skills?

    PS: The class tree offers players a lot of options when creating their character. Players can look forward to a diverse set of classes including Dragoons and Juggernauts if you’re a Warrior, or even Shadowblades and Conjurers if you walk the mage path. While I don’t want to disclose all the skills just yet, players will definitely have many reasons to create alternate characters and explore the other class trees.

    Gameogre: Gameplay in Pandora Saga will have a medieval feel to it, with players fighting with siege weapons and cavalry. Can you give us more information on PvP gameplay and the honor points system? How will guilds/alliances also play into this?

    PS: Pandora Saga hosts a wide-range of PvP activities. Events range from the guild-centric castle siege, to the 600-player nation war. Players gain honor points from participating in these events which serves as a form of in-game currency that is redeemable for items and most importantly character skills. Some player abilities and skills are only unlocked from accumulating these points and engaging in PvP combat. We’d like to think of these as veteran skills; the more you PvP against your foes, the more powerful you can become! Guilds will be vital to being successful in the large-scale activities, as strategy and communication will be crucial for victory.

    Gameogre: Can you tell us more about the riding system? Are there special mounts rewarded to players with high achievements? Will there be any pets in Pandora Saga?

    PS: One thing that separates Pandora Saga from other PvP based MMOs is the ability to engage your foe while riding your mount. All classes can perform some basic attacks while mounted, however, certain classes allow you to use special skills that deal greater damage. This adds another layer of strategy when engaging your enemies and correct usage of the mounts can turn the tide of battle. Currently we have horses available for players to use as mounts for their characters, but players can also breed them and equip them with various armors.

    Pets, both combat and vanity are currently not implemented, but it’s definitely a possibility in the future!

    Gameogre: Have you made any changes to Pandora Saga from the Eastern version to better suit a Western Market?

    PS: We feel that Pandora Saga’s core features and combat system make it a great fit for the Western MMO audience. The basic mechanics will feel quite familiar to players of this genre, and they will have little difficulty logging in, exploring the vast world, and dominating their adversaries!

    We also wanted to minimize the “grind†aspect that some Eastern MMOs are infamous for. Rapid advancement and a rewarding PvP system are key components of Pandora Saga that will make it enjoyable for Western players.

    In addition to the gameplay elements, we took great efforts to localize the Japanese text to retain the original lore, humor, and meaning but put some of that Atlus charm into it as well.

    Gameogre: Can you tell us about the in-game currency and how important economics will be to the gameplay? Also will there be a cash shop and what kinds of items can players expect to find in the cash shop?

    PS: The in-game currency in Pandora Saga is called Gold which is used for everything from basic gear purchases to fortifying defenses during wartime! The in-game economy is primarily player-driven influenced by supply and demand. A key feature players will utilize is the “Vendor†option, where players can set up a personal shop to tell their goods. Vendors will play a vital role in the economy and as a means for distributing crafted goods.

    There will also be a premium item shop where players can spend Pandora Points for everything from items that increase experience rates, reduce death penalties to stylish vanity items that will allow players to express their individuality.

    Gameogre: What are some of the best in-game features of Pandora Saga and what is something you definitely recommend all players try at least once?

    PS: Simply put, the massive PvP encounters! For example, there is a weekly 600-player nation war where players fight for dominance through the use of complex siege weaponry. Players will have to employ various strategies in order to take down the other nations and earn various rewards and bonuses.

    Gameogre: Is there anything else you would like our readers to know about Pandora Saga?

    PS: Open beta is set to start early 2011, so make sure to check Official Home of Pandora Saga - Free PvP Strategic Online Game for updates!
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