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Gathering of Clans

Discussion in 'MUDs' started by cuiorne, Jun 29, 2008.

  1. cuiorne

    cuiorne Ogre Newling

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    Anwethia is a original fantasy medieval theme MUSH - a world where everyone's story matters, where everyone can contribute as hero or villain. The theme and world has been crafted and presented so players can find inspiration and opportunities for their own characters development. Our aim is to be unique and flexible, within the bounds of theme, allowing players to find their own place in cooperative role play.
    Clan and family ties, politics - both internal and eventually external to Liosliath, intrigue, mystery, conflict, merchant, magic are all part of or planned to be part of the world.

    Join in the adventures of Anwethia
    Event: Gathering of the Clans - Date Sat Jul 19
    The major celebration of the founding of Liosliath. During this celebration male and female proudly display their clan colors (all the clans! not just the five major).
    *During the Garragg occupation from 3485 to 3498 this celebration was banned under pain of torture and death.
    *When Liosliath was retaken the celebration has been renewed.
    *The Allting chose this date in 3498 to formally declare Niahl as Thane.

    Our world opened in Jan 2008 and we have been very fortunate to have a number of awesome creative role players become part of Anwethia. Options in starting are: +roster system or players may create their own characters and a unique innovative QuickGen for those who want to get into RP with minimal time in character creation.

    Website -members.cox.net/anwethia Connect - anwethia.mushpark.com 3498

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