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glitches many of them

Discussion in 'Classic Games' started by Crownknight, Aug 30, 2014.

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  1. Crownknight

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    found some games on youtube that due to bugs there are many impassble games to complete due on there own glitchparade here is the list and why is its reason.

    dig dug in this glitch you have a invalid output placed such as rocks drawn on the same line as you a being no tunnels (where eniemies are only placed) you have one of them drawn on you it is on level 256 but the counter wraps back to zero and back to 255 so really you die.

    pacman in this glitch the screen has half only on dots to eat while beind 256 rounds there trying to draw 256 fruits! starting at below and goes to the right side of screen though theres 9 hidden dots on that side so avoid the blue ghost wait for him to get stuck then move.

    galga round zeros the weirdest in this game you have to get nonstop bonus levels and round zero level there the same really in the round really not having to get every alien you just get as many as posible.

    jr pacman this games glitch starts at level 146 the maze is not drawn in it you slowely move and thats all really to say beacase thats all.

    ms pacman this glitch has a ghost bit data witch slows down in tunnels actully you start at 132 and finish 134 though all 3 are hard and really worst at the 3rd

    donkey kong and donkey kong jr these suffer from a 7 second timed game on round 22 (screen 117) you have this time to fast noone has completed it if you look at the top left you'll see a time saying 3 but really the times not seen so the reaching zero mario dies (actully jumpman)

    jet set willy all version of this are impassble its causes 7 bugs the fist is the main one the suffers to complete this game

    repton 2 this had a software bug that therefore a diamond to complete was not able to collect akwardly supperier software offerd a cash prize to 1st to complete it!

    heart land this game sufferd from a brillint ironic bug placement you have to get 6 pages torn from a book when getting the all to see the whole story the game CRASHED!

    dynmite dan 2 thisgame had you bomb blitzens base on that final island while you had that bomb there was no room to put it so the game looped back to the start

    rasten anybody who played this conversion will remember the split second timing swing (like pitfall) and a dollup of luck required unforteny there was 1 swing that was impassble rusulting it a fail.

    thats it enjoy reading
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