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Greetings from CCP.

Discussion in 'Eve Online' started by GameOgreVideos, Apr 2, 2011.

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  1. GameOgreVideos

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    I will be sending out a more elaborate post-Fanfest email in the near future to recap the amazing event and its announcements, applaud the passion of our global player base and highlight the unique relationship between it and our development staff. Hopefully many of you were able to tune in with the free live stream, either to the presentations and interviews or at the least to the "unique" chessboxing event. We will be adding the presentations and all sorts of other videos and assets from Fanfest in the coming weeks to our YouTube page and elsewhere in EVE's web presence..

    Before that, I wanted to share with you the video we showed as the climax of the CCP Presents session. Many of you have undoubtedly caught wind of it already.

    EVE: A Future Vision narrates where we are headed with the EVE universe-our grand vision for a massive shared worldspace where the real, visceral and human interaction between players can have repurcussions for dozens, hundreds and even thousands of others. It's a short scene of one of the infinite possibilities for gameplay and the real consequences of the decisions a player makes.

    Growing EVE towards this future vision is a bold endeavor we've been undertaking as a company on a global scale. The EVE universe has been evolving continuously since launch, and there is no limit in sight for its expansion.

    EVE: A Future Vision can be found here: YouTube - EVE: A Future Vision
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