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[Guild] Phoenix Forsaken World Recruiting

Discussion in 'Free MMORPG' started by ZeroDarkfire, May 31, 2010.

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  1. ZeroDarkfire

    ZeroDarkfire Ogre Newling

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    Welcome to Phoenix. We are a friendly, active group of gamers, whom share equal core values Loyalty, Commitment, & Guild before self. We continue to improve ourselves and guild with hard work, and respect. Each and everyone of us has a important role to fill to make Phoenix the best of all the guilds in Forsaken World. Please join us, and aid us in our goal!
    Phoenix is currently recruiting: http://fwphoenix.guildlaunch.com/index.php?gid=153167

    Let the Flames of Rebirth guide you...

    Our Goals in Phoenix, is to create a fun, active enviroment for all types of players. We also plan on being the top guild on the NA (TBA) sever. To sum things up. Phoenix's long term goal is the best, and most respected Guild on their chosen sever. Plain & Simple!

    Policies & Core Values
    Like all Guilds we do have rules.
    1. Don't be disrespectful. (To get respect, you must give respect)
    2. No Random Pking. (Don't get us wrong, we will pk if we are pked)
    3.Have FUN, and be ACTIVE. (How else are we susposed to run a guild)

    Our Core Values are:Loyalty, Commitment, & Guild Before Self

    Requirments & How to Apply
    Level 1+
    Must Post on the Guild Website Once a Week

    To "apply" post here and/or "Join" [COLOR=blackour Guild Website![/COLOR]

    Forsaken World Forums

    Recruitment Video
    Our Recruitment Video is Live: YouTube - Phoenix AMV

    Offical Banners, and Userbar
    Phoenix Banner V.1: [​IMG]

    Phoenix Banner V.2: [​IMG]

    Phoenix Userbar: [​IMG]

    MainStaff List
    Harbringer of the Phoenix: ZeroDarkfire [Leader]-[Royal Guard Division 1 Captain]
    Royal Guard Division 1 Vice Captain- Claw 135

    Royal Guard Division 2 Captain- TrialxError - Vice Captain- Prital

    Royal Guard Division 3 Captain- ReaperSev7n - Vice Captain- N/A

  2. infina

    infina MMORPG Addict Ogre Veteran

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    good luck with your guild.

    I myself will also play forsaken world. I already have a guild though. I'm in Sovereign.
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