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Honoured Society

Discussion in 'Free Online RPG' started by ZHuhn, May 24, 2016.

  1. ZHuhn

    ZHuhn Ogre Newling

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    It's an awesome game. HonouredSociety.org

    It's a pretty cool game. Honoured Society is a browser-based massive multiplayer RPG game which focuses on corruption, power and greed. As a player in the game your main goal is to become the most powerful person in the game! This goal can be achieved from multiple career paths or styles of play - with every action you take having direct consequences on everyone else!

    It's an adaptation from a game called Injustice. But this is a game that has more detail, indepth features and is closer to the realities of crime & corruption than any other game of it's kind!

    Law and Order: The players of Honoured Society are safeguarded and protected by the wheels of their Justice system. Maybe you have the calling to become a Police Officer? A judge? Or even get voted in by your peers and rule a city as Mayor.

    A Life of Crime: If you've got what it takes to survive on the streets, prehaps some day you will start your own street gang... then again maybe the life of an outlaw motorcycle gang is more you? Depending who you speak to, some claim there are sophisticated Mafia crime families running the streets. Which ever path you take - Honoured Society is yours for the taking!

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