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Illidaris : The Army of the Setting Sky

Discussion in 'Upcoming Games' started by Green Cog, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. Green Cog

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    “In a thousand year old kingdom where the land lived in harmony and no one felt fear, there arose a champion. He proved himself to the king of one of the provinces that he was worthy of his daughter’s hand in marriage. The king agreed. Unfortunately the king soon after fell ill. He kept on delaying the wedding so he could watch his daughter be-trove his right hand man. Time and time again when his general asked , “Your Majesty, may I marry your daughter?” the reply was again, “In time my friend, when I am better.” The general was neither impatient nor angry and he stayed patient with the king.
    Soon after the Queen gave birth to another child, this time a magnificent baby boy. He had chestnut eyes and the hair of oak. He showed great signs of friendship with the forest around him and the animals. Soon after a prophet came to the land. She predicted that the boy should be named Oakinus, after the great Tree Spirit. She also made a prediction that someone would become the greatest ruler that he would make the land prosper and all over the world people shall worship his name in awe. The general, Tulisar, took this as a sign to marry the king’s daughter at once. He came to the castle and told the king of what he believed. “You the heir? General please, my son is the true heir to the throne!” Enraged at the royal family’s naivety he left the province to a far distant forest to study in the arts of Yulmanik or Black Magyk.
    The general returned ten years later too find that the King and Queen had passed away and that Oakinus had married and was ruling the land. And the princess, Shay’ah had married also. Blinded by rage of his failure to become ruler and marry Shay’ah he set out to destroy the royal family. Shay’ah’s husband, Hulaar, discovered of his plans and told Shay’ah to escape. But Shay’ah would not leave without him so they went away together.
    In secret Shay’ah bore twins, Eldrinth and a boy who was unnamed, this was because the prophet who had predicted Oakinus’ name said that the name of this child was never to be spoken, it was said to be an ancient and evil spell in a language only she and some others could control, Yulmanik. So although the slight problem of no name, Eldrinth and the Boy grew up to sixteen.
    That’s when Tulisar found them, hiding deeply in a forest. He hunted down Shay’ah and her family and killed them all, except for two. Shay’ah cast a magical spell that transported both of the twins too safety. Unfortunately the spell backfired and no-one knew where they had gone. An unfortunate beggar in that area found Tulisar just after he murdered Shay’ah and Hulaar. Tulisar tricked him and destroyed and manipulated his memory to make him think he killed Shay’ah and Hulaar. He also framed the beggar for the murders of Oakinus and his family. The guards eventually found the dead bodies and the beggar. They locked him away in the darkest and worst cell in all of Illidaris. He was left to rot there.
    Tulisar left to the barren north lands and was never seen again. Until now. He spent years manipulating Yulmanik to raise an army of nether beings. He has invaded the north of Illidaris and many towns have been felled by his gargantuan army. The army of the Setting Sky. Many warriors have rallied at the heart of Illidaris, the City of Isenhelm. Many civilians have also fled to Isenhelm and the southern regions hoping to escape to safety. Because of the packed areas of the city slums now many of the population in Isenhelm have become sick with a disease that poisons them. It turns out Tulisar had cast this disease to destroy Isenhelm. In one last effort of savior a grand wizard by the name of Truliatrix managed to cure many and destroy the beings who had become to sick. Setting themselves ready for war the nation has begun gathering resources from the nearby Forest of Klashnikov. The forest creatures became angered and so it seems that Illidaris could get into no more turmoil. In one last desperate attempt Truliatrix has called for all the able fighters, woman and men to rally at the Hills of Kuun. There they fought a furious battle. It was like cattle coming in to the slaughter, most of the fighters weren’t even trained they just knew how to hold a weapon. Truliatrix fought a duel against Tulisar and won. He sealed away the Setting Sky and Tulisar but Tulisar called upon the wrath of the God Raanshar. The evil god cast down his fury and wiped out the remaining humans.
    Two centuries and four decades later, (2040), the kingdom was back to living standards again. Many of the lands around are scarred with black soil and terrible mutated creatures. They called it an abomination , a land unfit to live in, no. It is our land, our paradise, our Illidaris, they Army of the Setting Sky has risen again, but we will fight. We will stand our ground.” – Hanchar the Great 1971 – 2040 (Still Alive).

    Who are "Planet Breeze"?

    Planet Breeze is all about showing the world of 2D Gamers Green Raven's works. Green Raven is an extremely talented pixel artist who created many 2D Gaming Templates. The most popular of this was Breeze. Breeze offers a cuter and smoother look to new games and I believe, easier to sprite. I suppose the only downside to the Breeze Templates are the fact that they don't have as much detail as other templates such as the RMXP RTP or the Half-Kaizer template.
    The aim of the company is to create Eclipse Games. The company consists of a few handpicked, skilled artists, scripters and mappers.
    So What is Illidaris?

    Illidaris is a free to play 2D ORPG Created with Eclipse and Developed by Planet Breeze. Illidaris is all about choices. The always changing, interactive world will revolve around you. If you make a choice to join the Faction of Shrakthar the Guild of Magic then straight away any NPC that belongs to the opposing faction will attack on site or may not give you quest or talk to you. Whilst the faction you just joined will now give you quests and sell Faction Specific Items. Illidaris is filled with many brilliant features such as Player Owned Boats, Player Owned Buisness', Pets and much more. Illidaris is set in medieval fantasy environment and beautiful 2D Graphics created by Green Raven and our Pixel Artist Team.

    What is Unique About Illidaris?

    + Drag N' Drop Menu
    - At the bottom left of the screen there will be a bar consisting of eight squares. You can drag and drop any item or spell into here as long as it isn't passive, this means a quicker and more exciting way to fighting.
    + Mounts/Vehicles
    - The Player can call upon their mount which changes the player graphic to what animal the player is riding and increase the speed of the player too basically sprinting speed but the speed stays consistent. Also players can use Boats to navigate over seas to mysterious iles. But for the vehicle this will not just be a case of moving from A to B because there are hazards and gains to be had at sea. For instance when the player is travelling if they bump into a reef then the player's boat will lose health as such. If all health depletes then the player is transported to the way stone's point and the ship becomes a reck on that spot that wreck consists of a radom amount of gold (30 - 200) and a radom medium weapon (Level 25 - 50). This means when another player is rowing around if they click on the wreck they can take what ever they want from the wreck. Wreck's are also generated randomly and not just from dead players.
    + Pets
    - The player can call upon their owned beast to aid and follow them in battle.
    + Fully Expanding World
    - The Planet Breeze mappers are always adding in new dungeons and areas to Illidaris making sure that not even the highest level player has gone everywhere. This means production on Illidaris will not suddenly stop in place of a new game. The new areas in Illidaris will be added in stages called patches and then players are notified.
    + Absolutely No End Game
    - A fault in many popular MMORPGs today. This means the Planet Breeze team will concentrate especially on keeping even the toughest and highest level players busy. With the world constantly expanding and things being added all the time even the most dedicate player will never become bored.
    + The Grind is Tough
    - Nobody likes to do a quest that involves killing the same creature 50 times. Or doing a quets to travel to Person A in Location A and then travel to Person B in Location B for about 20 times. Sometimes there will be a boring quest. But at Planet Breeze everysingle quest will be thought through and planned because even that small detail spices the game up! We hate grinds and our players do too I'm sure so we promise to have as much differency and change in our quests that it'll never get you bored! Such quests include Quest Trees where you start on one quest then have a choice to do one quest or the other. The quest you chose starts a new or ends the tree whilst the quest you didn't choose is unavailable for ever.
    + Player Versus Player
    - There are two features to this. First of all there is the average player versus player commonly know as PvP or PKing. This means in certain areas players are allowed to attack each other and kill the other player for all their items in their inventory. The areas ingame that are PvP Orientated will mainly only be special arenas consisting of three game modes. "Free For All" Every player is hostile and can be killed by any arena member. "Team Deathmatch" Players are put into teams balanced by levels such as four level 10s would be equal to one level 40. And "Capture the Flag" Once again players are put into two balanced teams and the players can kill the opposition but the game is won by taking the enemies flag and transporting it too your flag three times.
    + Friendly Player Versus Player
    - If in a neutral zone then any player may challenge any player too a puzzle match. This is a type of PvP but in a friendly manner so to speak. There are a few different Puzzle Types. There are Draughts, Memory and Sword Eating.
    + NPC Versus NPC
    - Non-Player Characters or AI will be asigned certain factions. Such as the blue faction. That faction is set to friendly to the Blue Faction and Hostile to The Red Faction. This means any Red Faction that the Blue Faction AI Encounters it will attack. This means that if you belong to the Red Faction then any Blue Faction AI or NPC becomes attackble and will attack you.
    + Factions
    - This is basically NPC Versus NPC but explained more detailed. Lets say the player joins Blue Faction. Blue Faction's enemy is Red Faction as explained in NPC Versus NPC. Then they can now buy specific Blue Faction Items, go in Blue Faction specific areas and do Blue Faction specific quests. They cannot however go in the Red Faction's Terriories, use the Red Factions items, do Red Faction Quests or Buy Red Faction Items. Also the NPC versus NPC Feature applies as well.
    + Player Business' and Advanced Player Housing
    - When a player buys their house they can also buy furniture, they can place this furniture anywhere possible and they can even buy a trophy cabinet and place their "Trophy" Type items in there. Other players can come into the players house at any time if the player has set the house mode to Public. If set too Private it means only the Players Friends may ome in or invited players. If set to Shop the house name changes to <Player Name's Shop> The player can now store any of their items in the shop bank and this means any player may enter the house and buy items from the Shop Owner's Item Bank. The shop owner can set prices for the item. This is per item. i.e. 1 Apple = 10 Gold. 10 Apples = 100 Gold. The shop is open even if the player is offline.
    + Balanced
    - Everything from item to monster will be balanced. This means they will be effective in their own specific way and will not be amazingly powerful. I.e. The Monster of Darkness has instead of 10000 health 7000 but is immune too Light Spells, the Axe of Strength instead of just 10000 Damageis +50 Str, 300 - 400 DMG.

    Who is in the Plant Breeze Team?

    -The Planet Breeze Team-

    (Secondary means maybe)

    | Crazy Smurf | - Founder, Developer, Idealist, Mapper, Art, Pixel Art (Only Sometimes)

    Munro - Illidaris Co - Developer, C++ Coder, Sadscripting, Visual Basic 6 Coding.

    DezireSoftware - Pixel Art and C++ Coder

    ãvøgêÑ - Computer Graphics

    - File Storage

    What Does the Actual Game Look Like?

    Here are some ingame mock ups. (NOTE: Mock ups mean that these aren't completely official and will most probably be changed so please do not comment.




    The Planet Breeze Team.

  2. ScareCrow

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    Looks inetresting, how far have you actually gotten with the project?
  3. eXoZmM

    eXoZmM Clubbed

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    Hope to hear more about it soon. Looks interesting. :)
  4. Admin Post

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    Game is be moved to Upcoming games.
  5. Aaddron

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