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Interview with Dragonsmeet for Max Pow!

Discussion in 'MMO Interviews' started by GameOgreVideos, Sep 11, 2010.

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    Gameogre recently had a chance to talk to Dragonsmeet, publishers of the new game Max Pow!

    GameOgre: For those who aren’t familiar with the game, tell us about Max Pow?

    Dragonsmeet: Max Pow is a casual-action game of EXPLOSIVE proportions. If you enjoy acts of volatile nature, destructive fun, and just pure craziness chaos, then you need to give Max Pow a try. Max Pow’s world is filled with action and excitement.

    GameOgre: What made you decide to make Max Pow into a real time based game instead of turn based?

    Dragonsmeet: We made Max Pow a real time based game because there are very few games to our knowledge which do so. Also, turn based games can be time consuming and if you’re looking for a rush you can get it with Max Pow. You’re simultaneously lobbing your attacks while trying to dodge your opponents and this is the advantage that comes with using real time based game play.

    GameOgre: Can you tell us about some of the Characters and their types?

    Dragonsmeet: In Max Pow players can choose from a wide selection of heroes. Hero characters range from famous historical characters to cartoon characters. All players have access to 6 initial heroes after registration. There are also additional characters which are available for purchase in the Max Pow Market. The Heroes are divided into three categories:
    a) Attack Type: These heroes have high attack damage and these heroes’ skills inflict more damage to the opponents then the other heroes.
    b) Energy Type: These heroes possess a high energy reserve. Using skills costs energy and with a higher energy reserve these heroes can launch attacks more often.
    c) Health Type: These heroes have a high health point reserve and are tough. Their high health reserve means they can take more of a beating than the average hero.

    GameOgre: What kinds of skills and equipment will be available for Max Pow Characters?

    Dragonsmeet: There are a variety of skills which can be obtained from the item shop of Max Pow depending on your character. From the destructive Fireball, which surely will leave your opponent in ashes, to self healing which lays on the complete other end of the spectrum, there are many options available for your character type. There are also many equipment options to choose from in the game which will benefit your character in different ways. Armor, rings, helmets, necklaces, grenades and even books can be equipped to your character. There are no shortages of what you can take advantage of to raise your character’s offense and defense.

    GameOgre: Max Pow is free to play, but you will offer micro transactions. How will these micro transactions play into the game?

    Dragonsmeet: The micro transactions allow a player to purchase virtual currency which can then be used to acquire items for their character at a faster pace. So at anytime during the game if a player feels they just cannot wait one more second for that special item they can opt to purchase it. The currency can be purchased using a PayPal account.

    GameOgre: What makes Max Pow stand out from other web based games?

    Dragonsmeet: What makes Max Pow stand out from other web games is a combination of factors. Max Pow incorporates catchy graphics in a fantasy setting, addicting bombing with real time game play, the ability to transform your character into the ultimate hero, and so much more! You really have to play the game to take in how truly exciting it is to take part in.

    GameOgre: Will there be additional content and updates for Max Pow in the future?

    Dragonsmeet: Max Pow is currently still a beta version; however we will be making changes on a day to day basis so you can expect many improvements as the game grows. We will be continuously adding new characters, items, skills, and maps so you can always expect something new!

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