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Interview with Jinho Choi (aka Sasa) / Lead Producer of Tales Weaver Team

Discussion in 'MMO Interviews' started by GameOgreVideos, Jan 18, 2011.

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    Tales Weaver a popular Asian MMO is soon to be making waves in NA! We talked with Jinho Choi (aka Sasa) / Lead Producer of Tales Weaver Team to get a first look at whats in store.

    Gameogre: I understand that the plot of Tales Weaver was based on “The Children Of Runeâ€, a Korean novel. What stood out to the developers about this novel and the thought process of using it for an MMORPG story?

    Jinho Choi: From pre-production stage of Tales Weaver, we have discussed about game’s world concept or storyline with original writer – Minhee Jeon. The story of ‘Children of Rune’ is about a child finding their own destiny and growing up as a hero while confronting many difficulties, and this is perfect for online game scenario. We haven’t imported entire game stories though, we have brought world concept and main characters of ‘Children of Rune’ to Tales Weaver. Each character has its unique storyline in Tales Weaver, some of them confront each other, some of them don’t, and by following their storyline, players can understand whole scenario of Tales Weaver.

    Gameogre: After being a huge success in the eastern part of the world, what sparked the decision to take Tales Weaver to other countries overseas? Will you be making any changes to the game to better suit the player bases and markets in other countries?

    Jinho Choi: In the beginning of development, we have set our strategy to focus on Asian market especially Korea and Japan, where we’re more experienced at. During last eight years, we worked on stabilizing and optimizing the game and it’s also full of contents to play. Starting from Asian countries, we now would like to expand our service so more fans in the globe could enjoy Tales Weaver. As game-wise, since our game is developed many years ago, some of features and functions are not relevant to the players nowadays. We’re continuously improving those functions, and becoming more user-friendly.

    Gameogre: Currently there are 12 playable characters in Tales Weaver. Can you tell us a little about them? I also hear that new characters may be available in the future. Can you share any more information about that?

    Jinho Choi: //Please see the document below for further information about characters.//
    We plan to update a new character ‘Anais’ in 2011, next year.
    What makes Anais special is; she has dual personality – Annabel and Anais. While she’s Annabel, she is such a charming girl so you cannot resist falling in love with her. Yet when Anais comes out, she’s becoming so bizarre and no one can ever go near her.

    Gameogre: Tales Weaver is much more engrossed in its story and events, letting players chose their in game scenarios, which differ from most MMORPGs that are more traditional combat based. Can you give us some details on how this type of gameplay works and what a first timer to you game can expect to find?

    Jinho Choi: ‘Episode’ is what we call main scenario quest of Tales Weaver, and each Episode is consisted with Chapter quests. So far, we have implemented Episode 2 – Chapter 5, and more stories are to come. Majority of MMORPG forces players to focus more on monster bashing or leveling, yet Tales Weaver guides the players to follow game scenarios. We hope the players would expect upcoming episodes, just like watching TV series.

    Gameogre: Even though Tales Weaver is 8 years old and is done in 2D, the graphics are still amazing and don’t detract from the gameplay. Can you tell us about some of the other key features that make Tales Weaver stand out?

    Jinho Choi: During last eight years, we have constantly updated game contents. Imagine each twelve characters have different storylines. Players can go through 12 different stories, so even if they clear episode quest with one character, they can go over other characters’ stories.

    Aside from game scenario, players can also enjoy dynamic battles. Here’s tip for Tales Weaver players; when you’re going out for hunting, try to provoke as many monsters as you can and beat them with your combo skills. But don’t forget to ask your friends to go with you. You may need support from them.

    Also, game soundtrack is very beautiful. Jimmie, ESTi, Nauts and many other famous artists had participated in Tales Weaver soundtrack, and there’re many fans in global.

    Gameogre: Can you tell us a little more about the guild system in Tales Weaver? What are the advantages to being in a guild?

    Jinho Choi: ‘Club’ is what we call Guild in Tales Weaver. Club members can have various benefits depends on club level. Basically, Tales Weaver provides club house, club chat, club title, club flag, and club skills. We also plan to implement club buff effects soon to invigorate community.

    Another club feature is siege warfare. We currently set weekly siege warfare and once the club conquers a castle, they will get exclusive benefits such as club shop where they can purchase unique items with extra options, entry tickets to instance dungeons, and so on.

    Gameogre: I understand there is a versus mode for high level players. Can you explain a bit more about this pvp aspect of the game and how it works. How long does it usually take for a player to get to the level where they can enjoy this versus mode?

    Jinho Choi: PvP mode is a supplementary feature of Tales Weaver as we focus more on scenario based gameplay. We have developed a place called ‘Silver Skull’ for those who want to play versus mode. Silver Skull is the place where the players from each server can gather and compete each other. As Tales Weaver has unique level system – users can allocate their experience points to either job level, or skill level – and the players can examine their stat contribution by playing PvP mode. To enter Silver Skull, it requires 1 week of playing time, but no level cap. Silver Skull is managed by grades, so even low level players can join the battle and no need to worry facing high level players in the same field.

    Gameogre: With everyone being very excited to see this game appearing in oversea countries have you came up with an estimated release date for the countries that will be publishing it?

    Jinho Choi: For international players, English version of Tales Weaver is launched in November 2010. Also, we plan to relaunch Tales Weaver in Hong Kong and Taiwan with a local publisher next year, 2011.

    Gameogre: Is there anything else you would like for our readers to know about Tales Weaver?

    Jinho Choi: Well, it’s been already eight years since we developed the game. Please come and help our Children of Rune to find their own destiny. There’re huge stories to discover, and more stories will come up soon. So, don’t miss it!
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    Lucian Kaltz
    A Free-Spirited Aspiring Adventurer

    This 17-year-old dreamer is infatuated with the “Mortal Land†an adventure story that was written by his ancestor, the famous adventurer Lagrange Kaltz. This young man strikes a handsome figure with his fine blond hair, his honest blue eyes that shine with honesty, and his cheerful and positive personality. He is easy-going and kindhearted, but tends to let his feelings control him depending on the situation. His emotional behavior often gets him in trouble, makes him look irresponsible and childish, and sometimes puts him in danger. Fortunately for him, he's skilled with all types of one-handed swords like Rapiers. He's also a bit talented in magic, and is able to cast simple offensive and supportive spells that he has learned from Boris.

    Story Digest
    The discovery of Delta Mirak across the Cheires Desert by the renowned adventurer Lagrange Kaltz inspired every adventurer on the continent to explore this new world. Centuries later, his descendent Lucian discovered his book about the “Immortal Land,†and decided to follow his ancestor's footsteps toward that exciting new world of adventure.
    Lucian was the only son of the Kaltzes, the wealthiest family in Anomarad, and couldn't leave behind his familial responsibilities without his father's approval. His father Demarin stated his terms: if Accipiter would accept Lucian and acknowledge his capability, then he would be allowed to go on his journey to Delta Mirak. If Lucian failed, however, then he would have to train to inherit the family's trading business.
    Lucian and Boris, his escort and advisor, joined Accipiter by forming a team with the other would-be adventurer in the Port City Narvik. The beginning of their time with Accipiter started off badly since they almost immediately lost one of their team members to grave misfortune. Not even bad luck, however, could defeat Lucian's determination to become an adventurer: on the contrary, it encouraged him to do his best to make his team the best in Accipiter.

    Boris Jinneman
    A Lonely and Detached Magic Swordsman

    Although Boris is only seventeen years old, he's an intimidating young swordsman: he's always clad in black, and his stoic gray blue eyes, a rarity among the Anomaradians, are always framed by his dark hair.
    Despite his relatively small frame, he's gifted with amazing strength and skill in wielding two-handed and great swords. He also specializes in Spirit Fencing, an art whose origins are veiled in mystery. His sword Winterer originally belonged to his brother, Jephenen Jinneman. It appears to be a normal bastard sword, but it is actually a magic sword imbued with incredible power that is currently sealed for some reason.

    Boris is calm and collected, never losing his poise under any circumstances. He is a rational decision maker, but tends to have a cynical and negative outlook toward life. Others usually think of him as a very gravely serious person, a rugged individualist that never gets involved in anyone else's business. It naturally follows that Boris has problems opening and up and getting close to other people.

    Story Digest
    Born from a noble family in Travaches, Boris lost his parents at a very young age: his mother died giving birth to him, and his father was killed in a violent political struggle. Boris was then raised by his brother Jephenen, who took Boris with him to Orlanne after their parents died. Jephenen was a self-made swordsman that worked his way up to the Royal Knights of Orlanne, a foreign country where he initially had no family or friends upon whom he could turn for help.
    Jephenen was everything to Boris, who looked up to him not only as an elder brother, but as a father figure and idol. In fact, Jephenen was the only person that Boris trusted without any question. When Jephenen disappeared along with the successor of the Grand Duke of Orlanne, young Boris's heart was broken to pieces. Before Jephene vanished, he left the family heirloom sword, Winterer, with Boris. Jephenen's disappearance convinced Boris that his life brought bad luck to others and that everyone he loves dies.
    Boris's life of solitude and self loathing suddenly changed when he rescued Lucian Kaltz's father, which resulted in him getting hired as Lucian's escort. After Lucian saved him from danger, Boris slowly yet surely started opening his heart to Lucian. Lucian may be naive and self-centered, but he's the only one that truly understands Boris and his dark past.
    Boris isn't driven by any personal goals or ambitions, and has only come to Narvik and joined Accipiter to help Lucian become an adventurer. He is helping Lucian not only out of duty as Lucian's escort, but also out of loyalty as his best friend. During his travels with Lucian and in working for Accipiter, however, Boris has stumbled upon new information about Jephenen's whereabouts. Now he's searching for his brother Jephenen in hopes that he might still be alive.

    Tichiel Juspian
    The Incredibly Lucky Magic Genius

    This 17-year-old lady is the luckiest girl in the world, and good fortune always goes out of its way to save her whenever she's in danger. Tichiel is gentle and kindhearted with a sense of contentment and generosity that comes from her happy nature. She is spirited and cheerful, always managing to make others smile no matter how bad their situation might be.

    Tichiel is the very visage of an angel with her platinum blond hair reaching down to her waist, her vibrant eyes, and pale, milky skin that matches best with white clothing. Her innocent smile and cherubic face always seems to exude an aura of sheer happiness. This girl would do anything to help the weak, crying and laughing with them, and giving sincere encouragement when times get tough. Her earnestness and empathy brings joy and a relaxed sense of peace to everyone she meets.

    She is very knowledgeable in the use of herbs and medicines, and if you gave her the name of an herb, she could recite an endless list of its purposes. She has a rare gift for magic and can easily grow beyond her father and High Wizard Alberike Juspian's competency, but she's not yet aware of her full potential.

    Story Digest
    Twelve years ago, Tichiel's father Alberike Juspian was forced to make the most important decision of his life. This magic genius of his generation enjoyed a happy life with his beautiful, wise wife Shenika Clowen and lovely daughter Tichiel, but his career cast an ominous shadow over his happiness. He and his wife were members of the “Dark Prophets,†a mage guild that turned out to be completely different from what he believed them to be in the beginning. To keep his faith, Alberike stole something that could threaten the peace of the world from the Dark Prophets, and then escaped with his family. While they were being pursued by the Dark Prophets, his wife Shenika sacrificed her life to save young Tichiel. Before she died, she cast a powerful magic spell on her daughter to protect her from danger. Since then, Tichiel has become known to be the luckiest girl in the world.
    Although Tichiel was saved, Tichiel's father Alberike was ceaselessly tormented by the death of his beloved wife. From that day on, Alberike did all in his power to protect Tichiel and keep her safe from the Dark Prophets. He hid his identity from others, lived in seclusion, and taught Tichiel various magic spells so that she could protect herself.
    When the Dark Prophets discovered their shelter, Alberike gave Tichiel what he stole from them and revealed himself to their pursuers to give her some time to run away. That was the beginning of Tichiel Juspian's journey.

    Mila Nebraska
    Straightforward Queen of the Red Marksmen

    This 24-year-old lady is the young captain of the Red Marksmen, a group of pirates that gained worldwide fame among their peers in Anomarad and South Aramid. She specializes in wielding whips and flails, and some say that she's also skilled with throwing weapons.

    Although Mila's glamorous body is lined with defined muscles after years of training, her hair, which is short at the back and long on the sides, lends her a simple look of elegance. Her sharp emerald green eyes shine with confidence whenever she smiles.

    Mila has been a pirate for as long as she can remember, so there isn't much in the world that can scare her. She's an optimist that rarely lets herself get discouraged. She likes simple, straightforward decisions, and the other pirates are attracted by her honest and generous character.

    Story Digest
    The only family that Mila knew as a child was her loving grandmother. To Mila, her own parents were strangers that happened to give her birth and then abandoned her. When her grandmother suddenly fell ill, her condition worsened by the day despite Mila's care and devotion. On her deathbed, Mila's grandmother was visited by Jule Nebraska, the captain of the Red Markmen whom Mila's grandmother helped out in the past. Before she died, she asked Jule to take care of her granddaughter and make sure that she would not be left all alone.
    Jule turned out to have a heart of gold beneath his rugged appearance and rude behavior. He adopted Mila and took her to live with him on his ship. All his pirates opposed his decision to sail with his foster daughter because of the old superstition about young girls bringing bad luck to sailors. Nonetheless, they couldn't stop their captain, and he started training her to become a member of the Red Marksmen.
    Mila trained hard, encouraged by Jule's unconditional love and faith, and won the trust of everyone that initially resisted her. She eventually became the vice-captain of the ship, but her happiness didn't last long. While they were sailing to find the “Glory Route,†a legendary sea route among the pirates, a blue galley with strange men attacked and murdered her foster father Jule. After succeeding her foster father as captain, Mila has been looking for the blue galley to avenge Jule's death.

    Sivelin Uoo
    A Scarlet Reaper Seeking His Lost Memories
    No one knows exactly how old he is, but he's definitely in his 20s. Sivelin himself thinks that he's probably about 24 years old.
    This young mercenary recently won fame among the members of Shadow & Ash, an international mercenary guild based in Lekordable, the State of Mercenaries. He carries a spear that is taller than himself, and his golden eyes and blazing red hair have given him the nickname, “Scarlet Reaper.â€

    Sivelin is aware that some traumatic experience he had in the past caused his amnesia. The last memory he can recall is that he was fighting on a ship with a swordsman clad in black, and then he lost consciousness after being hit by that swordsman's giant sword. He remembers waking up afterwards with a long scar on his chest, and that he was wearing a pendant and a pair of old gauntlets.

    Story Digest
    Five years ago, the Shadow & Ashes rescued an unconscious young amnesiac that was lying on the ground.
    Kerence Uoo, one of the Shadow & Ashes, found that this young man closely resembled his own son, who died in the line of duty a few years ago. Kerence gave the amnesiac his son's name, Silvelin, invited him to join the Shadow & Ashes, and even volunteered to work together with him as his partner. They worked well together, forming a father and son bond as well as a formidable partnership as mercenaries. Sivelin was found to be highly skilled in fighting and quickly became one of the best mercenary soldiers, making him known as the Scarlet Reaper.
    After Kerence died to protect Silvelin during a mission, Sivelin took Kerence's surname, Uoo, in his honor. Before Kerence died, he told Silvelin to find the swordsman in black, his words triggering Sivelin's memory about the swordsman that frequently appeared in his dreams. He started his journey to carry out Kerence's will and restore his lost memories. He's currently traveling with Nayatrei, his new partner whom he happened to saved when her entire tribe was slaughtered by greedy invaders. As the only survivor of her tribe and her home decimated, Nayatrei decided to follow Sivelin according to her tribe's traditions as his servant for life. Sivelin, however, sees her more as his best friend and a valuable companion that has been proven to be an asset in dangerous situations.

    A Cat Girl Destined to Be a Protector

    Despite this 15-year-old girl's exotic appearance with her long silver hair, mysterious purple eyes, and glowing dark skin, Nayatrei can be very cruel and coldhearted when she feels that it's necessary. She's the last member of her Cat tribe, the only survivor of a massacre in the Cheires Desert three years ago. After she was saved by Sivelin, Nayatrei started serving Sivelin as her master according to the teachings of her people. She was appointed to be the Protector of the Godly Armor, and is carrying out the final mission for her tribe, which is to find the Punisher.

    Nayatrei is highly disciplined and principled: she hates breaking rules and never questions her superiors. She was trained to control her feelings ever since she was young, and so she never acts on of her emotions, not even sympathy. She never hesitates to use violence when she decides that it is necessary. Because of her upbringing, her personality tends to be inflexible, and she feels discomfort in making her own decisions and judgment. Instead, she values strictly defined rules and regulations.

    This slim girl moves quickly to perform swift attacks and specializes in dual-wielding weapons like daggers and knives. She is also talented in magic, making her the ideal partner for Sivelin who doesn't use magic.

    Story Digest
    The Cats believed that babies that were born upon the death of a star were the reincarnations of that star.
    Nayatrei was born when the Protector Star died and fell from the sky. Believing that their tribe's future relied on Nayatrei, the tribal chief volunteered to be her godmother and raised her as the daughter of all Cats. The Cat tribe protected the Godly Armor since ancient times, and they believed that Nayatrei would grow up to be the Protector of the Godly Armor.
    The peace of the Cat tribe was broken when the existence of the Godly Armor was revealed to the outside world. The entire tribe was annihilated by mysterious invaders that only came to steal the Godly Armor. The other tribal members fought valiantly and gave up their lives to keep Nayatrei alive, but their enemies eventually cornered her.
    Nayatrei's life was saved when Sivelin intervened with his giant spear and drove off the invaders. Nayatrei then decided to follow the Cat tribe's tradition of serving the savior of her life as her master for as long as she lived. She then told Sivelin her name: the Cats never reveal their names to outsiders, and doing so signified her intent to become Sivelin's lifelong servant. Nayatrei is now traveling with her new master Sivelin to help him find his lost memories as well as to fulfill her duty as the last surviving Cat: "Find the Punisher as the Protector of the Godly Armor." This is the final command given to Nayatrei by her godmother and chief.

    Maximin Liebkne
    The Cynical Nihilist

    This 17-year-old boy is a curious detective at the international mercenary guild, Shadow & Ash.
    He's the eldest son of Widmark Liebkne, a revolutionist that opposed monarchies and was working to reinstate the Republic. He has a slender frame, spiky brown hair, and sharp brown eyes. He tends to be driven by his emotions, loves drinking, and has a knack for provoking others with his spoken cynicism.

    Maximin is a gifted thinker and is skilled in making quick decisions, but he's usually too lazy to focus on any one problem for too long and rarely puts his mind to good use. After his father left his family for the revolutionary movement, Maximin practically raised himself and his six younger brothers on his own. He has naturally grown up to be wary and distrustful of noblemen, politicians, government officials, and anyone with power.

    When it comes to fighting, Maximin fights with an unorthodox street brawling style. He never took any formal training in fencing, so he swings swords like baseball bats. Instead, he mastered some self-defense skills that are fully self-taught, but aren't based on any fundamental principles. He isn't good at magic, but he has a natural gift for using the power of the wind. He subconsciously draws upon this power to his advantage in combat.

    Story Digest
    The people's revolution cost many lives across Anomarad in hopes of establishing a new Republic, but they ultimately failed when they fell against the resistance of the state army and noblemen, and their dreams of a Republic quickly disappeared into the pages of history. When Chechel Da Anomarad I reclaimed his throne by using his military influence, countless republicans and revolutionists were guillotined. Some of these activists were able to escape and hid from the king and noblemen. Among them was Maximin's father Widmark Liebkne, the famous revolutionist and member of the "Public Friends," a secret club of republicans.

    Maximin raised himself and younger brothers through many difficulties: his father left them to pursue the revolutionary movement, and then went missing after the fall of the Republic. His mother left after she couldn't stand a life of poverty and the heavy responsibility of taking care of her children on her own.

    No one helped the young Leibknes get through these tough times because they were the children of an infamous revolutionist that was responsible for the people's revolution and the short-lived Republic. Maximin was forced to do anything he could to survive. One day, he became involved with an accident which led him to help a man named Le Verrier. Le Verrier happened to be the manager of the Narvik branch of the international mercenary guild, Shadow & Ash, and he gave Maximin the opportunity to live a new life as a mercenary for Shadow & Ash.

    Ispin Charles
    A Duchess in the Center of Conspiracy and Rebellion

    This 17-year-old girl's real name is Charlotte Bietris de Orlanne, and she's the first family member in line to succeed as the next grand duke of the Orlanne Dukedom, a country that is unequaled in the field of Practical Magic Application. She became the next grand duke candidate when her half-brother, Prince Bernard Geoffrey de Orlanne, died in an unfortunate accident during his succession ceremony. Charlotte's candidacy, however, has not been officially approved due to political reasons.

    This pretty girl with black mid-length hair has a slender body that has been toned from her fencing training. Her big, sparkling dark eyes are mirrors that show her intelligence, veiled by her full eyelashes. You would think that most noble ladies would appear to be elegant and pure, but Ispin is a tomboy, and looks almost like a handsome young man.

    She appears to be bright, cheerful, gentle, and polite, but she's actually ruthless and coldhearted, willing to do anything to achieve her goals. She has a gift for understanding people's motivations and using them to her advantage. On the other hand, she is intolerant of injustice, and if she decides to help someone, she'll do her best to keep her promise. While she tries to be good and honest, she can be very apathetic toward things that don't interest her. She also never hesitates to use her power or manipulate the emotions of others when she feels that it's necessary.

    She's is practically unrivalled in fencing, and her favorite weapons are lightweight swords like Sabers.

    Story Digest
    The Orlanne Dukedom was small yet highly reputed for its advancement in literature and magic. During the Drakens War, which started when Anomarad began to aggressively expand its territory, the dukedom was defeated and became Anomarad's tributary under the Berenite Treaty.
    The dukedom still appeared to be the best at magic, but it was suffering internal political disputes after the duke fell ill and became bedridden before Crown Prince Bernard grew to adulthood.

    Seven years ago, Crown Prince Bernard died in an accident caused by freak weather changes that occurred during his succession ceremony. Since then, Duchess Charlotte has been determined to discover the truth behind the death of her beloved brother. Even though she was surrounded by cunning conspirators and corrupt politicians, Duchess Charlotte managed to win the next grand duke title despite the strong opposition from the duke union led by her uncle. Now she is about to undergo the succession ceremony to become the next grand duke....

    Josua von Arnim
    A Handsome Young Nobleman that is Living an Act

    This 18-year-old young man was born in lavish wealth as the successor of the Arnims, a famous noble family in Anomarad. It would seem that he has everything going for him: not only is he known for his irresistible charm and appearance—he is famous among the noble ladies for his slender build, bluish gray hair, and dark gray eyes—but he is also a genius, particularly in the performing arts. He has a wonderful singer's voice, and an uncanny gift for remembering anything he has heard, and is a splendid actor.

    Many would be surprised to learn that Josua von Arnim is actually a very emotionally distant person, contrary to the kind and gentle persona he has carefully cultivated. He actually sees people in the real world as actors in the play of life, which is what makes him a natural born pretender. He lacks any real desires and cares little for most relationships. Perhaps Josua is so detached because he lost his only sister when he was a child, he grew up privileged, or he is just that much more intelligent than most people.

    Although he is lacking in warmth and empathy, he conceals this through his excellent acting.

    From his position of power, Josua has been coldly observing and analyzing the rapidly changing political situation of his country with great interest. He watches everything, but he avoids relying on other people when it comes to taking action. Although he does not have great expectations of others, he also makes it a point to reprimand himself for being unable to trust anyone. He subconsciously strives for perfection and efficiency, and tends to hide his feelings through an act of gentleness and kindness.

    Story Digest
    The people of Anomarad struggled for ten years to overthrow the monarchy and establish a new Republic, but they were ultimately crushed by the combined might of Chechel Da Anomarad I, his military, and his supporters among the noble class. Josua played a vital part in Chechel's reclamation of the throne, and he quickly came into power as the king regained his crown.
    He seems to desire nothing, but deep inside he wishes to regain the feeling of kinship and intimacy that vanished when he lost his loving sister. Now, there is no one with whom he can honestly share his feelings. As a man with power, he knows that people will approach him with hidden agendas, and he accepts the reality that all noblemen are politicians, and good politicians know how to put on a good appearance. He's witnessed people that will smile to someone's face, and then stab him in the back to accomplish their goals. He's also seen history being rewritten by revolutions and rebellions that merely serve as excuses for one party to assert control over another.

    Cloe Da Pontina
    A Young Duchess Whose Sublime Elegance Hides Her Passions

    With her beautiful long tresses and sapphire blue eyes, this 17-year-old beauty is the most eligible bachelorette among the Anomarad nobility as the daughter of the Pontinas, the most powerful noble family on the continent. Countless suitors, from both domestic and overseas noble families, are vying for her hand in marriage in spite of her history of rejections and breaking off engagements. In a political sense, marrying Cloe Da Pontina is a very attractive prospect because Cloe's family wields great influence and is virtually untouchable as Anlice, Anomarad's current queen, greatly contributed in helping King Chechel reclaim his throne.
    Although Cloe appears to be the epitome of elegance and grace, she never lets anyone know that she often experiences conflict between her great pride and low self-esteem. She despises injustice and begging, but that might be partly due to the fact that she has never experienced want due to her noble upbringing. She always plays by the book, but won't hesitate to use her power if necessary, though she tries not to abuse it.

    Story Digest
    Thanks to her family's tremendous influence over Anomarad, Cloe has no problem accessing any information she wants to satisfy her curiosity and desire to learn. From the palace library to her father's collection of ancient Achelos books and Magic Stones, there's nothing that Cloe cannot have if she really wishes for it.
    She accidentally acquired a strange magic power while trying to understand Sien, a magic language that was believed to have disappeared since "Inwerid of the Shadow." The price for this power is greater than she originally thought, but she's not afraid of facing the consequences for her decision.

    Lanziee Rosenkranz
    A Republican with Unprecedented Judgment

    This 17-year-old boy has a lean body with wild sky blue hair and serious scarlet eyes that render an air mystery around him, but his sharp nose and chin give others the impression that he is a very stern and keen person. Most people don't know that he was once arrested and tortured in the past, and that he still suffers from the injury to his left wrist to this day.

    This unforgettably handsome boy appears to be feminine and gentle, but he's a rational man that is quick to take action. His charisma comes naturally with his righteousness, which imparts an aura of irresistible authority and leadership to him. Even his elders are often struck with awe by his dignified manner and find themselves behaving carefully around him.

    Story Digest
    Lanziee was born as the lovechild between a noble and a common woman, but he and his sister were left on the streets to fend for themselves when they were just children. Abandoned by his elitist father out of shame, Lanziee was forced to raise himself and his sickly sister through many difficulties. He grew up to hate and distrust noblemen and authority figures, and ended up joining the "Public Friends," a political organization whose objective is to overthrow the monarchy and establish a new republic.
    As a high-ranking member of the "Public Friends," he was arrested several times by a government that monitors his every movement. He usually tries to keeps a low profile while carrying out his plans.
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