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Kitsu Saga Interview with Community Manager Kevin Simmons

Discussion in 'MMO Interviews' started by GameOgreVideos, Sep 22, 2010.

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    GameOgre: For those who don’t know the game, can you tell us about Kitsu Saga and what the backstory for it is?

    Kevin Simmons: The back-story of Kitsu Saga takes place in the aftermath of an epic struggle. In an effort to be a more powerful guardian, a once peaceful emperor called the Golden Dharma King employed dark magic remaining from a god who has long left this world. These powers twisted and deformed the ruler, as they have been known to do. The king took his army and began a campaign towards world conquest.

    With no supernatural defense, most resistances crumbled under the boots of his army. Fortunately the realm had Kitsu spirits, fragments of the goddess nine tails dispersed over the world. These spirits materialized to help the two remaining kingdoms, The Order of the Iron Claw and the Flamewind Society, defeat the dark threat. It is not known to this day how the Golden Dharma King was destroyed; only that he disappeared.

    You will start the game in a tumultuous world still reeling from the damage of dark magic, covered in the now crazed and leaderless legions of the Golden Dharma king, whose disappearance remains a mystery.

    GameOgre: Can you explain the Kitsu system and how it integrates into game play?

    Kevin Simmons: Think of the Kitsu as your little army of workers. You can have up to 9 Kitsu, 1 with you on your adventures and 8 back at your cottage. The Kitsu that comes with you is your personal sidekick in battle. They will pick up all of your loot, so you don’t need to waste time doing it while you cut through waves of enemies (and in Kitsu saga, they come in waves), as well as give you one of many passive buffs.

    The 8 Kitsu you left back at home can be remotely controlled from anywhere and be tasked with farming and crafting so that you can keep up with nice new gear as you level. Players can visit each other’s Kitsu farm and interact with the Kitsu as they go about their work, and are rewarded for doing so.
    As the Kitsu adventure with you or work for you, they gain experience that you can use to splice your Kitsu together to genetically engineer a super-kitsu (and yes, there actually is a Kitsu in game with a superhero mask and cape).

    GameOgre: I see you can choose your characters age in Kitsu Saga, what is the importance of being able to do this? Will there be certain benefits or disadvantages for making your character old or young?

    Kevin Simmons: Think of the age as another character customization choice. All six ages (3 ages for each gender) have a different passive buff, such as increased max HP or increased stats. All of this is presented to you at the character creation screen, so you can make your choices according to the character you want to play.

    In addition, there are many ways you can customize your characters build. At the time of creation you choose a “growth path†that depicts which stats will receive and emphasis as you level. This can be changed at any point during the game. As your character levels, you will also be given access to direct stat point increases for further customization.

    GameOgre: Can you tell us a bit about the Characters in Kitsu Saga and the disciplines?

    Kevin Simmons: There are two factions in Kitsu Saga and each faction has four disciplines. Every discipline in this game is something of a hybrid. We have a summoner class that can also poison and life steal from its enemies, an “ice mage†class that can also tank and heal, a high speed DPS “rogue†that can also explode into huge AoE attacks, and much more. There are no pure support classes, everybody can carry their own in a fight, and everyone will need to.

    GameOgre: How does PvP play into Kitsu Saga?

    Kevin Simmons: At launch, there will be two types of PvP: Duels and Battlefields. Not long after launch, full on flagged PvP will be incorporated. The game has a PvP “currency†to unlock special weapons and armor, and when flagged PvP comes out it will give experience and loot for killing flagged players (and a nasty debuff for killing players that are too low level for you). The game records and ranks every character and battle, and those that make it onto the monthly top score board (which has many categories) will be given a reward!

    GameOgre: Will Kitsu Saga offer crafting or professions?

    Kevin Simmons: Kitsu Saga does feature two types of crafting (armor and weapon) and four types of farming profession. However, as mentioned before, you do not actually have to run around and click on rocks all day just to get some ore. Your Kitsu will work diligently at home while you go out and smash face.

    GameOgre: How does Kitsu Saga set itself apart from other MMORPGs?

    Kevin Simmons: Kitsu Saga separates itself with its unique Kitsu pet/sidekick system, a unique graphical balance of exaggerated cartoon graphics and a realistic look, and an incredibly faced paced combat style that leaves you slicing through hoards of enemies and feeling like Bruce Willis in the 5th element.

    GameOgre: Kitsu saga will offer a cash shop, can you tell the players what they might expect to find in the cash shop?

    Kevin Simmons: Aeria Games always makes sure that the items offered in our cash shop offer convenience and customization, but not at cost to game balance. If you want warp stones to save you on travel, health potions that can be auto triggered, or a costume item to make your character look the way you want – you are in luck. If you want to pay 10 dollars for a sword that immediately makes you better than all the non paying players, you might want to look elsewhere.

    GameOgre: What do you recommend players definitely try out during the closed beta?

    Kevin Simmons: Here is a checklist of things you need to do:
    -Find a buddy and try a 2 man dungeon. I will warn you, this will be challenging. Prepare for carnage.
    - Make sure you visit a friends kitsu farm. Watch all the cute/hilarious things the kitsu do, and interact with them to gain interaction points!
    - During at least one fight, Zoom in and watch as your kitsu dances to cheer you on.
    - Play at least three classes.
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    It looks very nice, I visited the game faq.
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