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Last Chance to Register for Crossfire Europe Closed Beta on Sunday, Aug. 28

Discussion in 'MMOFPS and Online Shooters' started by GameOgreVideos, Aug 25, 2011.

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  1. GameOgreVideos

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    Lock and load Europe! It's time to join the fight for justice! SG Interactive, the publisher behind the free-to-play titles Grand Chase, Pangya, Project Blackout and Trickster Online, is bringing the acclaimed shooter Crossfire Europe to you!. With closed beta beginning on Aug. 31 at 7 A.M. CET/5 A.M. GMT, registrations for testers will close on Sunday, Aug. 28. Those who would like to jump into the combat and provide their invaluable feedback can head to Crossfire Europe - Free to play online FPS Action game to apply for access.

    Crossfire Europe is an intense, fast-paced shooter that lets players join one of two factions - the noble Global Risk or the merciless Black List mercenary corporations. Players will then be able to fight to the death in a variety of gameplay modes, including:

    • Team Deathmatch: This class mode pits team-versus-team - whoever gets the most points wins!
    • Elimination: No re-spawning makes the elimination game mode a challenge of strategy and teamwork
    • Search and Destroy: An objective-based elimination mode where one faction is tasked with destroying points of interest and the other must stop them before the succeed
    • Ghost Mode: Stealth is the name of this gameplay mode, with the attacking team being nearly invisible, but armed only with knives.

    Crossfire Europe will have gameplay servers based in Germany to provided optimized gaming experience for the European players. For more information, and to register to be a closed beta tester, please visit Crossfire Europe - Free to play online FPS Action game.
Thread Status:
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