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Legend of Heroes Interview with Gameogre

Discussion in 'MMO Interviews' started by GameOgreVideos, Nov 29, 2010.

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    Legend of Heroes wrote to Gameogre to show us their game and we liked what we saw and wanted to know more. They obligingly gave us an interview.

    Gameogre: Can you give us a brief introduction to Legend of Heroes? What type of game is it and what can players expect when they first log in to gameplay? What are the primary objectives?

    LoH: Legend of Heroes is a game of good versus evil and player takes the role worshiper of the 3 GODs. Strategy of the game is by raising unique hero characters, assembling armies and defeating enemies using the brand-new dynamic battle system both offline and online. Legend of Heroes is a RTS(Real Time-Strategy). The objective may be different from player to player, but players could aim for the 4 Evil Lords to obtain unique equipment. Conquer the world and be the best pvp master!

    Legend of Heroes has a very rich storyline about how the different tribes have arrived in Bathea. Can you tell us more about this story?

    LoH: The storyline revolves around the creator of the world that became evil by the influence of its own creation. As he rises to power, he is able to assemble 4 creatures to lead his evil forces. They are called the 4 Lords. 3 Gods emerges to oppose the reign of evil which called themselves God of War, God of Life and God of Wisdom. Players’ Hero will have choose one the gods to fight the evil forces.

    Gameogre: Can you tell us more about the different tribes that are available?

    LoH: There are 9 tribes available which include Sirens, Orc, Human and Undead etc. Every tribe has their own dominant ability, such as (Ignore Defense, Immune Magic, High Defense, High Attack, Strong Magic Attack)

    Gameogre: What are some things a beginner player should know before he or she can start off in the game?

    LoH: Player should start off by reading the every races which contain different ability and army, and which GOD to pray which suitable for player before starting heroes journey. The gameplay information is all in our home page Legend of Heroes | War Has Never Left Us! - Main Page

    Gameogre: There is a resource available for players called the “Newbie Cardâ€. This seems to be unique to Legend of Heroes, but what exactly is it? How do you obtain a Newbie Card?

    LoH: Newbie Card is in-game supply such as gold, lumber and gems that come in a form of card, where players uses a code to claim the supply for their town. Players can only obtain such codes trough events in Facebook page of the game.

    Gameogre: How does the in-game currency system work? How do heroes make money?

    LoH: Fighting monster in or completing quest players can obtain gold and equipments. Players may also sell rare equipment to other players to earn gold.

    How do players interact with each other in Legend of Heroes? Is that PvP combat or group quests?

    LoH: Player can use the world chat or join legion to interact with each other.

    How does the stamina system for the heroes work? Do heroes recover immediately after a few minutes?

    LoH: Stamina will regain fully charged on every 8AM (GMT+8). In the other way player could use “Stamina Potion†which will regenerates accordingly to the amount of the potion.

    I see that there are five different levels of magic skills that heroes can have. What type of skills are these and how are they different or similar to combat moves in other MMO’s?

    LoH: The skills are Revive, Healing, Attack Buff, Defense Buff, and some damaging skills. Different level will cause different effect. Skills are based on Cooldowns and skill tree, which Legend of Heroes skills are based on turns and magic building level.

    What other goodies are in store for those who play Legend of Heroes?

    We have a few more coming down the pipeline, we keeping it a secret for now. Stay tuned for more updates in our game
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