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Legends Of Gaia: New MMO

Discussion in 'Upcoming Games' started by Legends Of Gaia, Jan 14, 2017.

  1. Legends Of Gaia

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    How are you all going?!

    This post is a mixture of something like a presentation and a try of bringing you a huge and spectacular news (at least, we feel full of excitement on the process of telling you this).

    Effectively, we are writing on plural because the owner of the account is not a person but a big squad: Nauta Dev.

    Our purposes are to inform you about something that has grown from the past few months (or even year) and, after lot of effort and hours at our backs, we finally feel ready to let the World meet us.

    We are talking about the project that has the same name as this account: Legends Of Gaia.

    It is not known if you are conscious about and anime series called Sword Art Online (SAO) or maybe Log Horizon. It is not either known if you happen to have heard something about the famous rol game Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (or its antecessors).

    Well, our project is one of the most ambitious MMOs game until now, inspired on all the titles we have said (“inspired”, not the same). It is not one of the most ambitious MMO games only because it is inspired on then, but because we consider that it's standards and mechanics breaks with the current ones that will change the whole way of playing forever.

    You might say that we are being really presumptuous, that you have already seen thousands of MMOs saying that it was going to be X thing but they die before they born, we know that in the net there are thousands upon thousands of projects that try to recreate SAO that don’t end up finishing their projects.

    And that is the reason because we have delayed that much to make us know, to be able to have everything ready, because we didn’t want to have crappy sketches walking through the screen and say that “that” is going to be the best MMO in the history.

    We are an indie team, but an indie team that aim to stop being “indie”, a team that really loves what we do and the reason because we are going to give everything we have to be able to make this come true.

    But we know that all of those are pretty words, and that is why we don’t only have those words. The major MMO problem are the servers, the structure, the data management, the famous and well-known lag … But we have already thought about them and have developed our own new servers, with an unique architecture that will bear with thousands of players on the same map without lagging, a new system that will be at the same height of this MMO.

    We are a small team, but it is still growing, thinking really far. But we need you, we need your support to fulfill our goals. We trust in you. We invite you to read the history (lore), mechanics, all the systems, the development diaries, see our pictures and watch the videos of the development.

    We encourage you to ask us any doubt you could have, to propose any change, any improvement, we encourage you to share this project with your friends and help us to expand this dream to the rest of the world. We are really looking forward to seeing you soon on alpha version, on beta in a bit more and … to end up in the final version.


    Nauta Dev’s Team







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