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Levels of Punishment

Discussion in 'Ogres Hall' started by ogreman, Sep 25, 2016.

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    ogreman Ogre In Charge Staff Member GameOgre Admin

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    We do not not really have a set of way to punish that can be seen by everybody in a thread, so this is what we are going to try to do going forward. Of course, this is only when needed:).

    In the past, it has mainly been just the Pit and the Club with usually arguing PMs before these two. The Pit has been used as a last chance group before the Club. The problem is that most who land in the Pit blow up so they also get the Club. In fact, the layers below are for anybody who does not blowup. Arguing PMs (they don't accomplish anything and waste time) will be cut out and you will just receive the one warning PM instead.

    Layers are like levels of punishment. For example, a Royal Ogre has the following levels minus the blowup:

    1. Warning PM
    2. Removal of Royal
    3. The Pit (last chance)
    4. The Club (the final word)

    Members who are not Royal, have the same thing minus number 2. Now keep in mind that you still have a chance to turn it around until number 4. The easiest is getting back Royal and usually involves just posting and participating since that is the most active group:). Winding up in the Pit is likely because you did something that should not be done again. Stopping that along with participating as much as possible is the best way to get out of the Pit:).

    If you haven't received a warning PM, then you have nothing to worry about:). If you do receive a warning PM and do not do what I asked you to do, then you will be on one of the levels above. That said, not going to answer stuff like "Why did blank blank land in the Pit?" etc. Instead, they will be pointed here:).
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