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Links and Guidelines

Discussion in 'Lists and Directory' started by ogreman, May 16, 2008.

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    ogreman Ogre In Charge Staff Member GameOgre Admin

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    1. If you know of a game that you think should be included in the directory, please give us much info about the game as possible and provide a link to the games website.

    2. If you think a game deserves to be on one of our lists but is not there now, explain why you think it belongs on that list.

    3. If you think a game needs to be on a different list than iot is on now, please explain why.

    4. If you think a game needs to be removed from a list or the directory give a very good reason. The best reason to give for this is usually that the game has been cancelled or closed down.

    5. Suggestions are only accepted for the lists and directory below.


    Online Games Review Directory

    Free MMORPG Lair - Huge List of Free MMORPGs

    MMORPG Lair - List of MMORPGs, Trials, and Betas

    Free Online RPG Lair - List of Free Online RPGs and Games

    Strategy Game Lair - List of Free Online Strategy Games, RTS, and MMORTS

    Fantasy Sports Lair - List of Fantasy Sports Games

    Free Online Games and Free Full Version Games

    MMORPG Free Trial Lair - List of MMORPGs with Free Trials
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