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[LoL]Ward Skins Coming Soon

Discussion in 'Game News' started by hack10, Oct 18, 2012.

  1. hack10

    hack10 Ogre Star Ogre Veteran

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    We’re excited to announce ward skins, a new customization option that allows you to change the appearance of your Sight and Vision Wards on the Fields of Justice. In keeping with the season, these ward skins are inspired by the haunting guise of the Shadow Isles. Activating a ward skin will transform your wards into ghosts, spooky trees, spiders, creepy stone statues, or pumpkin-headed bats with their own unique visual effects, sounds, and animations.

    Here’s how they work. When you purchase a specific ward skin from the Wards tab of the League of Legends Store, it gets added to your inventory for one week. You can activate a specific ward skin to change the appearance of your wards in game. You can keep up to a year’s worth (52 weeks) of ward skins in your inventory at a time, so don’t hesitate to stock up if you have a favorite. Ward skins function the same as a regular Sight or Vision ward.

    Here are the first five ward skins available to unlock:

    • Deadfall Ward – 200 IP
    • Haunting Ward – 800 IP
    • Tomb Angel Ward – 25 RP
    • Widow Ward – 75 RP
    • Bat-O-Lantern Ward – 165 RP

    These particular ward skins will be releasing with the Shadow Isles patch and will be available until November 13, so buy a few extra weeks if you want to frighten friends and foes alike all year round.
  2. Natdanai

    Natdanai Ogre Master Ogre Veteran

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    I still have Haunting Ward 300days more

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