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Mabinogi Interview For their Newest Expansion Uncharted Lands

Discussion in 'MMO Interviews' started by GameOgreVideos, Oct 6, 2010.

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    Gameogre had the chance to talk to the Developers of Mabinogi about their latest expansion Uncharted Lands!

    GameOgre: For those who don’t know about Mabinogi can you tell us about the game and about the new expansion The Uncharted Lands?

    Mabinogi: The name Mabinogi is derived from the songs that have been passed along from the bards. We are more than pleased to introduce the game to the European gamers where you can experience not just the unique yet dynamic combat system but also the epic and somewhat romantic storylines. Regarding the Uncharted Lands update, the vast continent Iria is released and we firmly believe the gamers will be immersed in the world of Mabinogi after exploring the uncharted lands and the ancient remains.

    GameOgre: What can you tell us about the 2 new races in the expansion the giants and the elves?

    Mabinogi: With the agile body shape, Elves are very skilled with range weapons and have very quick movements. Using the exceptional bow skills, Elves can shoot two arrows with one single shot and are even capable of shooting arrows on horse backs.

    Attributing to the gigantic and muscular body, Giants can carry and wield heavy weapons that Humans and Elves cannot use, they can even draw woods from the ground.

    The two races were hostile to each other for a very long while and the on-going conflict between the races is another exciting story from the Uncharted Lands update.

    GameOgre: Can you tell us about some of the new locations in the expansion?

    Mabinogi: Iria was first discovered from the adventurous explorers and consists of five different regions.

    You can find the base camp and Quilla port for your adventures in Rano and with the endless oasis and deserts, Connous happens to be the hometown of the Elves. Physis, located in the northern part of the continent is the cold habitat for the Giants where it is hard to survive unless you have robust stamina as the Giants.
    In addition, the jungle area Courcle and Zardine, as known as the dragon’s nest are also released from the update. The vast and various landscape and scenery is another part you shouldn’t miss from the update.

    GameOgre: Can you tell us some more about the social features updates in this expansion like fashion, farming, cooking, and jousting? What can players get out of participating in these new features?

    Mabinogi: The most intriguing aspect is the fact that the gamers can interact with these features.

    In the farm, you can rent a part of the farmland to cultivate strawberries, tomatoes, pumpkins and many other crops by giving water and fertilizers and you can sell your crops in the market. The price always fluctuates depending on the demand and supply, as in the real world and you have to pay attention to the market prices. You’ll become quite busy when you have to cultivate your crops and monitor the prices in the market.

    There are jousting matches that the gamer can play against the others. As in the movies, you get on your horse with a long lance and you have to attack as you charge in the opponents. There are four different types of attacking skills and if the player who exhausts the others stamina gets to triumph. If you perform well in these jousting matches, you can obtain the title, ‘Gladiator’ and you can use the points you’ve earned from the matches to purchase extraordinary gears and weapons. Trust me, it is a very intense PVP battle that makes you very nervous.

    Fashion contests are where you can brag your ‘walking’ skills just like a real world fashion model. The contests comes in a form of a mini game, by hitting the right keys in the right timing and from the mini game results and the ratings from the audience, winners can gain the title, ‘Fashionista’ or receive beautiful outfits. Don’t be afraid and express your individuality!

    The cooking dungeon is a very unique content that is hard to find in other games. You have to enter the magic saucer and fight with the cooking ingredients to cook food. If you can defeat the cooking ingredient monster by following the recipe, the food becomes ready and you get to receive coupons depending on the taste of your food. The coupons can be redeemed for unique cooking instruments.

    Unlike other MMORPGs, there is much to enjoy and experience in Mabinogi.

    GameOgre: I understand you have also added mounts and flying mounts in this expansion? Can you tell us a little about the different mounts that have been added and what benefits they can provide players?

    Mabinogi: We have introduced three different flying mounts, the Eagle, Pelican and the Thunderbird with the update. Only one person can fly on an Eagle but it has the fastest speed whereas you can accompany one of your friends on the Pelican which is slower than the Eagle. The Thunderbird shares the same feature as the Pelican but looks gorgeous. The Thunderbird was very well received by our European gamers in particular.

    In this coming Halloween season, we are going to bring the young ghost which teleports the owner to where the ghost is located and the pumpkin which finds hidden monsters, objects and traps. We wish the fans a very happy Halloween season in advance.

    GameOgre: What are some of the features that help Mabinogi stand out from other mmorpgs? How does the new expansion add to this?

    Mabinogi: We think Mabinogi clearly stands out from other hack and slash type MMORPGs. You can campfire with your friends, you can play music together and share the food you cooked. It’s literally an MMORPG with no limits in fantasy world setting.

    Especially after the Uncharted Lands update, the fantasy world got even bigger with more intriguing contents that you may never find in contemporary MMOs.

    GameOgre: What can players expect for the future of Mabinogi?

    Mabinogi: Mabinogi always strived to provide different and unique gaming experiences and we are still going to follow that path in the future. We are preparing for another update in October and in December, so if you are a Mabi fan there are much to expect.
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