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Magatia Party Quest, Romeo & Juliet PQ

Discussion in 'Maple Story' started by KuroTsuna, Apr 24, 2011.

  1. KuroTsuna

    KuroTsuna Looooong Goooone

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    You have to be level 71-85 to attend this PQ
    A thief with maxed haste is mandatory (Or 120% jump. If you can obtain 120% jump in any way, then you're set.)
    A mage with maxed teleport is mandatory
    You have to have a party of EXACTLY 4 people to enter the PQ
    This PQ has 2 version. A juliet version and a Romeo version.
    The Juliet version is located in the Alcadno lab and the Romeo version is located in the Zenumist lab. If you are going to take on the Juliet version, you will be protecting Romeo from Frankenroid (the boss), and vice versa.

    1)Head to either lab. Enter the labs and click on the npc.
    2)Have EVERYONE start clicking on the random books scattered throughout the map. Every book gives out an identical message. Find a book that gives a different message and proceed to the next stage.
    3)Kill the monsters and proceed to the next stage.
    4)Kill the monster and loot the etc items and drop the etc infront of the bottle to fill the broken bottle.
    5)Start killing those robots! Once they drop a Card Key item, have ANYBODY either drop it in front of the right door or the left door. Remember the mage with the maxed teleport or the thief with the maxed haste? This is where they come in. If your party drops the card in the left door, have your thief do the jump quest and hit the box at the end for an Alcadno Document. Have the key card dropped in front of the right door, and have your mage walk in and do the jump quest, hit the box, and obtain a Zenumist Document. Click on Romeo or Juliet to rid this place of monsters and proceed!
    5)Next stage kill.
    6)you'll see 4 doors 4 ppl enter a different door and stand on the correct platform and figure out what your code is.
    7)Boss stage.

    1)Mages and Thiefs is a must in this pq.
    2)AT LEAST one person ouside the rooms to drop the card keys, because those doors can only be opened from the outside.
    3)To find the code fast. type your code in party chat.
    4)How to summon angry frankroid.
    Anyways, after you finish the neo huroid stage and give the letter to Romeo/Juliet, when the door opens, have one of the party members go in and be cautious aboutl not tripping the spawn point as Yulete disappears if this happens. I advise that you select one person to do this and have everyone else stand away from the door to avoid their natural pqing instincts. Anyways, have the party member in the room with Yulete walk over to him and when you can see at least part of him, apply regular NPC techniques (double-click, as space bar does not work here) to hear him rant about Alcadno and Zenumist. If done right, the party members outside the room should hear "Yulete can be heard mumbling to himself" in blue text. That is the rest of the party's cue to come in the room and finish the rest of the pq as normal. If done correctly, you'll have a stronger, redder Frankenroid. Before you fight the boss, choose the second option.
    5)Useful jobs to protect romeo or juliet.
    Ice Lightning Mage- Mob and freeze the robots in place slowly but not too fast
    An outlaw for stunning the robots in place
    A ranger with a decent level puppet to lure the robots away from the NPC and stunning them with arrow bomb (Sniper can do this too, but they will need a better puppet, since they have no stun skills)
    marauders for.. just protecting.
    6)Don't protect just attack the boss if you think you can kill it before romeo
    or juliet dies.

    Good luck :)

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