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Mercedes mount help guide

Discussion in 'Maple Story' started by KuroTsuna, Dec 25, 2011.

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  1. KuroTsuna

    KuroTsuna Looooong Goooone

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    Like practically all other classes, Mercedes will be getting a mount. Unlike the Aran and Evan, she will only be getting two different occasions in which she will receive/change her mount. This will be at level 50 and level 120. Her mount will be a Unicorn or Pegasus. Depends on what you wish to call it. Unlike most other classes, at level 120 your Unicorn will simply grow. At level 50 you will receive a quest. The best part of this is that you only have to pay 10 million mesos once.

    Level 50 mount.
    At level 50, you will receive a quest from the Unicorn/Pegasus in Elluel. It will tell you that the power of the Black Mage is making it weak and hungry. You will basically have to go to the potion shop in Elluel, buy a potion for 10 million mesos and give it to the Unicorn/Pegasus. Congrats, you now have a mount!

    Level 120 mount.
    Surprise! There's no quest. Your unicorn simply grows.
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