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Discussion in 'Upcoming Games' started by Proplem, Apr 8, 2009.

  1. Proplem

    Proplem Ogre Newling

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    There is a new mmo in development called mixm8. Their virtual world is still in development but their microsite looks good, can upload music and take part in forums.

    Here's the intro text to mixm8:

    Mixm8 - The New Virtual World for Music Fans

    “Mixm8 is a music and event based virtual world coming soon. You will be able to follow your favourite music artists (any genre, looks a little Dance Music at the moment, but this will change as we get more music genres involved) and bands, dress up (anything goes!), make friends, make enemies, flirt, dance and have a laugh all inside a virtual club or event spaceâ€

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