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Mortal Online MMORPG Review - Worst game Mortal Waste of Time

Discussion in 'Best and Worst Games' started by Ravynous, Aug 30, 2010.

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  1. Ravynous

    Ravynous Ogre Newling

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    They dont have chat in Mortal Online so they are using private chat, there are not many players only few hundreds they seem nice in begin but they are really bad and use bad language.

    Game Mortal Online rewards players with 2 accounts, cause they can transfer items from character to character and cant lose nothin!
    They can also Follow You in spirit mode with one account and with other account steal from you while you transfer items.

    Players that play on only 1 account cant trade items to their other characters in storage they have only 1 option to make suicide and loot bag with their other character risking losing money or material they harvest all day from other players who followed them.

    I say this cause players who play on 2 accounts can steal from you with one character in spirit mode following you and you cant see him cause he is spirit, and other character alive who is hiding and waiting for you to log out so he can steal ur loor bag youre trying to transfer.

    They have never succed stealing from me anything worth much only 1 mongrel horse.
    Not to mention game is so buged and server restarts 10 times per day so you can lose items if server restarts in time you do suicide and try to transfer items.

    They have good ideas try to make it best but they failed.

    Design of characters is really bad one of worst i have see so far and i played hundred of MMORPG, and game is only first person not something i like.

    Comunity of players is really bad i say this cause they are mostly players from beta and they know each other and atack any new player entering game, even if players is naked dont have crafters or skills and they play for months before and have maxed characters.

    Some red players like to brag in chat they are best like 4 red players with steel weapons atacked me while i was naked with no healing and they didnt manage to kill me i manage to run away.

    Nobody invites you in guild in this game its like everyone is hating everyone, and when you want to trade with someone they try to trick you and sell you weapons and bows for 400-1000 silver, and they sell those same to their friends for 50-100 silver max.

    What to say else than this game with comunity like this has no future!
    Lots of cheating lots of braging for nothing.
    Have i enjoyed playing this game i dont think so!
    Im not trying to compare them to Blizzard or SOE cause thats not fair.

    There is alot of hacking and cheating in game by some players who ran away from combat fly away with their characters in sky.

    Wait! I am actually one of the hardcore players that love harsh PVP and sandbox games,
    where two of my favorite sandbox games are Mount and Blade and EVE Online (played 4 years),
    but there is a limit to how much trash I can take from a game while paying for it.

    check my youtube review of Mortal Online!

    type MrRellikboon on youtube search and you will find gameplay review
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