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Mount Extravaganza

Discussion in 'Perfect World' started by Aaddron, Sep 15, 2009.

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  1. Aaddron

    Aaddron Moderator Staff Member GameOgre Moderator

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    These mounts will be available in the boutique from 1:00am Server Time on September 16th until September 23rd at 1:00am Server Time!

    As you all know, we love our mounts! You may be quite fond of them as well!

    Your friendly neighborhood PWI Overlord has heard that there are some people who have been intent to hold out, waiting each week in hopes that the mount they desire will appear in the boutique!

    For some of you, this may be the week that you have been waiting for! We are glad to announce that this week we will be releasing two rare mounts into the boutique!

    First off, the hulking Neinbeast has reappeared! Who can argue with a mount this huge? Nobody in their right mind, that's who!

    Secondly, for the first time ever, the Ninetails mount is being made available in the boutique! This elegant mount has been lauded by players to be one of the most impressive and visually appealing mount ever! We won't go that far, but it's definitely a great looking mount that will look good on anyone!

    To access the in-game Cash Shop to view and/or purchase these items, use the keyboard command 'Alt-O'.
Thread Status:
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