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Mutagen-Mutate yourself

Discussion in 'Online Game Development' started by Raven595, Oct 8, 2016.

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  1. Raven595

    Raven595 The Fallen Bird Ogre Regular

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    OK so I've been working on idea for a game called "Mutagen"

    So It's something like Fallout but with meany changes:

    I would deffinety base it around real-life apocalypse with "Ragdoll Physics"
    Just like the game's name says you would be able to "insert" some of Boss Monsters "DNA" and then inject it to your self afcours there will be some side-effects like skin mutations one arm turning in to something else etc.
    But there will be things called "Anti-Toxins" wich will be reare(suchs as a chance of getting un-damaged DNA from a boss monster)
    Thanks what was my biggest idea.
    Now at the beggining of the game you will be able to completly customize your charather like in "Black Desert"
    I would make it in form of points.For example: 15 points at beggining I would add 5 points in mats,3 points in stamina,6 points in chemistry,1 point in strenght.
    Now if I make my character more fat for 6 points I would be able to spend them in mats,phisicys(but not in stamina) etc. (I think you get the point.
    Now I would base the game about building your base,saving survivors and meany other things(eispecially finding the cure for the virus)
    -Building your base
    There will be sercent spots that will allow you to build(abandoned warehouses,military bases,underground military bases[witch will be rare],mines etc.)
    BTW I'm still thinking about making sercent spots to build or something like Minecraft where you can build where ever you wan't.
    I would make 3 tiers Low,Medium,High
    All with diffrent astetics and protections from infections
    If you find a Low tier (for example low tier warehouse) base spot you can upgrade it all up to High tier.
    You can have meany things in your base such as:granary,gun Lockers,A pleace where you can store wather,resting room,labarotry etc.
    -Saving Survivors
    While exploring the world you will encounter some people who have survived apocalypse.They will usually be in danger you just chilling out.You can bring them to your base or if you don't have a base you can ask them to follow you.
    Now they will have diffrent interests.For example:
    -Mehanics [To build and upgrade your vehicles,helicopters,planes etc.)
    -Scientists(To upgrade your vehicles,weapons,inject monster DNA and "Anti-Toxins")
    Physics Scientists [for vehicles and weapons]
    Biology/Chemistry Scientists [for DNA,"Anti Toxins" )
    -Cooks (To prepare better food for you and your survivors)
    -Teacher(That will educate kids that you saved,then the kids will become some of these mehanics,scientists etc.)
    -Doctors(to cure infections and in general to find a cure for this apocalipse virus)
    -Soldiers(That will help you on some of your advantures/missions)
    -Monks(That will incrise your karma witch I will get in just a second)
    -Cleaners(That will make sure your base will stay clean)
    -Economists(All these things will request resorses to make sure your resorces will not get wasted Economists are there)
    -Electrician(You will need power and light in your base right?)
    -Builders(To build your base)

    Karma plays big part in Mutagen.You gain karma by doing good things(saving survivors,making kids happy[by bringing them toys],spare your enemies[even monsters cuz there will be a chance when you are at the edge of death the monster that you saved/spared will come for nowhere and kill your opponent,you can also pet them but you will need to keep them out of your base],helping other players etc.) and you lose karma for doing these things oposite.The more karma you have the better lot will you find,your researchers will be completed faster[research part are doing Scientists,they are researching DNA of the monster that you killed so that you will know what are you injeting in your self),kids will have more success in "school".

    As I said I would make my game realisting that means that you can for example take a knife and carve something on the wooden part of you gun.You will also be able to sprai it.
    I would definitely inject some parkour and add grapling hook to climg clifs and tall buildings.

    Well I think that's pretty much it I will update this post from time-to-time.Let me know what do you guys think about this in comments.Be sure to post some ideas if you would play this game

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