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Mutiny Island

Discussion in 'Indie Games' started by PocketRogues, Oct 21, 2019.

  1. PocketRogues

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    You have been left to rot on Mutiny Island by your former first-mate.
    Learn the ways of the Arbor Ocean and devise a new plan to reclaim your ship, The Red Dawn, by any means necessary.

    Will you pillage the Ports, raid the Dungeons and plunder the Deepest Depths for loot and booty? Does visiting with the gals at the Maiden's Tale tickle yerr fancy?

    The Arbor Ocean is full of life, activity, and dilemmas to get lost in!
    Sharks, Royal Frigates, Enemy Pirates, Gigantic Kraken, and even Neptune himself might stand in your way.

    Game Features:
    -A completely open-world experience with full freedom from the start
    -Light survival elements and classic RPG feel
    -Dry and Wet Seasons
    -Randomly generated elements
    -Unique ways to interact with NPCs based on your characters stats
    -Starting Perks system
    -Three endings
    -Activites & minigames
    -Real-time ship-to-ship combat




    Page on Steam: Mutiny Island on Steam

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