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Mystical Land Interview w/ Katie Van Meter, Junior Designer, Associate Producer

Discussion in 'MMO Interviews' started by GameOgreVideos, Feb 11, 2011.

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    "A Mystical Land is a free-to-play 3D fantasy MMO that combines elements of casual Facebook games with traditional MMOs. There are traditional fantasy role-playing classes like Wizards, Warriors, Archers, and Healers; players may fight and defeat monsters, accept quests to earn rewards and improve their character. More casual activities include fishing, mining, blacksmithing, and cooking. Players can also engage in choosing and decorating a house where they can garden and ranch."

    A Mystical Land : Online Games Review Directory


    GameOgre.com: A Mystical Land is a 3D Fantasy Browser MMORPG. Can you tell us the story behind A Mystical Land, some of the lore, and how the players fit into the story in the game?

    Katie Van M: A Mystical Land is set in the beautiful realm of Ardent, a land of noble warriors with focus on conquest. The realm of Ardent was once part of a much larger kingdom ruled by King Leopold the Bold but was divided amongst his children when he stepped down from the throne. The players enter the realm of Ardent as hopeful heroes-to-be, tasked with once again making safe the Kingdom of Ardent. Along the way they will learn of the political tension between King Ulrich and his siblings in the other realms which will be released in upcoming expansions.

    GameOgre.com:A Mystical Land can be played through your browser or through Facebook, can you tell us a little about how the game works and what are the differences if any between playing in your Browser or on Facebook?

    Katie Van M: Whether you play in Facebook or on our website you will be getting the full experience of A Mystical Land. Currently playing on our website allows you to play the game with a larger screen resolution but we are working on a full screen feature for Facebook. Apart from that logging into the game through our website also works if you don’t have a Facebook account.

    When you play in Facebook or use Facebook Connect to play on our website, you can enjoy the additional social features as you can invite friends from your network to join you in A Mystical Land, as well as posting updates and achievements from the game to your wall.


    GameOgre.com:Can you tell us a little about the characters in A Mystical Land? Do you have races or classes? How can you customize your character? Will they have skills and how will they advance in the game or level up?

    Katie Van M: At launch you will be able to play a human as one of four distinct classes: Warrior, Priest, Hunter, or Wizard. Each has their own special gear, weapons, and feats. To advance in the game, the player can fight monsters, complete quests, hunt for bounties, participate in scavenger hunts, and earn achievements. Players can also fish, mine, gather plants, or search for bugs - no matter their class! Additionally they can work as woodcrafters, tailors, smiths, and cooks.

    GameOgre.com:Tell us a little about the gameplay in A Mystical Land. Will there be quests? PvP? Is it open world or instance based? How does the base operation of the characters work in the game?

    Katie Van M: There are many quests in the game, and unique dialog choices to choose from. It is an open world, so you can join your friends or meet new ones in the vastly beautiful zones within A Mystical Land. We are planning to grow the game in the future with many expansions and feature updates, and we hope to add PvP in an expansion.

    GameOgre.com:What options and how do characters interact with other players in A Mystical Land?

    Katie Van M: Players can party up with each other, chat in-game, and catch up on their friends’ latest accomplishments by perusing any game updates posted on their Facebook wall.


    GameOgre.com:What would be the most exciting elements of A Mystical Land that you would like to tell someone about it who has never heard of it before?

    Katie Van M: The humor! We hope you’ll enjoy the funny dialog, quests, and item descriptions. The game is very easy to get into with a small download and its browser-based nature, we have a fantastic art style, and you can play with your friends directly in Facebook!

    GameOgre.com:A Mystical Land is a free to play game; will you offer any micro transactions? If yes, what might players expect to be able to buy through the micro-transactions?

    Katie Van M: Yes, we will offer micro transactions, which are still to be determined. Expect lots of fun decorative and holiday items!

    GameOgre.com:What is your favorite thing to do in A Mystical Land? What do you recommend for all players to do in game who are just trying it out?

    Katie Van M: That depends on your personal game play style! Competitive players will probably prefer the achievements, and going after bounties. The more socially oriented gamers may prefer partying up, chatting, gathering, and crafting. Still others may enjoy the quests and exploring! The best recommendation would be to try a little of everything - try a little gathering, a little crafting, complete a quest or two, do a little combat, join a party, and don’t forget to pet some sheep!


    GameOgre.com:Is there anything else you would for us to know about A Mystical Land?

    Katie Van M: Check out our Facebook page at A Mystical Land (EN) | Facebook to see some developer interviews, humorous notes about monsters, screenshots, and feature updates! If you haven’t gotten a chance to sign up for the beta test, there is still time! We’d love to have you come join us in A Mystical Land.
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