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Neverwinter Foundry Spotlight: Crypts of Carnage

Discussion in 'Neverwinter' started by Mordekaiser, May 15, 2013.

  1. Mordekaiser

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    Welcome to the Neverwinter Foundry Spotlight!

    The Foundry is Neverwinter’s featured toolset that allows players to create dungeons, stories, and adventures for everyone to play and experience. With the Foundry, you can build your own missions, brimming with quests, non-player characters (NPCs), monsters, role-playing opportunities, and/or non-stop combat, and share them with the world. Your imagination is the springboard for the Neverwinter Foundry.

    The Foundry Spotlight is a community-driven column that focuses on hand-picked, inventive player-created dungeons that allow for action-packed combat, fun roleplaying opportunities, or other unique experiences. These exciting missions are recommended if you’re looking for a place to start with playing user-generated content, or searching for inspiration for your own future dungeons.

    This week’s spotlighted quest is “Part 1: Crypts of Carnage†from the campaign Dungeons of Dread†by chili1179!


    Quest Type: Hack and Slash/Dungeon Crawl/Light Story/Minor Exploration
    Average Duration: 20-30 minutes
    Amount of Combat: High
    Starts at: Protector’s Enclave – Guard Frinko
    Mission Summary:
    You see a flier posted to a job board that reads:

    “Come one come all, test your skill
    Can you survive or will you be killed?
    Take a chance, dance with fate
    Seize the prize before it’s too late!
    Many have come and many have perished,
    To claim the riches that many more cherish!
    Are you the next hero, or loser instead?
    Why not come see, in the Dungeons of Dread!

    Speak to Guard Frinko for more information!â€


    “I loved the mazes, the monsters, and the mystery!!!†– Ferrick976

    “Well built and fun, with a cool twist.†– mulyo

    “I look forward to the next venture!†– foolishromantc

    Author Tips:
    This campaign is the prologue to a larger story which will introduce you to one of the story's major antagonist; Darius Red. It's starts off slow in Part 1 with it focusing mostly on combat and then takes off in the follow-up chapter, to get you familiar with the larger backstory which will continue in the next campaign: The Circle of the Living Flame.

    Part 3 is in the works!

    Join the discussion on the Crypts of Carnage forum thread!

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