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New Beginning! 7.52 Patch Update

Discussion in 'WYD Global' started by Helius, Jul 29, 2008.

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  1. Helius

    Helius Ogre Newling

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    Here is the update to be implemented after our weekly server maintenance on July 29, 2008.

    Game Updates:

    Guild System:
    - Players may now leave or get kicked out of the guild even on Sundays

    PK System:
    - Less chaos points will result to less HP and DEF but more DMG
    - Players with -60 chaos points or less will lose DEX, more HP and DEF

    Quest System:
    - More gold can be acquired in the Beginning of Unhappiness Quest
    - Drops on Quest Zone changed

    Gamble System:
    - Money Cube system, a simple gamble system that requires in-game gold to play with
    - Can only be used on the server where Kephra died the for first time every after our weekly server maintenance
    - Can be bought from the Trademan Creta in Unknown Continent

    How To Use:
    All the money in your inventory will either be doubled or completely disappear when you use a money cube at a 50% / 50% chance.

    Mount / Pet System:
    - The penalty when failing to level up a mount is changed
    - Mounts will no longer lose life expectancy when you fail on trying to level it up, instead, mounts can level down by 1 if the mount’s level is even number.
    - Mounts will not lose level if their level is odd.

    Upgrade System:
    - Oriharukon Powders are now tradable but will no longer be available on NPC

    Tax System:
    - The teleportation fee from town portals will be added on the town tax and the Noatun tax of the server.

    New Items:
    - Hunting Scrolls now available on NPC Farche in Erion Town

    Transformation scrolls now available on NPC Mount Captor in Erion Town.

    NPC Removed:
    NPC Jully that lets people from Azran Boat go to Snowfield is now removed.

    WYD Extreme Water Event Update:
    - Gold and Purple Medal drops only on Boss monster

    There will be a drop of different eggs on the following Quests:

    - God’s Garden Quest – Wolf Egg and Essence
    - Resurrection of the Dark Knight - Dragon Puppy Egg and Essence
    - Immortality of Hydra – Bear Egg and Essence
    - Beginning of Unhappiness – Smilidon Egg and Essence

    New Beast Master Skills:

    Elemental Armor (passive)
    - Increases absorb damage property that depends on the nature skill mastery
    - When the 8th skill of the nature skill mastery is acquired and a shield is
    equipped, effect is slightly improved

    Master of Transformation(passive)
    - Passively improves all nature transformation skills

    Shield of Thorns (passive)
    - When a shield is equipped, total DEF will increase by 5%
    - When 8th skill of the nature skill mastery is acquired, a part of the physical damage dealt to the Beast Master is returned to the damage dealer on specific range from the Beast Master.

    Information above may change anytime without prior notice.

    Thank you for your continuous support!

    Good luck and Have fun!
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