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New Drakensang Online trailer and info

Discussion in 'Drakensang Online' started by GameOgreVideos, Mar 25, 2011.

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    · Extensively improved website and new trailer give inside look into combat and game world
    · Drakensang online – bridging the gap between online and action RPGs

    Hamburg, March 21, 2011 – The Anderworld has cast its shadow over the once peaceful kingdom of Duria, and the descending dragon legions can only be kept at bay by combining forces! Bigpoint’s new Drakensang Online trailer (Online Games by Bigpoint | We've got your game.) masterfully illustrates the action-packed, online battles that players will soon face in their browsers. Loads of other game details and pictures about the free-to-play MMO await interested fantasy fans on the official website Drakensang Online: The online fantasy game in your browser » Drakensang Online: The online fantasy game in your browser » Home. Now the community can come together on Facebook (Drakensang Online | Facebook) and Twitter (DrakensangOnline (Drakensang) on Twitter) and get an exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpse into the development of Drakensang Online, for example, with the first community video filmed in the Bigpoint studio in Berlin.

    Drakensang Online combines the best game elements of an action RPG with an MMORPG and makes it possible for players to enjoy all these spectacular features directly in their browser without any annoying client download or installation. Players don’t only jump into the world of Drakensang Online faster, but also experience breathtaking battles more intensely and at a quicker pace than in classic MMORPGs. The dynamic combat system based on direct collisions and hit detection will make the game more transparent, eliminating complicated stat calculations and replacing them with direct combat values. In addition to immersive duels, Drakensang Online, in contrast to standard action RPGs, emphasizes complex character development and teamwork, while delivering an in-depth and shared game experience to RPG players. In this massive world, players can meet up, get to know each other and form alliances in public spaces like the capital city of Kingshill.

    A key point of interest in Drakensang Online’s development is the revised game rules, which promise RPG fans the depth of play that they’ve been hoping for, while maintaining the flexibility needed for an ever-expanding online world. The flexible skill system offers players the chance to define their own personal style of play. Players can modify their character’s basic skills through the use of different elements – turning a simple energy ball into a frostball or turn a normal explosive attack into a meteor. Each character class will have wide array of elements to choose from, which will continually be expanded upon – thus granting different skills, strengths and weaknesses to every player. This will motivate players to find other fighters who compliment each others’ skills and assemble a powerful team. Together with unique equipment for each character class, the player will be able to customize their character’s appearance and skills the way they want. Besides the endless customization options, Drakensang Online tells a profound and enthralling story. A vast sum of quests to complete, items to be found, battles to win and distant lands to explore are all part of the player’s experience in the kingdom of Duria.
    More information on Bigpoint’s Drakensang Online can be found on the official website at Drakensang Online: The online fantasy game in your browser » Drakensang Online: The online fantasy game in your browser » Home. Get a taste of the new combat system and check out the new trailer, either via the official Youtube channel (YouTube - DrakensangOnline's Channel), Facebook (Drakensang Online | Facebook) or Twitter (DrakensangOnline (Drakensang) on Twitter).

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    Once again thankyou Cat, Lol Your a top notch member!

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