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New EVE Online Character Creation Videos

Discussion in 'Eve Online' started by GameOgreVideos, Oct 8, 2010.

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  1. GameOgreVideos

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    Even for a partially complete character creator, CCP has really outdone themselves in their latest addition to their test server, Singularity. We noted earlier this week that EVE Online would be getting a new character creation system in preparation for the launch of Incarna in summer 2011, and already the first videos for this character creator have hit the internet! You can watch the female character creator and the male character creator in action after the jump.

    All in all, the character creation system looks fairly stunning in its current stage - many of the things shown in the video, where players can "drag and drop" their character's physical features as they see fit (less experimentation with sliders may be a good thing!) will definitely make character creation a fun process, without forcing you to spend years and years getting that perfect cheekbone in place.

    Of course, like many players have noted, while this looks fantastic for EVE Online players, can you imagine this in CCP's World of Darkness MMO? Yeah. Think about it. Click through the jump for the male and female character creator videos.
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