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Noob Here. Any Tips?

Discussion in 'Maple Story' started by Fm Radish, Dec 23, 2009.

  1. sasuke24

    sasuke24 Clubbed for Shop Abuse

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    How to get 'Silver Deputy Star'

    Hello guys!
    Most of the people just wonder that how the sellers in FM get these accessory. You can get one for free too. Here are some tips and a guide about how to get it.


    1. It is recommended that you become lv 100 before going for this accessory.
    2. Take some potions with you.
    3. The quest might take 3+ hours according to your power and luck.


    First you need to go to Kerning City. Then to subway and buy a NLC regular Ticket for 5,000 Meso. Then go to NLC. Talk with the NPC named Lita Lawless - [​IMG]

    Then do these quests - Fool's Gold, Rags to Riches, One Step A-Head, Catch a Bigfoot by the Toe, Bounty Master.
    After you finish these 5 quests Lita will give you the "Silver Deputy Star".


    (Credits - Hidden-street for the image and some information)
  2. KuroTsuna

    KuroTsuna Looooong Goooone

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    Orbis Party Quest Guide and Tips

    You need to be at Level 51-200 to do the party quests.

    Tower of Goddess <Entrance>
    1)hunt for 20 Cloud Piece by attacking the clouds on the map.
    2)drop the collected 20 Cloud Piece in front of the glowing light.
    3)Talk to the npc and proceed to the next stage.
    Tower of Goddess <Center Tower>
    1)the party leader says which stage you do first.
    Tower of Goddess <Lobby>
    1) Jump quest and hit the box and loot the etc.
    Tower of Goddess <Walkway>
    1)Kill all the Pixies in the map and collect 40 1st Small Piece. (It is optional to kill Ghost Pixies)
    Tower of Goddess <On the Way Up>
    1)In this stage, there are 4 platforms on each level and 16 levels in total, where the party members have to get the correct platform to bring himself/herself up pass the platforms by pressing the Up arrow key. If it is the wrong platform, the party member will be teleported back below.
    2)Once the party member reached the very top of the map, there are 2 out of 5 switches that needs to be hit correctly. The party leader should talk to Chamberlain Eak to see whether the switches are correct. Repeat this step until you hit the correct switches.
    Tower of Goddess <Storage>
    1)Search for Cellion and kill it to obtain 1 Statue of Goddess : 2nd Piece.
    Tower of Goddess <Garden> (Boss Stage)
    1)Drop the piece on the platform
    You'll be teleported to the boss
    2)Kill Nependeath to obtain 1 Strange Seed.
    3) drop the Strange Seed on the pot and kill the dark nependeath.
    4)Papa Pixie will be summoned.
    5) loot the seed and drop the seed on a pot till a you found a grass.
    6) hit the grass till it drops grass of life.
    7)10.Jump onto the platform in front of the status and drop 1 Grass of Life.
    8) click on the npc
    Tower of Goddess <The Room of the Guilty> (Bonus Stage)
    1)Head into Tower of Goddess <Jail I>.
    2)To kill the Luinels in the map, go to the very bottom of the map and hit the switch.
    3)Once all the Luinels are killed, head over to the next room, Tower of Goddess <Jail Storage1> and hit the create boxes to obtain your reward!

    Once the time is out for the Bonus Stage, you will be teleported to Tower of Goddess <On the Way Out>.
    Talk to Chamberlain Eak to obtain your reward.

    1)Do not do this pq it's takes alot of your time and not worth it.
    2)Etc color for Lobby
    Monday = Orange
    Tuesday = Yellow
    Wednesday = Purple
    Thursday = (Dark)Blue
    Friday = Blue
    Saturday = Green
    Sunday = Red
    3)Mark the platform for the Jump quest stage when you found the correct platform.
  3. KuroTsuna

    KuroTsuna Looooong Goooone

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    Tespia Guide and Tips

    I was invited to test Tespia. Yay :crown:
    1)To check if you're invited for Tespia just log in on the maplestory site and click on the Tespia link.( Tespia doesn't appear when you're not invited for tespia.)
    2)Scroll down if you're invited and download the setup.
    3)Instal the setup and start the game.
    4)Now you'll occur some problem with a pin.
    5)This part seems to be giving the most trouble. Don't worry, it's really easy to get past this.

    Get to the point where you have to select a channel, then proceed to picking any channel.


    Once you connect to the server, the PIN screen should be popped out already. At this point you should just:

    //Make sure there is no blinking text line on the PIN screen before you start. If there is, something went wrong.

    Step 1: Press TAB until you see a Leaf appear on 'START.'
    Step 2: Press the DOWN key to move the leaf to 'CREATE A CHARACTER.'
    Step 3: Press ENTER.

    //The PIN screen will NOT go away, it will stay in the same position until you restart the client later on.

    Now you should be at the - 'RESISTANCE/EXPLORERS/DUAL BLADER/ETC' screen.

    Step 4: Press ENTER*. (*Might have to press TAB before the ENTER, and don't try to actually choose between the six options just go with default.)
    Step 5: When it asks you if you're sure to make the character, press ENTER.
    Step 6: Enter a name** and then press ENTER. (**You will be deleting this character most likely so don't be picky about a name just yet.)
    Step 7: Press ENTER when the CHARACTER SETTINGS window appears.

    Now you should be at the - 'Select a Character' screen.

    You can use the mouse now.

    You will probably be forced into the PIN window. Don't panic. Just restart the client. Simply click on Cancel or just ALT + F4.

    Once you reboot the client, don't go straight to picking the world.
    Instead use 'View All Characters.' Pick the character you just made and it'll ask to create a new PIC. Do so.
    ( Someone else found this solution)

    1)Find cody and you can lv up.
    2)Place npc-chat on Y.
    3)clicking on cody and pressing Y at the same time you'll lv-up faster.
    4)Cody gives 1million mesos each time you click on him.
    5)Cody gives weapons and clothing(reverse and timeless)
    6)It's laggy and sometimes the Tespia will crash or you'll disconnect.Please stay calm.

    I hope this helped for the invited people.

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