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Discussion in 'Gaming PC' started by Hitsugaya, Oct 4, 2016.

  1. Hitsugaya

    Hitsugaya Big Brute New Ogre

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    This thread is about NZXT'S CAM software.
    So you're asking what is CAM ? CAM is software that monitors your computer components and working of the same.
    Here ill try to tell you everything about CAM.
    First in CAM you can see all your components .
    FPS Tracking
    Track frames per second (FPS) - Ingame you can see your FPS with this software, but not only FPS you can see temperatrue of your core temps (CPU and GPU)
    GPU Overclock
    Effortlessly overclock your GPU and push your FPS to the max. - I never tried this myself but i saw that a lot of people are satisfied with this, it's made not to damage your GPU and to boost working of your GPU .

    game history
    See your FPS stats for your most recent game sessions - This is kinda nice , i mean i didn't find it really useful but if you want to see your average FPS for some game , it's coo :)

    - Then we have Instant warning when components aren't functioning properly, this is really useful.

    So i think this is all xD Feel free to ask questions :D Have a nice day guys !

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