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Odyssey 2016

Discussion in 'Smite' started by Septera, Sep 30, 2015.

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    Please note that the Odyssey will be coming to Xbox, but will initially be delayed from the PC release. We plan to release Odyssey items in parity on Xbox and PC past the initial launch.

    What is the Odyssey?
    The Odyssey is a 14 week journey through the Pantheons in SMITE, leading to the 2016 SMITE World Championship on January 7th, 2016. One new Odyssey item will be available each week from a specified Pantheon and every Odyssey item comes with a free Odyssey Chest, which can include almost anything in the game. In addition, you can earn bonus items by collecting specific amounts of Odyssey items! These milestone rewards are available at 3, 6, 9, 12 and 14 total Odyssey items collected.

    Are all of the items in the Odyssey skins?
    There are some great skins in the Odyssey but there will be also be a variety of different items and exclusive bonuses throughout the Odyssey.

    Will all items in the Odyssey cost the same amount of gems?
    No. Each item in the Odyssey will be priced according to its type of content.

    What are the milestone rewards for this year’s Odyssey?
    These will be revealed as more items are added to the Odyssey. Milestone rewards are available at 3,6,9,12 and 14 total items collected.

    Will there be another Tier 5 skin at the end of the Odyssey, similar to last year’s Archon Thanatos?
    Yes. There will be a Tier 5 skin granted as the 14 item milestone reward. More details on this year’s final Odyssey unlock will be revealed closer to SWC.

    Can I buy Odyssey items from a different week?
    You will be able to buy any Odyssey item at any point during the Odyssey. New items will be released every week, but we do not limit your ability to purchase Odyssey items from previous weeks. For example, you could purchase a week 1 item on week 3.

    What if I own everything that comes out of the Odyssey Chest and I purchase another Odyssey item that earns me an Odyssey Chest roll?
    If a player owns everything in the Odyssey Chest, they will be able to redeem each roll for a Single Day Booster.

    What’s the difference between Limited and Exclusive items?
    Exclusive items may be available again through promotional means, whereas, Limited items are only available once. Once Limited items are gone, they’re gone.

    How long do I have to purchase the Odyssey items?
    The Odyssey items will be available until shortly after the 2016 SMITE World Championship is over.

    What happens to Odyssey items after the Odyssey is over and the SMITE World Championship is done?
    The items that will be released every week that contribute to the prize pool will no longer be directly purchasable after the Odyssey is over. This means they will still be obtainable, but only through promotional means. The exclusive bonus items (earned after purchasing 3, 6, 9, 12, and 14 items in the Odyssey) are unique in-game content items that are only for those that participated in the Odyssey. These bonus items will no longer be obtainable ever again once the Odyssey is complete.

    I want the special Bonus items, but I don’t want some of the Odyssey items. Is there a way I can get the Bonus items?
    No. The only way to obtain the bonus items is through purchasing the Odyssey items.


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