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Pandora Saga

Discussion in 'Lists and Directory' started by Invincible, Nov 12, 2011.

  1. Invincible

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    Hi guys,

    Just started playing a game called Pandora Saga. Hoping to help recruit more people to come over and play it. Playing w/ a big PvP guild there called SOS Brigade but w/ such a moderate sized community every new recruit makes a huge deal (which is also a nice way to feel that you have an actual role in game politics and wars).

    Community on Server 2 is about 8000-10,000 players and thats divided by 3 nations.

    Game is: Free to play, minimal reliance on cash shop.

    One of the things I liked most is you can level to top level in 3 days VERY little reliance on grinding. Its all about end game pvp and playing the game. There are good boss runs, but no raids if thats ur thing.

    Game has 27 classes, lots of skills, open pvp areas w/ bosses like colony zone in KO, Castle siege, and 2x a day wars, 3 nations, guild wars, honor system like Aion where you can become Archlord (which is still open for grabs!)

    That being said I just started Pandora Saga really into it. Max lvl is 55, can get 30 in first day. Easy grind, focus is on end game pvp.

    My in game name is Invincible, I’m on Barbatos Server in Empire Nation, my guild is very hardcore about helping new characters. They found me at lvl 10 and got me up max level and doing pvp runs w/ them and wars. Great game especially when someone helps u level.

    Guild Name: SOS Brigade

    Feel free to email me too if you are interested in playing, again great community, helpful to new players, all pvp, quick grind.
    Email: [email protected]


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