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Patch Preview

Discussion in 'Perfect World' started by Aaddron, Jul 8, 2009.

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  1. Aaddron

    Aaddron Moderator Staff Member GameOgre Moderator

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    PWI continues to grow exponentially and we have you, our players, to thank. Thanks to such strong support and feedback from our users, the development team for PWI continues to create and revise existing content for the better of the game.

    The following list of changes is coming soon to a PWE server near you:

    New Content

    Warsong City - This is a new unique instance where players are subject to several challenges, including a boss hunt and even a siege. How long can you hold out?

    Bounty Hunter - A new NPC will soon be appearing in-game providing everyone with new daily quests to complete. Every day the Bounty Hunter will have a different boss on his hit list, kill the boss assigned to get daily rewards.

    Modified Content

    Cube of Fate - The last 10 rooms of the Cube of Fate are being modified, including the rewards received at the end.

    Dominance Blessings - Players can now receive a new "blessing item" whenever they enter certain dungeons. These blessings will add +10 attack level and +10 defense level, and will disappear upon completion or exiting the instance. This blessing will be available in the following dungeons:

    Hall of Deception
    Gate of Delirium
    Secret Frostcover Grounds
    Valley of Disaster
    Hallucinatory Trench
    Eden / Brimstone Pit
    Abbadon / Seat of Torment
    The Lunar Glade
    Twilight Temple
    Valley of Reciprocity
    Frostcovered City

    New Features

    Security Code Changes - If you have a Safe Code password set up for your bank, the system will prompt you to enter the password the first time you log in and change your equipment or fashion wardrobe.

    Skill Bar Extension - The quick skill bar has been expanded to accommodate more skills. Skills can now be allocated to the number keys 1-9 (previously 1-6).

    Group Combat Awareness - When a squad member has entered combat, a red rectangle will appear around their name in the squad list.

    Buff Extension/Toggle - Expanded the number of Buff and Debuff icons that can be seen on the squad list. A toggle on/off has also been added for these icons.

    Wardrobe Revision - Your wardrobe storage is now carried with you in an alternate inventory tab.
    Additionally we will be adding the Auto-Fashion Change feature, allowing you to set your favorite fashion sets, then set a time interval for them to automatically rotate.


    Socket Stone Requirements - You can now view the amount of socket stones required for each level of weapon or armor.

    Auction House Favorites - This features allows players to keep track of certain auctions by saving them into a new favorites tab.

    • Fixed an issue where the Venomancer was unable to change into Fox Form while unarmed.
    • All Cube of Fate Lottery rooms (51 - 59) require a certain amount of coins to proceed, or to get the initial quest. Text for the NPCs have been re-localized to reflect this cost.
    • A wide variety of Genie skills are being changed/altered, as well as some new Genie skills being added.
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