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Perfect World Character Creation Contest 9/08/08 ~ 9/30/08

Discussion in 'Perfect World' started by Aaddron, Sep 11, 2008.

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  1. Aaddron

    Aaddron Moderator Staff Member GameOgre Moderator

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    For our latest contest we hope to test the limits of your creative and artistic design abilities with the inaugural Character Creation Contest!

    Show the world your mad skills by creating a unique and memorable character and if your creation is judged to be amongst the top - reap the rewards with 30 Small Guardian Charms and eternal props by having your model featured as a permanent Character Creation Preset option!

    Contest Instructions:
    1. Using the in-game Create Character feature of “Perfect World International” create from scratch, a unique character of any Race/Class/Sex of your choice.
    2. Contest entries will be judged on the following criteria:

    * Uniqueness & Creativity – We would like to see creations that stand apart from our current batch of presets and that demonstrate a genuine sense of creative and artistic flair.
    * Humor counts too! We realize that many entries will be in the vein of something ‘artsy,’ but if you want to share your sense of humor by all means show us what you got. Wacky and just plain old crazy creations will be judged equally amongst other styles.
    * The Sky is the limit! – We are looking for everything from the fiercest looking bruiser to a “WTF is that!” design, even Celebrity lookalikes are fair game.

    3. When you are satisfied with the appearance of your newly created character be sure to SAVE your creation by using the ‘Save Current Setting’ button.


    4. Upon saving your character a saved .ini file will be saved as a Presets selection.


    Write the name of this .ini file down as you will need to refer to and locate it in the next step.

    5. Go to our Character Creation Contest Submission page here

    6. Submit your creation using the BROWSE function on this page. Most users will find their .ini files in their Perfect World programs folder through the following path: element > userdata > character > customize and then depending on what race/class/sex was utilized your .ini file will be in one of the following folders:


    * 00 = Human Male (Blademaster)
    * 01 = Human Female (Blademaster)
    * 11 = Human Female (Wizard)
    * 10 = Human Male (Wizard)
    * 71 = Wing Elf Female (Cleric)
    * 70 = Wing Elf male (Cleric)
    * 60 = Wing Elf Male (Archer)
    * 61 = Wing Elf Female (Archer)
    * 31 = Untamed Female (Venomancer)
    * 40 = Untamed Male (Barbarian)


    7. Give your creation a name and voila! You’re officially submitted.

    8. Submit your creations from now through Sept. 30, 2 p.m. (PDT) for consideration. Be sure to give your character creation a name/title that may be used as its preset title should you win.

    9. The 10 best entries as judged by PWE staff on the basis of creative and artistic merit will be awarded 30 Small Guardian Charms and permanent enshrinement as a Create Character Preset option.


    * Entrants may submit up to three unique character designs, but will be restricted to only 1 prize award.
    * Please use proper judgment and submit entries that are in good taste. Any entries deemed ‘objectionable’ will be deleted and considered void.
    * All winning character creations used as future Create Character Preset Templates becomes property of Perfect World Entertainment USA. Creators may or may not be credited as designers of their respective Preset template.

    Click here to submit your entry. NOTE: to submit you have to be logged in.
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