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Playerbase Buyout

Discussion in 'Ogres Breakfast' started by skythorn, Dec 2, 2008.

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  1. skythorn

    skythorn Little Spike

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    What browser based games do you know of that have had a player base buyout?

    For example, when coldfirestudios decided to pull up stumps, the sold over 2 years about 5 games, 2 went no-where I believe, one (a WWII simulator) is trying hard to continue with it's real life, and there is Space - Glory Through Conquest - A free massively multiplayer online game powered by Zero Sum Games which I am spruiking.

    But the playerbase buyout, are there examples of this that people know of that have been successful? I am thinking of what happens when games of a time and era are stuck in that time and era, there are those that love the game that stay stuck in that era, and those that move on. I am sure that no-one or very few are still playing doom with the same level of enthusiasim and interest.

    hmm ... any doom servers still out there folks? :eek:

    I'm hoping to learn from mistakes made and the like.

    Ta in advance ;

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