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PMs and Policies

Discussion in 'Forum and Site Support' started by ogreman, Feb 28, 2017.

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    ogreman Ogre In Charge Staff Member GameOgre Admin

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    Throughout the years I have been pretty easy going when it comes to rule breaking or lack of activity. Normally, I warn the member or give them advice on how to do better etc. Some have worked out well over the years and some have required many PMs and still didnt work. In fact, we recently had a case of the latter and it ended with a clubbing. Thus, my time was wasted and cards were given to somebody who did less and less but still demanded them on a regular basis. In fact, this member went so far as to bug me about in threads and chat.

    That being said, its getting to a point where its going to be just one PM if there is a problem. If that PM is ignored or argued with etc, action will be taken after that such as being removed as a Royal or being placed in the Pit or even in some cases clubbed. Getting an angry PM after that will just make it worse. I just cant spend all the time I did before on talking to some members about problems and it really wasn't appreciated anyway lol.

    Of course, only talking about problem PMs here:). Asking a question or something like that is still fine by PM.
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