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Profession Skill Guide

Discussion in 'Maple Story' started by KuroTsuna, Jul 7, 2011.

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    Profession Skill Guide + tips

    What is Profession Skills?

    Profession Skills are special skill you can learn starting from level 30. You can learn two skill at a time. There is 5 different skill you can choose from. You could also give up on the skill to learn a new skill, but you will lose all your experience from that skill. Max level of each skill are 10, higher the level more chance of succeding on crafting.

    -Herbalism (able to gather herbs and create oil.)
    -Mining (able to mine rocks and create plates.)
    -Smithing (able to create different kinds of equips.)
    -Accessory Crafting (able to create different kinds of accessories.)
    -Alchemy (able creates different kinds of potions using herbs.)

    To learn Alchemy it requires Herbalism Skill
    To learn Smithing it requires Mining Skill
    To learn Accessory Crafting it requires Mining Skill

    How to reach Ardentmill

    Ardentmill: http://i53.tinypic.com/20jjoeb.jpg

    You can go to Ardentmill through certain portal located at almost every town.
    The portal will have a book at the top of them.

    Portal: http://i53.tinypic.com/dgqyqw.jpg


    (Picture and GMS official Name will be edited later)

    Mining NPC: Cole


    Herbalism NPC: Saffron


    Accessory Crafting NPC: Intaglio


    Smithing NPC: Gere


    Alchemy NPC: Ally


    Chief NPC: Grant


    Recipe Seller NPC: Ramsey and Angelica (Male sells Equip, Accessory Recipe and Female sells Alchemy recipe)


    Merchant NPC: Nack (Sells various items needed for Profession Skills.)


    Mining and Herbalism

    Mining and Herbalism are two out of five Profession Skills. These skills are the base of other three skills. Mining able you to mine ores located on monster map and allow you to create plates. Herbalism able you to collect herbs located on monster maps and allow you to create oil.

    To mine and herb collect it requires certain equip.

    Mining - Pickaxe
    Herbalism - Shovel

    You can buy these from the merchant (Nack) located in Ardentmill.

    Required Ores to make plates + Varnish:

    2 Ores Requirements: Silver, Orihalcon, Amethyst, Opal
    3 Ores Requirements: Steel, Sapphire, Adamatium, Bronze
    4 Ores Requirements: Mithril, Emerald, Gold, Dex Crystal, Topaz
    5 Ores Requirements: Power Crystal, Diamond, Aquamarine
    6 Ores Requirements: Dark Crystal, Black Crystal, Lidium, Wisdom Crystal, Luck Crystal

    Mine and Herb Quest

    Soon as you learn Mine/Herb skill you will get a lightbulb from Cole or Saffron. They want you to collect certain item. If you have mine skill he want you to get (special ore), if you have herb collecting skill she wants you to get (special herb). Head to the portal located at Ardentmill (bottom right corner)


    Go back to Cole or Saffron after collecting (special ore) or (special herb). Another quest should appear, this time they want you to create (special plate) or (special oil). To create those item you need to get (special ore) or(special oil) and Low Grade Varnish (Mine) or Low Grade Oil Bottle (Herb Collecting). You can buy those two item from the Merchant. After creating (special plate) or (special oil) go back to Cole or Saffron to end the quest. You will be rewarded with a bag. You can store ores, herbs, materials in that bag.

    Mine Hill and Farm

    After the latest patch you can access to Mine hill and Farm. Mine hill and farm is full of rocks and herbs you can collect.
    Head to the portal located at Ardentmill (bottom right corner)

    In order to go in you need to purchase a pass from the merchant.

    -Beginner Mining Pass
    -Intermediate Mining Pass
    -Beginner Farm Pass
    -Intermediate Farm Pass

    When you go into the portal you will get two choices, beginner or intermediate. Choose top option for beginner and bottom option for intermediate. Also remember that you can go into mine hill or farm once a day and there is 10 minute time limit. This is best place to farm herbs and ores (also best way to get your personality traits up.)


    Fatigue is weariness for your profession skill. When you reach max fatigue you can't do anything for awhile. You can increase you fatigue by mining/gathering and crafting.

    -Mining/Herbalism takes 1 fatigue.
    -Crafting with Accessory Crafting, Smithing, Alchemy takes 1 fatigue.
    -Disassembling/Combing takes 3 fatigue.

    You can also decrease your fatigue with 2 different ways:

    -Your fatigue will go down by 5 per hour.
    -You can buy a pot from a npc in meister village to lower your fatigue.

    There is two different kinds of Fatigue potions. Small fatigue potion heals 30 fatigue points for 100,000 mesos. Large fatigue potion heals 50 fatigue points for 300,000 mesos. You can only drink fatigue potion three times a day.

    • Note: Red Bar is your Fatigue and Blue Bar is your Profession Skill Exp

    Personality Traits

    There is 6 different personality in your profession skill window. Ambition, Empathy, Insight, Willpower, Dilligence, and Charm. These personality has all different buffs.

    Ambition - chance of ignoring monster defense, pvp damage increase, chance of losing less exp.
    Empathy - increase max MP, chance to get more exp from quest.
    Insight - Increase accuracy, avoid, and able to find hidden potential without magnifying glasses.
    Willpower - Increase max HP, increase physical defense, increase magic defense.
    Dilligence - Increase success of a scroll, chance of getting double exp for profession skills.
    Charm - Pocket Item, Rewards NX face expressions

    You can increase those buffs by leveling them up. You can level them up by...

    Ambition - Killing bosses (Dojo doesn't count)
    Empathy - Herb collecting
    Insight - Mining, using magnifying glasses
    Willpower - Party Quests completion, Staying Online
    Dilligence - Crafting items (10 from mining and herb. 50 from Equip, Accessory, Alchemy)
    Charm - Equipping NX/Speical items(if your already wearing them re-equip), Fame

    You can also get them through special potions and quests. Certain Party quest gives different personality.

    Pocket Item

    When you reach lvl30 charm, you can start pocket item quest. Go talk to Big Headward (?) in Henesys Hair shop. He want you to get rose from herb collecting (Idk for miners.) Get Rose and talk to Big Headward to earn pocket item slot. You can get Pocket Items through a merchant located in Henesys Market or from PvP.

    Face Expressions

    When you reach lvl35 Charm you will get your first face expression quest.

    Level 30: Talk to Lina after completing Pocket item quest. Then go to talk to Chief Stan in Henesys for "Constant Sigh" face expression.

    Level 35: Your quest will start at when you reach level 35 charm. Go to Kerning Square and talk to Lana (the one with glasses and white coat.) Collect 350 Curse Eye Tail and talk to Cygnus Quest NPC at Ellinia for "Whoa Whoa" face expression.

    Level 40: When you reach level 40 charm go back to Lana for your second quest. Go to Ellinia and talk to Betty right after. You have to answer something choose the 3rd option "°áÈ¥ÇØ ÃÖ¼¼¿©! (Merry Me please) for "Panicky" face expression.

    Level 45: Talk to Lana once more and head to Chef in Nautilus. Just talk to him for "Queasy" face expressiom.

    This is known face expression for now, I'm pretty sure there are more.

    Personality Trait Medal

    When you reach certain levels of personality, you will get quest to get yourself special medal.

    Charisma Medal: STR
    Insight Medal: INT
    Will Medal: ?
    Sense Medal: ?
    Charm Medal: LUK
    Craft Medal : ?

    1) make mining mule or herb mules
    2) prepare plates and herbs before training the skill
    3) max your fatigue everyday
    4) max your fatigue after recover
    5) max your fatigue when it resets at 0:00 server time
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