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PWI – Introducing PWI: Sirens of War!

Discussion in 'Perfect World' started by Aaddron, Nov 7, 2012.

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  1. Aaddron

    Aaddron Moderator Staff Member GameOgre Moderator

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    The PWI Team is proud to introduce the sixth expansion for PWI, Sirens of War! This exciting new expansion will be released live on November 14th, 2012. Get ready for enhanced skills, new quests, new weapons and equipment, and an all new PVP battle system! Read on for a preview of the juicy details!

    Head over to the Teaser Site to watch the trailer, view screenshots, and sign up for a special launch giveaway and sweepstakes!

    A Perfect World At War

    Four leaders of distant lands have come to Perfect World, seeing new opportunities that arose from the chaos sewn by the Dark Lord, Jian'rin. These leaders have come bringing war, strife, and endless fighting; but they also have brought with them opportunities for glory, honor, and rich rewards. They have sought out the strongest warriors of Perfect World to fight on their behalves in exchange for power and glory. Their desires and designs remain secret to the soldiers and citizens of Perfect World, but the battles will rage on deep into the night, and the call of the Sirens must be heeded!

    Nation Wars:

    Sirens of War brings the Nation Wars, an incredible server-wide battle system that allows thousands of players to fight with and against each other! Prepare to stretch the limits of your combat skill, tactical cunning, and strategic brilliance as you face off with hundreds and thousands of your allies and enemies!

    Revamped Skills:

    Player skills have been modified and enhanced across the board, allowing for faster and fiercer combat. Get ready to hit harder, faster, and further than ever!

    New Weapons and Equipment:

    PWI: Sirens of War will give you access to brand new weapons and equipment, much of which was tailor made for our version of Perfect World! Grab your trusty blades and stand ready to fight in the Nation Wars for some of the most powerful equipment in PWI!

    New Quests And Modifications:

    Revisit the joys of growing and learning Perfect World with all new story lines created for mid-level players, old and new! Refer your friends to PWI and experience these new quests with them, along with modifications to existing quests to streamline and improve the leveling adventure of PWI!

    Much, Much More!

    Experience these updates and so much more in PWI: Sirens of War!

    Stay tuned for more updates and details as we approach the November 14th release date! Want to know more about Nation Wars? Which skills were affected? Keep checking back in for more news and updates!

    Launch Giveaway and Sweepstakes:

    Don't forget to head over to the Teaser Site to sign up for a free in-game prize, the Warrior Crusade Pack! Inside you'll find a fantastic fashion set, a new pet, and more! And when you sign up for your free giveaway, you will automatically sign up for the free Andrea customized headset sweepstakes! Click here for the official rules of the sweepstakes giveaway!*

    We're excited to bring this new expansion to you – we can't wait for you all to experience the thrill of Nation Wars, the faster, more intense combat, and the fun and engaging new quests!

    To check out the PWI: Sirens of War teaser site, click here!

    *Players eligible to enter the Andrea headset sweepstakes must be 18 or older and live within the 48 contiguous United States and the District of Columbia (excluding Alaska and Hawaii).

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