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PWI: Descent Launches Today! (2/15)

Discussion in 'Perfect World' started by Aaddron, Feb 15, 2012.

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  1. Aaddron

    Aaddron Moderator Staff Member GameOgre Moderator

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    We at Perfect World Entertainment are very proud to present our latest expansion, PWI: Descent!
    Note: For those of you who already have the game client, the quickest way to get into the expansion is by downloading the manual patch here under "Patch Updates"!

    [video=PWI: Descent Launch Trailer]3657[/video]

    This content-rich update touts many great additions to the PWI universe including a new high-level zone, lots of powerful new skills, and the ability to join an Order for further character development. For a full run-down on the major additions to the game, please have a look at the "An Expansion Approaches" news post, and you may also want to check out our teaser site here where you can find the expansion teaser trailer and related screen shots.

    Also, we would like to announce:

    2x EXP/Drops/Spirit for 1 week!

    Note: 2x will run from 2/15/2012 until 2/22/12 at 12pm PST.

    And finally, we would like to announce and congratulate the 9 Territory Wars Faction Champions!

    West Coast
    Heavens Tear: Enrage Faction (28 Territories held)
    Sanctuary: Vindicate Faction (20 Territories held)
    Lost City: Vengeful Faction (19 Territories held)
    Archosaur: Ascend Faction (29 Territories held)

    East Coast
    Harshlands: Catalyst Faction (44 Territories held)
    Raging Tide: Vicious Faction (30 Territories held)
    Dreamweaver: Regenesis Faction (25 Territories held)

    Lothranis: Initium Faction (20 Territories held)
    Momaganon: Circle Faction (19 Territories held)

    As mentioned in the Descent Announcement news post, each of these factions will be receiving 30 rare mounts and a spot on a future webpage related to past Territory Wars champions!

    So go ahead, hop in-game and head over to the now-scorched Elysium Village, where you'll begin your investigation that will ultimately lead you directly into the heart of the beast...

    As always, thank you for playing, and we'll see you in-game!
    -The PWI Team
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