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Realm of the Mad God Trading

Discussion in 'Steam Game Auctions' started by Rantzr, Mar 2, 2014.

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  1. Rantzr

    Rantzr Ogre Extraordinaire Ogre Veteran

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    I believe a few of us here at GO play RotMG and would benefit from a trading thread. That said I'm not exactly positive what a fair trade is in this game because I haven't played it enough to learn, so please do no try to scam anyone out of their goods, thank you.

    If you haven't heard of the game or would like to check it out go here: Realm of the Mad God : Online Games Review Directory
    If you'd like to play the game, go here: Realm of the Mad God
    Steam Page: Realm of the Mad God on Steam

    I died today with a lot of good Necro gear on, along with some nice T3 rings, and was hoping to trade them.. But that was then, I'll update my post when I get some new items for trade.

    EDIT: Right after I made this post I traded my x6 Speed Sprout, FINALLY got for first EGG! :D
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