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[RO2] Patch Notes 7/10/2013

Discussion in 'Game News' started by hack10, Jul 9, 2013.

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    Patch Notes for 7/10/13

    1.Contents - War of Emperium Update
    A.War of Emperium entrance NPC “Grand Master Rugal†will be located in the northwest area of Prontera behind where the Dark Shadows are located.
    i.Following location options will show when talking to Grand Master Rugal:
    1.Inside Castle : Available only to defending guild
    2.Base 1 : Available to both attacking and defending guilds
    3.Base 2 : Available to both attacking and defending guilds
    B.Guild Robe Merchant will be added beside Guild Manager in Prontera. Guild Robes can be purchased with ‘Winner’s Guild’ tokens. The tokens are the rewards for doing the daily quests in Pron Fortress.
    C.“Manage Guild Robe†and “Tax Administer†menus will be added to Guild Manager in Prontera. These menus can only be used by Guild Master.
    i.Manage Guild Robe: Select a purchased guild robe.
    ii.Tax Administer: Receives 10% of the amount players spend at NPC merchants in all areas.
    D.Guild related menu cannot be used inside the Pron Fortress map where WoE is being held.
    E.During WoE, each base can be acquired by destroying the Emperium of Power, Emperium of Defense, and Emperium of Advance. Buffs will be given to the guild that owns each base.
    i.Supply merchant, Kafra transport service can be used in the base during WoE.
    ii.Passive and Active skill for that base can be used during WoE.
    iii.Guardians belonging to that base will become allies.
    F.WoE will end when the Emperium inside the fortress gets destroyed. The guild with most damage dealt to the Emperium will own the fortress.
    G.When a guild owns the fortress, all guild members of the guild will receive an occupation buff. Also 10% of NPC merchant sales will be acquired as tax.
    H.Blood Points (PvP points) can be acquired upon kill opponent during WoE.
    i.Knight notebook UI will show when you press ‘,’.
    ii.Blood points acquired from Colosseum and WoE can be checked in the Knight notebook.
    iii.Rank will be decided according to accumulated Blood points.
    iv.However, Blood points will be deducted when killed by enemy player, or by purchasing Knightage item. Deducted amount can be changed according to rank.
    I.WoE Supplies are used to install, repair siege weapons, and also to repair Gates. WoE Supplies can be purchased from NPC near WoE entrance, or Supply Merchant inside each base after occupying them. It can also be gathered from supply objects in the Pron Fortress map.
    J.Daily Quests in Pron Fortress will be added
    i.WoE daily quests can be received from WoE Wanted List Board located near “Grand Master Rugalâ€.
    1.Request : Enemy! Defeated! Reward – 10 Winner’s Guilds (tokens)
    2.Request : Eternally in pain Reward – 7 Winner’s Guilds (tokens)
    3.Request : I will be back soon Reward – 7 Winner’s Guilds (tokens)
    4.Request : Let it come. Sooty is hungry Reward – 5 Speed Elixirs
    5.Request : Broken Weapons Reward – 1 WoE Supplies
    6.Request : For Comrades Reward – 1 Potion Spray (1000cc)
    K.Pron Fortress becomes PvP field when WoE is not being held. Honor points can be acquired by defeating monsters inside pron fortress.
    i.Pron Fortress is PvP area even if there isn’t WoE being held.

    A.Font, Background Translucency, Background show duration, background color can be adjusted.

    3.Kafra Shop
    A.Rune Enhancement Elixir
    - Rune Enhancement Elixir of Strength
    - Rune Enhancement Elixir of Agility
    - Rune Enhancement Elixir of Intelligence
    - Rune Enhancement Elixir of Wisdom
    - Rune Enhancement Elixir of Vitality
    B.New VIP Package
    C.New VIP Membership Ticket (1 Day)
    D.New Mounts Merlion (30 days)
    E.New Mount Random Box - Merlion
    -Tiger reins
    -Black Tiger Reins
    -Whiter Tiger Reins
    -Nippy Peco Peco Reins
    -Noble Peco Reins
    -Merlion (2 weeks)
    -Merlion (permanent)
    F.New Munil's Costume Random Box III
    -Palm Tree Costume- Female
    -Palm Tree Costume-Male
    -Beach Memory
    -Sheriff Suit
    -Showgirl Dress
    -Grand Pirate Costume
    -The Chance Coupon
    G.New Munil's Acc. Random Box V
    -Palm Tree Hat- Female
    -Palm Tree Hat- Male
    -Beach Hat
    -Beach Shades
    -Pincer Pin
    -Sheriff Hat
    -Showgirl Hat
    -Dignity of Great Pirate
    -Band of the Traiter
    -Brow Piercing
    -The Chance Coupon
    H. Pandora's Key

    A.Kafra NPC sells Pandora’s Mallet

    A.Pandora’s Box will continue to be dropped
    A. Can obtain Rune elixir and Phantom stone, Pump it hard etc items from Pandora’s box.
    B. PVP 2nd item has been updated. 2nd tier Pvp items will be rebalanced and released next month.
    C. Costume set effect for additional sale
    1. Legendary Sheriff Set (until Aug. 7th)
    Condition: Wearing Sheriff Suit + Sheriff Hat gives +5 in STR, AGI, INT, WIS, VIT.
    2. Legendary Dancer Set (until Aug. 7th)
    Condition: Wearing Showgirl Suit + Showgirl Hat gives +5 in STR, AGI, INT, WIS, VIT.
    3. Outlaw of the Sea Set (until Aug. 7th)
    Condition: Wearing Grand Pirate Costume + Dignity of Great Pirate gives +10 in STR, AGI, INT, WIS, VIT and 30% Drop rate increase.
    4. Boy's Sightseeing Set (until Sep. 4th)
    Condition: Wearing Vacance + Pincer Pin + Snorkel gives +3 in STR, AGI, INT, WIS, VIT.
    5. Girl's Summer Festival Set (until Sep. 4th)
    Condition: Wearing Beach Memory + Beach Hat + Beach Shades gives +3 in STR, AGI, INT, WIS, VIT.
    6. Whisper of Little Devil Set (until Aug. 21st)
    Condition: Wearing Baby Devil's Horn + Wing's of Fallen Angel gives [FONT= ]Haste Rate, Vigor Rate, Critical Rate 2% increase, Hit Rate 4% increase [/FONT]
    1. Phantom pyramid contents will be changed.
    A. 7F Angel Wing -> Wings of Fallen Angel
    B. 6F Ali baba random box -> Marriage costume box
    2. With the chance coupon, able to exchange with Baby Devil's Horn.
    A. Set effect of Wings of Fallen Angel and Baby Devil's Horn will be applied for 6 weeks.
    i. Equip set will give Haste Rate, Vigor Rate, Critical Rate 2% increase, Hit Rate 4% increase .
    ii. Additional effect will apply 7/10~ before 8/21 MA.
    3. Quest
    A. Job change will lead to initialization of skill and stat.
    4.Bug fix
    A.Graphic problem for Men’s wizard robe sitting down has been fixed.

    Patch Notes 7/10/2013 - RO 2 Community Chat - WarpPortal Community Forums

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