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RuneScape Strategy Guides

Discussion in 'RuneScape' started by jero547, Jun 29, 2010.

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  1. jero547

    jero547 Little Spike The Pit

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    **mort myre runners guide**

    this guide tells how to get mort myre fungus that cost aroung 900gp to about 1.2k sometimes. this guide is more advanced that normaool guide it requires:
    full penance armor(for prayer restore)
    a house with a teleport to canifis and any altar
    terrorbird or any higher carrrier famiiar
    quest: nature spirit
    highest bonus prayer that can be aforded(falador shield,ardougne cape,)
    for a quick way to get mort myre fungus is to get to bank u can get any:house tab,or runes to house tele.
    run to gate of swamp enter try to find a 3 logs spot start making bloom spell and collect your fungus it takes about 2 minutes to fill inv then also remember to fill your familiar if u have low prayer ur penance armour will restore some of your pray to help you teleport to your home restore on altar and get back to canifis

    using this way helps on always fill your inv

    u can get about 600 fungus p/h depends also on how well and luck sometimes to fill faster
  2. Admin Post

    ogreman Ogre In Charge Staff Member GameOgre Admin

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    Place any Strategy Guides that you have for RuneScape in this thread.
  3. Drama

    Drama Clubbed with The Big Club

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    Basic Information

    The God Wars Dungeon (also known as GWD) is a Multi-combat area where armies of various gods left over from the God Wars fight one another to the death. This is the most dangerous place on Runescape according to Jagex. Therefore, it is recommended that players who wish to explore the God Wars Dungeon only bring items which they are willing to lose.

    There are Four areas in the Godwars Dungeon:
    Bandos to the Northwest
    Zamorak to the Northeast
    Saradomin to the Southeast
    Armadyl to the Southwest

    Quest Required: Troll Stronghold (must bead Dad)
    Recommended Quest: Eadgar's Ruse (For trollheim teleport)

    Skill Requirements: (You can use a potion or stat enhancers to get past these). You either need 60 agility (to crawl through a crevice) or you need 60 strength to get a past a boulder

    *Please note that snow in this area will drop your stats, as well as they will drain your Hitpoints*

    Upon entering the cold Vast area of the God Wars Dungeon, you will need a Rope to enter (only the first time, best to do this on a seperate trip)

    *You CANNOT use stat enhancers to gain access to the following areas*

    To get into the Bandos Stronghold you need a hammer and 70 Strength.
    To get into the Saradomin Stronghold you need 2 ropes and 70 agility. (First time 2 ropes, all trips after you don't need ropes)
    To get into the Zamorak Stronghold you need 70 Hitpoints (Constitution)
    *Note when you enter Zamorak Stronghold your prayer will be drained to 0 no matter what level*
    To get into Armadyl Stronghold you need a mithril crossbow grapple and 70 range.

    God Related armor is recommended to gain protection against 1 or more of the god's soldiers in the dungeon.
    *note that Guthix items do not count as any of the four gods in this dungeon*


    Bandos' general

    * Name: General Graardor
    * Race: Ourg
    * Level: 624
    * Attack style: Melee, Ranged
    * Bodyguards: Sergeant Strongstack, Sergeant Steelwill, Sergeant Grimspike

    He uses Melee and Ranged attacks. His Melee attack can hit up to 600, whilst his Ranged attack has a max hit of 350 (and can hit everyone in the room). Therefore, Protect from Melee is recommended. Until recently, teams could have tanks that would distract General Graardor from everyone else (taking his melee hits) and this strategy would almost always work. However, there was an unannounced update that can make Graardor change his target to somebody else if they have a familiar that is attacking him. This can be avoided by bringing a non-aggressive familiar or by sending your familiar to attack a minion when the general spawns. Recommended to have pray Melee on when graador is attacking you, use protect from missiles(range) when he is not attacking you.

    Saradomin's commander

    * Name: Commander Zilyana
    * Race: Icyene
    * Level: 596
    * Attack style: Melee and Magic
    * Bodyguards: Starlight, Growler, Bree

    Commander Zilyana is a female Icyene, a humanoid with wings. Her max hit with melee is 310, lower than the other bosses. Her attacks are very accurate, and of the same speed as throwing knives (2 bars faster than a dagger).

    In addition, Zilyana sometimes "teleports" around her chamber if the player runs. Before an update, she used to only stay in the middle while players attacked her.

    Zamorak's general

    * Name: K'ril Tsutsaroth
    * Race: Demon
    * Level: 650
    * Attack style: Melee and Magic
    * Bodyguards: Balfrug Kreeyath, Tstanon Karlak, Zakl'n Gritch

    His magic attacks are relatively weak compared to melee attacks, hitting in the low 300's maximum, and he rarely uses it. His melee attacks, however, can hit up to 490. He can also hit through protection prayers every now and then, and will drain prayer when he does. Note that using prayer can still help you out, since he doesn't always hit through it. If fighting it, you must always bring a super anti-poison potion because he is the second most poisonous monster in RuneScape, which starts at 168 damage.

    Armadyl's general

    * Name: Kree'arra
    * Race: Aviansie
    * Level: 580
    * Attack style: Ranged, Magic, Melee (when not under attack)
    * Bodyguards: Wingman Skree, Flockleader Geerin, Flight Killisa

    Kree'arra cannot be attacked with any Melee attacks!!!
    He attacks with melee only when he is not under attack. His Ranged and Magic attacks hit all players in his chamber with a whirlwind attack that knocks players back and freezes them. His maximum hit is 700 with Ranged, 250 (he hits 2 times) with Melee and 210 with Magic. It is wise to keep Protect from Missiles on at all times while in the boss room.

    Followers are killed to gain killcount to enter an area, they can be found all around GWD except for in the boss rooms, even then they can be killed for the repective God's killcount.
    *please note you must have 40 killcount before entering a boss room*


    * Goblin (12-17)
    * Ogre (58)
    * Jogre (58)
    * Cyclops (81)
    * Ork (107)
    * Spiritual warrior (115)
    * Spiritual mage (121)
    * Spiritual ranger (134)
    * Hobgoblin (41-47)


    * Imp (7)
    * Icefiend (18)
    * Pyrefiend (48)
    * Vampire (77)
    * Bloodveld (81)
    * Werewolf (93)
    * Spiritual warrior (115)
    * Spiritual mage (120-122)
    * Spiritual ranger (121)
    * Hellhound (127)
    * Gorak (149)


    * Knight of Saradomin (101-103)
    * Saradomin priest (113)
    * Spiritual warrior (125)
    * Spiritual mage (120)
    * Spiritual ranger (122)


    * Aviansie (69-148)
    * Spiritual warrior (122)
    * Spiritual mage (123)
    * Spiritual ranger (127)

    Recommended Armor
    (the following setups go in order from best to worse)

    Bandos Setups

    Verac Helm/Neitiznot helm/Beserker Helm(guthan if healing)
    Fury/stole/Glory amulet
    Bandos Chestplate/Verac Chestplate/Rune Chestplate(guthan if healing)
    Whip /G Guthan spear(if healing) / Saradomin Godsword (hopefully for spec only)
    Dragonfire Shield/Dragon Square shield/Obby shield/Granite shield
    Bandos Tassets/Guthan platelegs(if healing)
    Dragon boots/Bandos boots
    Barrow gloves/Zamorak bracers
    Bezerker ring/Ring of life/Lumbridge Ring
    Firecape/Trimmed skillcape/Skillcape/Obby cape


    Head: Torag’s helm/Netiznot Helm/Beserker Helm
    Amulet: Fury/Stole/Glory/Power amulet
    Torso: Karils top/Black d’hide/Any other d’hide
    Legs: Karils bottom/Black d’hide/Any other d’hide
    Boots: Dragon Boots/Rune boots/Climbing boots
    Weapon: Godsword/Whip/D scimmy
    Cape: Firecape/Trimmed Skillcape/God cape
    Shield: Dragonfire shield/Dragon square/ Crystal shield/Obby/Zammy book/ Granite
    Gloves: Barrows/Dragon/Rune(any rfd or gauntlets)
    Ring: Warrior/Zerker/ring of life/lumbridge ring


    Verac Helm/Torag Helm/Netiznot Helm
    Amulet of Fury/Stole/Glory
    Ruby bolts&Diamond Bolts/ Diamond/ Ruby
    Sara D’hide Top/Karils/Black d’hide
    Verac Skirt/Torag Legs/Karil Skirt
    Rune C’bow
    D boots/Ranger boots/Snakeskin boots
    Barrow gloves/Rune gloves/Bracers
    Dragonfire Shield/Dragon Sq Shield/Crystal shield/Granite Shield


    Veracs Helm/Armadyl Helm/Neitiznot Helm
    Amulet of Fury/Stole
    Armadyl Chest/Karils top/Zamorak Dhide
    Armadyl legs/Karils legs
    Ranger boots/Dragon Boots/Snakeskin Boots
    Rune c’bow
    Dragonfire shield/Obby shield
    Ava's accumulator
    Barrow gloves/Zamorak bracers
    Archer ring/Ring of life/Lumbridge Ring
    Mithril grapple

    *note all potions should be 4 dose*
    *also note of course you can have all your own alterations to an inventory, like I myself would bring the Enhanced Excalibur in place of one food space*


    One or two sharks
    12 Saradomin Brews
    11 Super restore potions
    Bones to Peaches (B2P) Tabs


    1 Super set (super attack, strength, defence)
    4 prayer Potion
    2 Super antipoison
    D mace / D hally for specs. Bring an extra shark if using Godsword.
    17 Sharks


    10 Saradomin Brews
    100 Sweets if using those (if not bring terrorbird pouch scrolls as well as an extra terrobird pouch)
    13 Super Restores
    2 Ranging potions
    B2P Tabs


    250 Diamond (e) bolts
    250 Ruby (e) bolts
    B2P tabs
    14 Saradomin Brews
    9 Super restores
  4. jero547

    jero547 Little Spike The Pit

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    BARBARIAN ASSAULT queens quide

    if u already know how to play this this guide will help u getting faster to queen and to save for rewards
    things needed
    barbarian assault tutorial
    armour and weapons
    basic learning about team work on ba

    first if u want to earn quickly 1 master of any role, rewards or just want to gamble

    try making always higher rooms try to make a awesome team with your friends (high levels)
    every time u get to 9th or 10th floor go up and talk to commander he will restart ur rooms and give u a scroll on which room u are u cant get room 1 scroll. when u get about 5 or 10 scroll of lvl 9 or 10 u will be maxed some roles if u want to max the roles u haven't done u can easily use 1 scroll of 9 or 10 floor to get to queen in no time do the queen an u will get 80 points in role u are playing and 5 on the other ones u can spend all ur 9 scrolls to make 9 and 10 and get about 200+ if u are good faster
  5. Drama

    Drama Clubbed with The Big Club

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    Barrows Guide


    Basic Info
    Barrows is an area-based activity that involves defeating the spirits of the six Barrows Brothers and plundering their tombs. The brothers are fought one at a time and are very strong, with very high Defence, so only powerful players should attempt the Barrows game (although lower-levelled players can still do it with the right equipment). Among the possible rewards from the game are pieces of the powerful Barrows equipment. It is recommended to bring prayer, supplies, and equipment to defeat these foes which I will recommend to you in this guide.

    This activity IS DANGEROUS, so you will lose item if you get killed.

    Quests required
    Priest in peril
    Nature spirit

    Recommended quests
    Desert Treasure - canifis teleport
    In search of the myreque - Gives you a wall that gets you a shortcut to the Barrows area.

    Recommended Features
    Portal In your Player Owned House to Kharyll (This teleports you to Canifis)
    Mage arena - Not really a quest but still recommended. gives you god cloaks
    Alter in your Player Owned House

    Suggested Stats/Stuff
    70+ Strength or 60+ Ranged
    60+ Attack or 60+ Defence are VERY HELPFUL.
    43+ Prayer for protect from melee.
    55 Slayer and 50 Magic to use Slayer Dart
    Ancient Magicks
    Black Salamander

    Recommended Equipment (this goes from best to worst) **Magic is kind of random but I place the better one before another**

    - Infinity Hat(If using magic)/Ahrim's Hood(If using magic)/Mystic Hat(If using magic)/Helmet of Neitiznot

    - Fury/Glory/arcane stream necklace(If using magic)

    - Fire cape/ Skill cape /Legends cape /Obsidian cape /Mage Arena cape (if using magic)

    - Chaotic Staff(If using magic)/Ancient Magick's Staff(If using magic)/Slayer's staff (If using magicand slayer dart spell) / Whip / Godsword (Saradomin/Armadyl/Bandos)

    - Dragonfire shield /Obby shield/Spirit Shields/Rune Defender

    - Bandos Chestplate/ Fighter torso/ Rune platebody/ Barrows body/Infinity top(If using magic)/Ahrim's top(If using magic)/Mystic top (If using magic).

    - Bandos tassets/ Rune platelegs/ Barrows legs/Infinity bottom(If using magic)/Ahrim's bottom(If using magic)/mystic bottom(If using magic). If you are using slayer dart mage bonus doesn't affect your hits too much so you should take the defense bonuses.

    - Barrows gloves/Gauntlets/all lower RFD gloves and such

    - Wizard Boots(If using magic)/Infinity Boots(If using magic)/Dragon boots//Mystic boots(If using magic).

    ***Note-You can Also use Black Dhide if you are Ranging, suggested weapon is often a mage shortbow with decent arrows***

    Suggested Inventory
    - House teleport tabs (as many as you want).
    - 1 Prayer pot with atleast 2 doses (more if your prayer is lower)
    - Spade.
    - Super/Extreme Attack and Strength potions (If using melee).
    - Food.

    -Started A Fairy Tale Part II for access to the fairy ring transport system.
    -Ghosts Ahoy for an ectophial which provides a one click teleport to the Ectofuntus, which is near the barrows and useful for banking and escaping in emergency.
    -50 Construction and the completion of Desert Treasure for Kharyrll Teleport portal which can be made in your Player-owned house for easy access to Canifis for restocking of supplies and the use of Ancient Magiks. Or complete Barrows in a house party world and use someone else's Kharyrll Teleport.
    -Familiars can not be used in the maze.
    -Void Knight equipment is good for barrows because it has good melee defence, range, and mage stats and increases accuracy.
    -Another effective item(s) are prayer items like proselyte armour.
    -Sacred clay armour can be effective as well, because of its transforming abilities
    -If using prayer, an Ardougne cloak 3 is very helpful. Its prayer bonus means prayer points are drained less fast. Its teleport to the Kandarin Monastery allows quick access to an Altar to recharge prayer points. Also, the monastery allows for somewhat convenient banking, as East Ardougne is a short distance away to the north-east while the fairy ring near the Tower of Life is a short distance away to the east.
    -The Holy wrench from the quest Rum deal helps some as you get 1 extra prayer point per dose of potion.
    - World 31 is the unofficial Barrows world due to the fact that you can use POH portals for free.

    Route (how to get there)
    If you have done the In Search of the Myreque quest then go around the west side of the Hair of the Dog pub in Canifis and go down the trap door into the Myreque dungeon. Go through the strange wall and follow the tunnel south to some doors. (Turn on run to prevent food decay in the swamps.) Come out of there and you will be in the Mort Myre swamps. Run south. You will have to climb up a tree, cross a ladder and then climb back down a tree. Now make your way to the boat south of here. You will arrive in Mort'ton. Cross the bridge leading east and then follow the path to the Barrows. You can also go through Mort Myre swamp, but you risk decaying your food even more.

    Recommended Kill Order

    - Dharok (protect from melee is highly recommended)

    - Karil (use protect from range)

    - Ahrim ( if you have any prayer left use protect from magic)

    - Verac

    - Torag

    - Guthan

    If you run out of prayer after karil, don't bother drinking your potion. Your prayer potion is only there if you get Dharok or Karil in your tunnel.

    When you're finished just teleport to your house, pray at your alter then teleport to canafis using the portal. Repeat and good luck

    *Lower Combat/Defence users may want to bring more supplies and pray on all bosses.*

    *** Please Note you will recieve one of the barrows bothers inside the Crypt(Refer to next section for Crypts)***

    The underground tunnel is a small series of interconnected rooms separated by doors and hallways. Your Specified Barrows Brother will randomly be in here or it will be in the middle where the treasure is. Monsters roam the tunnels and one will generally spawn whenever a player opens a door. The monsters that appear are:

    Crypt Rats (level 43)
    Bloodworms (level 52)
    Crypt Spiders (level 56)
    Giant Crypt Rats (level 76)
    Skeletons (level 77)
    Giant Crypt Spiders (level 79)

    Due to a recent update these will not interrupt your near a treasure door.

    Mind runes - 0-1430 per chest.
    Chaos runes - 0-687 per chest.
    Death runes - 0-391 per chest.
    Blood runes - 0-159 per chest.
    Bolt racks - 0-188 per chest.
    Coins - 0-4162 per chest.
    Dragon medium helmet
    Half keys
    Various Barrows equipment
  6. jero547

    jero547 Little Spike The Pit

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    dragon metal hunting guide
    equipment /stuff
    -anti-dragon shield**or dragon fire shield : this is a must or you will get killed by dragons very quickly

    - antifire potions this ones are very usefull if u are fightingwith mage or ranged u dont need them in ccombat but makes a great diference

    -woodcutting axe if u are going to the brimheaven dungeon

    -teleports to escape when you get out of supplies

    -ring of life if scared of dying or fremenik battle ring for battle
    How to get to brimheaven dungeon
    The best way to get to the dungeon is to take the boat from Ardounge to Brimhaven. (costs 30 gp) The dungeon entrance is southwest of the village, and almost due west of the Karambwan fishing spot. Take a look at the map below, the entrance is marked by the red "!". Remember, to enter the dungeon, you must pay Saniboch 875 gp.once there u need to get deeper in the dungeon to find bronze iron and steel dragons
    combat equipment
    What to wear
    * Helmet of Neitznot, Verac's helm, or God mitre (Prayer bonus) (Berserker if you don't have any of these or Black mask if you're on a Slayer Task)
    * Legends Cape (Skill cape, Skill cape(t), God Cloak, or fire cape is preferred if you have)
    * Amulet of Glory (Amulet of Strength or other Prayer amulets can be substituted)
    * Abyssal Whip (Or some other one handed weapon)
    * Proselyte or Initiate Hauberk (Monk robes or other Prayer gear can be substituted)
    * Anti-Dragonfire Shield or Dragonfire Shield (MUST HAVE)
    * Proselyte or Initiate Cuisse (Monk robes or other Prayer gear can be substituted)
    * Barrow or Rune gloves (White gloves can be substituted for their +1 Prayer)
    * Climbing boots or Dragon boots (White Boots or Bandos Boots can be substituted for their +1 Prayer)
    * Ring of Wealth or life
    combat inventory
    * Super Strength potion(4) x2 (Optional)
    * Super Attack potion(4) x2 (Optional)
    * One click teleport
    * Ddp++ (Optional, Dragon Mace can be substituted)
    * Woodcutting axe (Bronze recommended since you can drop when you get to drags and can have more inventory space)
    * 100 Nature Runes (Optional)
    * Fire Staff (Optional)
    * 905 gp (For boat payment and payment to enter the dungeon)
    * 10 Prayer Potions(4)
    * 5-6 Antifire Potions(4)
    using mage
    Used more by lower-level players, because it saves money in prayer potions. For ideal mage bonuses, it is suggested that you have at least 50 magic and 20 defense, and have completed family crest. None of these are requirements, but it will help in the long run. If you have between 20 and 69 defense, the best robes to use are Lunar robes or Mystic robes. Once you have 70 defense and 70 magic, it is suggested that you buy Ahrim's top and skirt, if you can afford it, because of its high magic attack bonus.
    mage equipment
    * Elemental battlestaff (air or fire is the most common) or Ancient staff (if you choose to use Ancient spells. They work pretty well, but are expensive).
    * Full Ahrims or Mystic robes for the magic attack bonus.
    * God cape (from mage arena in level 54 wild).
    * 3rd Age magic amulet, or Amulet of Glory.
    * Chaos gauntlets (ALWAYS wear these if using a chaos spell) or barrows gloves (can be substituted for dragon or rune gloves). Note that chaos runes with chaos gauntlets will allow you to kill the dragons at about the same speed as with the same blast spell. Also, if you MUST use deaths, use the Slayer dart spell. (requires 55 slayer and a slayer staff).
    * Infinity boots, or Mystic boots
    * Infinity Hat or Farseer helmet. (they provide the same Magic attack as Ahrims, but don't degrade)
    * Anti-Dragon shield.
    * Ring of wealth or life
    mage inventory
    * At least 1000 casts of your chosen spell. (Not more than 6000, as you will not have enough antifire potions)
    * Teleport runes to Ardougne, or a teleport tablet.
    * 905 Coins for the boat ride and entrance to the dungeon.
    * Woodcutting axe for vines (bronze or iron so you can drop it once you get there)
    * Nature runes for high-level alchemy (and fire runes too, unless using a Staff of fire or Fire battlestaff) (optional)
    * 12-14 Antifire potions. (4)
    * 4-6 Monkfish or better, just in case your antifire potion wears off.
    Since the metal dragons have such high defense, it is suggested that the following range levels be used to kill the following dragons.
    - 70+ for Bronze dragons.
    - 80+ for Iron dragons.
    - 85+ for Steels dragons.
    These are only suggestions, not requirements. So if you choose to spend 5-7 minute on one dragon, feel free to do so.
    What to wear
    * Full Black or god-blessed dragonhide, or full Karils.
    * Robin Hood hat or Archer helmet.
    * Ranger or Snakeskin boots.
    * Amulet of glory or fury.
    * Ava's accumulator or Attractor. (Not required, but will save many bolts).
    * Ring of wealth or life
    * Adamant crossbow or better. (NOT a bow, and NOT Karils crossbow These require TWO hands and you will be killed fast without your Anti-Dragon fire shield.)
    * Mithril bolts or better. (Preferably over 2000 bolts, as you will probably lose close to 10 per dragon.
    * Anti-Dragon shield.
    range inventory
    * Ardounge teleport runes or tablet.
    * 905 coins for the boat trip and entrance to the dungeon.
    * Woodcutting axe. (bronze or iron, so you can drop it once you get to the dragons)
    * 12-16 Antifire potions. (4)
    * Up to four Ranging potions. (4) (optional)
    * 4-6 Monkfish or better, just in case you mess up and get hit by a dragon with melee.
    * Runes for high-level alchemy (optional)
    Mithril dragons

    mithril dragons can be a diference from the other metal dragon as they have even more defence and a diferent combat style
    not just shooting fire from distance when using range or mage try using the best armour u can and pots if some of ur leves are not enough to dont die faster
    how to get there
    To get to these fabled dragons, you must complete up to the Pyre making training from Barbarian Training. To learn about the cavern they are located in, you must talk to Otto Godblessed about the spirits that have been entrapped inside the cavern.

    When inside the cavern, you must go past the Brutal green dragons to the first staircase on the Eastern most walls. Be sure to turn on the Protect from Magic prayer or you will be hit pretty hard by the Brutal green dragons.
  7. Drama

    Drama Clubbed with The Big Club

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    Fight Caves (TzTok-Jad) Guide

    Basic Information
    First of all Fight Caves is a SAFE minigame, meaning you will not lose your items if you die. TzTok-Jad (More commonly referred to as Jad) is the final monster encountered in the TzHaar Fight Cave. TzTok-Jad is also the 2nd highest level monster in all of RuneScape that players can fight repeatedly after defeating it once.
    Those who are skilled enough to beat jad will earn the Fire Cape and a fair amount of tokkul.

    Fire Cape Stats and Info
    +1 Attack to Stab Slash Crush Magic and Ranged
    +11 Defence to Stab Slash Crush Magic Ranged and Summoning
    +4 Strength
    +2 Prayer

    Until recently with the release of the Ardounge Cape this was the only cape to give attack bonus besides range with Accumulator.
    It has the highest Defence bonus for a Cape slot.
    It is the only cape that gives Strength

    Suggested Equipment
    **Note you can always make your own alterations to these setups, this is just what I suggest**

    Cape: Accumulator (If using normal crossbow)/Soul Wars Cape/Ardougne Cloak 3/Skillcape (t)/Ardougne Cloak 2/Fire Cape

    Amulet: Amulet of Fury/God Stole/Holy Symbol/Glory

    Ammunition: Approximately 3000 Bolt Racks if using Karil's Crossbow, for the Rune Crossbow(or Chaotic Crossbow) user Diamond Bolts (e)/Broad-Tipped bolts/Mithril bolts

    Weapon: 2 Crystal bows (switch off after the 1st dies)/Chaotic Crossbow/Rune Crossbow/Karil's Crossbow/Addy Crossbow/Magic Shortbow (only use it for testing, not real attempts). Also, if you have it, bring the Enhanced Excalibur and use its special to heal (it heals 200 life points and gives you a defence boost!)

    Head:Slayer Helmet(Only if you get Kuradel's Task)/Verac's or Armadyl helmet (equally high, depending on your stats)/Any other Barrows melee helmet/Void helm (only with void set)/Helm of Neitiznot/Archer Helm/Spined Helm/God mitre/robin hood hat.

    Body: Armadyl/Void (only with void set)/Black Dragonhide/Red Dragonhide/Blue Dragonhide.

    Shield: Falador Shield 3/Elysian Spirit Shield/Unholy Book/Any other god book/Falador Shield 2/Blessed Spirit Shield/Spirit Shield.

    Gloves: Barrows/Void (only with void set)/Black Dragonhide/Dragon/Rune/Red Dragonhide/Blue Dragonhide

    Legs: Verac's/other barrows melee/Void (only with void set)/Rune/Black Dragonhide/Red Dragonhide/Blue Dragonhide.

    Ring: Archer's Ring (i)/Archer's Ring/Lumbridge Explorer Ring.

    Boots: Ranger/Snakeskin/Dragon/Rune.

    In terms of inventory, I suggest starting with the following, and changing it as you see fit. Either that or post using the template below **Note all Potions are 4-Dose**

    8 Super Restore potions
    8 Saradomin Brews
    11 Prayer Potions
    1 Ranging Potion (this is for Jad)

    Recommended Combat Levels
    700+ Life points
    70+ Attack (if using Guthan's) 75+ (if using the Saradomin Godsword)
    70+ Strength (Not required to use Guthan's, but recommended)
    70+ Defence (if using Guthan's)
    70+ Ranged
    70+ Magic
    60+ Prayer

    The Ancient Curses
    **Please note you DO NOT need these but they help tremendously**

    After completing the Temple at Senntisten, you have access to the Ancient curses, a set of prayers designed specially for aggressive combat with high prayer levels. I suggest having at least 68 prayer, preferably 71, before using the Ancient Curses for the fight caves, because otherwise TzTok-Jad will be able to hit you.

    I'll list the curses which could be useful to you in your quest for the Fire Cape here.

    Sap Mage/Ranger: I would suggest only turning on one, but with this you can weaken Jad slightly. Only slightly, but it still is a defense and attack decrease. If you really want, you can use both at once.

    Berserker: Once again used for Jad, with this prayer on the boosts from your ranged potion and saradomin brew before Jad will last slightly longer.

    Deflect magic/ranged/melee: Used instead of protection prayers.

    Leech Ranged: Useful on Jad, it weakens Jad and boosts you, which is always nice. Nice for you anyway, maybe not nice for Jad.

    Leech Defense: Same as Leech Ranged. You could use it for extra speed anywhere else, but I wouldn't recommend it.

    Soul Split: Past wave 53, you're likely to need more healing. Kill the 360, and then use this on the 180, if you prefer to save your saradomin brews for Jad. Remember, however, that you can't beat Jad with only saradomin brews, you need some super restores or prayer potions too.

    Turmoil: If, for some reason, you want to kill Jad with melee, USE THIS. Simple as that. The prayer drain is a minor cost compared to the massive increase in both attack and defense abilities.

    Wave Combat Levels
    In priority of killing these they should be in order: 22, 90, 360, 180, 45.
    The level 22's drain prayer even if they hit a 0
    The level 90 rangers can hit very often. try to use steel skin prayer or protect from range when Level 360s are not out.
    the level 360 magers can hit very high, ALWAYS have the Prayer Protect from magic (or curses as well)
    The level 180 meleers are fairly easy to safe spot kill, but try to avoid their melee hits. they will hit

    1. 22
    2. 22, 22
    3. 45
    4. 45, 22
    5. 45, 22, 22
    6. 45, 45
    7. 90
    8. 90, 22
    9. 90, 22, 22
    10. 90, 45
    11. 90, 45, 22
    12. 90, 45, 22, 22
    13. 90, 45, 45
    14. 90, 90
    15. 180
    16. 180, 22
    17. 180, 22, 22
    18. 180, 45
    19. 180, 45, 22
    20. 180, 45, 22, 22
    21. 180, 45, 45
    22. 180, 90
    23. 180, 90, 22
    24. 180, 90, 22, 22
    25. 180, 90, 45
    26. 180, 90, 45, 22
    27. 180, 90, 45, 22, 22
    28. 180, 90, 45, 45
    29. 180, 90, 90
    30. 180, 180
    31. 360
    32. 360, 22
    33. 360, 22, 22
    34. 360, 45
    35. 360, 45, 22
    36. 360, 45, 22, 22
    37. 360, 45, 45
    38. 360, 90
    39. 360, 90, 22
    40. 360, 90, 22, 22
    41. 360, 90, 45
    42. 360, 90, 45, 22
    43. 360, 90, 45, 22, 22
    44. 360, 90, 45, 45
    45. 360, 90, 90
    46. 360, 180
    47. 360, 180, 22
    48. 360, 180, 22, 22
    49. 360, 180, 45
    50. 360, 180, 45, 22
    51. 360, 180, 45, 22, 22
    52. 360, 180, 45, 45
    53. 360, 180, 90
    54. 360, 180, 90, 22
    55. 360, 180, 90, 22, 22
    56. 360, 180, 90, 45
    57. 360, 180, 90, 45, 22
    58. 360, 180, 90, 45, 22, 22
    59. 360, 180, 90, 45, 45
    60. 360, 180, 90, 90
    61. 360, 180, 180
    62. 360, 360
    63. 702 TzTok-Jad, four Level 108 healers when TzTok-Jad is at half health.

    Recommended Tactic
    Waves 1-6: Just kill everything, using hit-and-run to avoid the 22s' prayer drain.

    Waves 7-14: Use protect from ranged or tank, your choice. Kill the 90s immediately after the 22s, since the 45s are almost no threat.

    Waves 15-22: Use the Claw Rock in order to safespot against the 180s. I suggest doing a practice run with a magic shortbow, steel arrows, the accumulator, and all your normal fight caves equipment, but nothing else, to get a feel for this.

    Waves 23-29: Definitely use protect from ranged now. Use the claw rock and the lure spots in order to avoid the 180s and kill the 90s first, turn off prayer, kill the 180s, and turn on prayer, while also killing everything else as they come.

    Wave 30: Use a safe spot if you need to. Turn on Protect from Magic the MOMENT you hit the killing blow on the second 180.

    Waves 31-37: Keep protect from magic on at all times. Otherwise, pretty simple.

    Waves 38-45: Kill the 90 first, then 22s, and then everything else. Similar in simplicity to 31-37, although you take more damage.

    Waves 46-52: Use the Claw Rock to block the 180, kill it, and then kill the 360.

    Waves 53-60: The 90s are a real threat here. Make maximum use of the lure spots to take as little damage as possible.

    Wave 61: You'll most likely be shaking in fear here. Continue to protect from magic, use the OS spot it needed, and kill the 180s first. Try to stop being scared before the start of the next waves.

    Wave 62: Prepare for jad by drinking potions in the following order: Saradomin Brew, Super Restore, Ranging potion. Kill the 360, and....heres jad

    Wave 63: Jad, First thing is the simple fact of it. Jad has a max hit of around 970, and with all 3 combat styles, you can't simply keep 1 prayer on the way you did with all the others. It takes strategy.

    At the start of the fight, you basically NEED to have protect from Ranged on, along with Auto Retaliate and the ingame sound effects. Run to the J spot as soon as the second 360 begins its death animation. If you hear a sound effect like Fire Wave hitting, keep Protect from Ranged on. If you hear a sound like a player with Retribution on dying, protect from magic, and switch back to protect from ranged as soon as the attack does a 0 on you. If you see a yellow dot on the minimap on the opposite side of the Italy Rock, you've gotten a good spawn, and can start the fight at your own time. Once you can see Jad, it becomes much easier.

    If he stomps his feet, turn on Protect from Ranged, or keep it on if it's on. If he moves his head, and/or you hear the Retribution sound, turn on protect from magic. This is, I find, easiest to do with a top-down view just 1 square out of Jad's melee range.

    When he reaches 1500 health of his original 2500, four 108s will come and heal him 100 hitpoints every approximately 2 seconds. Each one will, that is. Attack each of them once, without forgetting to prayer switch. Have them all attacking you, or blocked next to the ones trying to attack you, and then you just kill them while continuing to prayer switch. Note that if they heal Jad to full health, they'll respawn, so be careful to avoid that.

    At this point, you've gotten past the hardest part. Just continue ranging Jad to death and prayer switching, and you win! Congratulations you just beat the hardest mini-game in all of Runescape!
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    99 Cooking Guide

    Note From ME
    You can always do 99 cooking a Different way, this is just the way i suggest to do it and a few other friends of mine. I myself fished shrimp to level 20 cooking and fishing on non member. Then I was member a few days later and went to catherby to train. Years later I started to buy fish to pay 1m for 99 Cooking (Including a cape to put in my house)
    **Hope you enjoy my guide**

    Level 1 - 20
    First of all, you should begin cooking by also training fishing. Take a small net, axe, and tinderbox to Draynor Village, and begin fishing shrimp in the river south of the bank, cooking as you go. There's no point in keeping these cooked fish, so you might as well drop them after you cook them. At level 10 you will start picking up Herring as well. Keep cooking and dropping as you go, until you reach level 15. BTW Due to burning of fish your cooking will probably be lower, but it is easy for it to catch up to your fishing level. Sardines help too but a Fishing rod and a stock of bait is required, both of which can be picked up at the fish shop in Port Sarim, just west of Draynor Village. Since most people are too lazy to go there, it is better to stick. IF ON A MEMBER'S SERVER TRY TO GET TO CATHERBY FOR THIS IS THE BEST AREA TO LEVEL FISHING FOR A WHILE.

    Level 20 - 40
    (This EXP is for the fishers) You'll now begin fly fishing, which is some of the quickest experience you'll encounter in the game for fishing. Get a decent stock of feathers and a fly fishing rod. Free players will also need an axe (equipped) and a tinderbox, while members have the option of using a stock of Rings of Duelling to bank their fish OR Go to Shilo Village. For free players, head to the river banks of the Barbarian Village, just north of the bridge, where you'll find several fly fishing spots. You can bank your fish in Edgeville bank, though this is time consuming and not really worth it. MEMBERS can either head to Shilo Village, which requires you to have done the Shilo Village quest, or down to the Castle Wars arena. North of the arena is a large lake, on the shores of which are several fly fishing spots. You can either fish and cook, or fish and bank using Rings of Duelling.

    For lower level chefs who have access to the Cooks' Guild or have a lot of grapes stored up in their banks, the best experience is making wine as it gives 200xp per successful jug and the Cooks' Guild has a grape spawn, jug spawn and water source so you never need to leave!

    For lower level chefs who do not have access to the Cooks' Guild, one of the best ways is to go to the cow farm in Lumbridge, and cook the raw meat that people leave laying around, you will find an endless supply to the uncooked meat. It is also recommended that you cook trout/salmon, as they will provide you with minimal money loss, along with quick cooking experience for your levels.

    Level 40 - 99
    You could continue with trout and salmon for a while. Cooking lobsters at the start of level 40 is the fastest experience however you'll burn a high percentage of the lobsters you attempt to cook. At level 74, you will stop burning lobsters. A decision you need to make is whether or not you want to spend a fair bit on this goal. Continuing the entire way to 99 with lobsters is the most expensive, but it won't take as long if cooking other fish. IF you are on non-members getting 99 cooking you may want to continue lobsters or switch to swordfish. Switching to monkfish at around 90 will help you avoid burning a lot of them, and save you time. You could start sharks at this level as well, but you'll waste a lot of money burning them. To avoid burning a lot of sharks, start at around level 94 with cooking gauntlets. At level 94, you will stop burning sharks (With the cooking gauntlets) and have the easiest route from 94-99 to be burn free. You may however lose a bit of money cooking sharks, as the prices for them are continually dropping and rising. It is best to stick with lobsters, as that way you will know how much you will be losing from 94 to 99 cooking. Players have also cooked the recently added rocktails to get 99 or exp past 99 with cooking gauntlets.

    If you're cooking fish, especially higher leveled fish such as lobster, swordfish, bass or shark is many players will trade their raw fish for your cooked. They may not have the level to cook or are too lazy and will happily trade so they can continue on with what they want to do. This makes training on these high level fish much easier especially if you can find someone who it constantly willing to trade their raw fish for your cooked.

    The quickest time saver of cooking is the placement of raw food in the inventory. If you scroll your inventory to the top, your raw food should be placed in the lower right hand corner of the bank. Above this should be your logs if you're going to build a fire to cook on. Placing the cooked food beside the raw will help you keep motivated on your goal. It also allows you to withdraw your food quickly if you see a buyer.

    Another time saver is to find the closest range or fire from the bank. In the non-member world, most players usually cook in Draynor Village or Edgeville. Most players go to Edgeville due to the fact that they can sell their food to player killers easier and higher priced. Since the addition of the Grand Exchange, non-members are able to bank and make a fire at the same location. The best locations for a member are at the Cooking Guild and The Rogue's Den

    Cooking Gauntlets- A members only item that Requires the quest Family Crest Quest to be done and you can talk to the brother in Catherby about changing your gauntlets to these. It will cost 25k gp to change them if you do not have them. These affect the fish: tuna, lobsters, swordfish, monkfish, sharks, cavefish, and rocktails.
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    P2P 99 Ranged guide

    The Basics (weapons and armour)

    There are 5 main types of range weapons:

    - Short and Long Bows
    - Crossbows
    - Knives
    - Grey and Red Chinchompas
    - Darts


    Basic Leather is the armour you should start range with. It has poor defence, however it does give a good range bonus for the level it can be used at, which is 1. Also, its is all very cheap and the full set costing nothing over 200gp.

    Hard Leather

    Heard Leather is the step up from basic leather, and as the name suggests it gives a higher defence bonus, and also giving a higher range bonus. You need level 20 range to wear the coif, and level 10 defence for the body.

    Studded Leather

    Studded Leather is a little bit better than hard leather and requires level 20 range to wear. The body again needs level 20 defence to wear.


    Even though not a lot of people wear snakeskin, it is better than studed leather. Its a bit more expensive, but I think it's worth it for the money. You can always sell it again later. YOu will need 30 range and 30 defence to wear the full set.


    Spined is a bit like snakesin, because not a lot of people wear it as it's quite expensive, for it's level. It is however better to wear green dragon hide. You need level 40 range and defence to wear it.


    Dragonhide is the most common ranged armour found on runescape. Dragonhide gives the best ranged defence for people who can't afford armydal armour or third age, which is a lot of us.

    Dragonhide comes in four types; green, blue, red and black, each being better than the last. The ranged level you need for each one goes up in tens, however you only need 40 defence to wear each of the bodies. So for green you need 40 range, and for black you need 70 range.

    Karil is the ranged Barrow Brother, and his set is quite good. However, black dragonhide is better, but karil's gives better mage defence. 70 range and 70 defence is needed to wear it.

    Ranger Boots

    Ranger boots are the best boots for range bonus, giving +8. They are however expensive at around 15 mil.

    Robin Hood Hat

    The Robin Hood hat is one of the best helms for ranged bonus, giving +8, however Armydyl and Third Age are better. Again it is expensive at 4 mil.

    Archer Ring

    The archer ring, in my opinion, is useful but is also epensive, at 2 mil and gives a +4 range bonus. Imbued it can give +8 range from a minigame I am not too concerned about.

    Archer Helm

    A very common ranged helmet as its cheap and gives a good bonus.

    Armadyl Armour

    Armadyl gives the best ranged defence. It is a very efficent armour to use as it gives great defence bonus, while also giving an amazing ranged bonus.

    Void Range

    Void Range is a great armour to wear while training. The full set gives a +10% acuracy and damage to your weapon, so it's great to train with and well worth getting from Pest Control.

    What to wear
    Levels 1 - 10

    Simple Leather Armour
    Bronze Knives/ Shortbow/ Oak Shortbow

    Levels 11 - 20

    Hard Leather Armour
    Bronze Knives/ Oak Shortbow

    Levels 21 - 30

    Studded Leather Armour
    Bronze Knives/ Willow Shortbow

    Levels 31 - 40

    Snakeskin Armour
    Bronze Knives/ Maple Shortbow/ Bone Crossbow

    Levels 41 - 50

    Green D'Hide Armour
    Bronze Knives/ Yew Shortbow/ Bone Crossbow

    Levels 51 - 60

    Blue D'Hide Armour
    Bronze Knives/ Magic Shortbow/ Bone Crossbow

    Levels 61 - 70

    Red D'Hide Armour/void
    Bronze Knives/ Magic Shortbow/ Bone Crossbow

    Levels 70+

    Black D'Hide Armour/void
    Bronze Knives/ Magic Shortbow/ Bone Crossbow

    Level 85+ (Alternative)

    Black D'Hide Armour/void
    Red Chinchompas

    What to kill
    Levels 1-20
    I recommend killing chickens in lumbridge. collect all feathers. This can also be done on F2P of course =p. This should take you about 2 hours tops. If you want at level 10+ you can start killing cows to make better profit off the hides.

    Levels 21-30
    You should definitely start killing cows now if you haven't started. the best place i recommend for killing these are south of falador because its an easier bank.

    Levels 31 - 40
    At this level you should start killing rock crabs in Rellekka, if you don't have high defence stay with cows for a while,but suffer the bad exp =o. A cannon is best used here but you can also use other forms of range.

    Levels 41-50
    Now that you can use Dragonhide, i highly suggest you start killing rock crabs (if you havent already been), Experiments, Moss giants (you will profit a lot off these), or hill giants.

    Levels 51 - 60
    Use blue dragonhide now, but be informed that you might want to kill chaos druids added to rock crabs, experiments, moss giants and hill giants. Stay on one creature though. I recommend Rock crabs if cannoning, Moss giants and chaos druids for profit.

    Levels 61 - 70
    You can use Red Dragonhide now! You should start killing yaks or fire giants. Lesser demons can also be killed if you want.

    Levels 71 - 80
    Continue Yaks. If you have the slayer, kill dust devils, bloodvelds(not recommended because they are crowded alot) or hellhounds. If not kill aviansies or fire giants

    Levels 81 - 99
    There aren't a lot of different monsters you can kill. I recommend 81-85 you kill yaks, and all the other monsters if you want in the 71-80 area =p. If you have the cash (its about 30m today) RANGE skeleton monkeys!!!! you can use red chinchompas in this area. look up a youtube guide(there are other ways to get there =p) how to kill them. If you don't have the cash to kill them, sorry your guna have to be bored w/ yaks. Please note that its about 40 hours of using the chinchompas to get 85-99 :).

    HOPE THIS GUIDE HELPS GUYS!!!! Congratz on those who get 99 range =p
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    Dungeoneering combat F2P/P2P fractite armour
    basic info
    Daemonheim is a vast dungeon where you can train your Dungeoneering skill, which will, in turn, allow you to delve deeper in Daemonheim, bringing you closer to the secrets found in its depths.

    Daemonheim does not have any skill or quest requirements, and is available to both free players and members. Daemonheim's floors can be explored by parties of one to five people, and they can be as simple or complex as you wish them to be; you can face a dungeon of pure combat, perhaps, or a dungeon that tests every skill.

    The walls of Daemonheim shift and warp, so the dungeon you raid will always be unique!

    Factite is the highest f2p armour in daemonheim its higly recommended whe u are fighting enemies and bosses that use combat or range to have an advantage when fighting
    How to get

    there are some ways to get fractite ore as also u may need to make it bars then to make weapons armour

    A) smuggler= this guy is always at the beggining of any dungeoneering floor you will need to be playing in complexity 6 to buy fractite from him

    B) monster drop = this is just luck based in every room u find monsters u can get fract or other ores as a drop that gets very usefull as u wont need to spend your money

    C) mining = in almost all floors u can find rocks that can be mined to get ores and then make them Armour or weapons you will need a pickaxe to mine the ore every rock contains 5 ores that can be failed sometimes as usually u get 3-4 ores


    A) team = if u are on teams no matter how much people you can get higher money drops from enemies in the dungeon higher money drops are useful to get more ores from the smuggler

    B) size = if u are making bigger floors you can get more probabilities to more enemies more cash drops or ore drops also like there's more rooms there's a big chance to find more fract rocks as u get deeper in the dungeon

    C) binding = from level 1 dungeoneering u will be able to bind items the best advice if you are using combat is to bind a weapon at the beggining to help you kill enemies faster than punching them from lvl 50 dungeon u will be able to bind 2 items so try to bind an Armour piece to help u from the start of a room
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    I use to play runescape IT was kinda fun then i quit
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